Preserving the Coachella Valley Desert and Mountains by whitecheese


                                                                  Preserving the Coachella
                                                              Valley Desert and Mountains
Private donations are the lifeblood of Friends of the Desert Mountains and our simple, powerful approach to
conservation work.Your generous gift enables us to move swiftly to acquire critical lands, and enhances our
ability to obtain further conservation funding from other sources. With matching grants and public/private
partnerships, we leverage your dollars to achieve more — to protect more scenic vistas, more wildlife habitat,
more recreation areas and more open spaces.


First Name:                                                              Send postal correspondence
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                                                                         Friends of the Desert Mountains
Address:                                                                 P.O. Box 1281,
                                                                         Palm Desert, CA 92261
                                                                         Or Call (760) 568-9918 for more
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Daytime Phone:                                                           Or Fax this form with credit card
                                                                         information to: (750) 568-9908

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Friends of the Desert Mountains conserves the scenic landscapes and essential habitat of the Coachella Valley
desert and mountains by using private-public partnerships to acquire lands, and serves as the nonprofit support
group for the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument.

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