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					                     Join the effort that’s cultivating the brightest
                     young minds in the Coachella Valley
                     Women Leaders Forum announces the “College-Bound” Free Tuition Scholarship Program
You really can change the world—one bright young
mind at a time! Some of the Coachella Valley’s
most driven, intelligent students have big plans for
their future. The doctors, researchers, professors
and leaders of tomorrow are working hard to
make their dreams a reality—but they need help
getting there.

The “College Bound” Scholarship Fund
A private school education can make all the difference.
That’s why Marywood-Palm-Valley School (MWPV)
has partnered with Women Leaders Forum and local
philanthropists to create the “College Bound”
Scholarship Fund.

This fund will offer 10 smart, hard working young
students the unique opportunity to attend the first non-
denominational college-prep private high school in the
Coachella Valley—Marywood-Palm Valley School. MWPV
can currently take 5 Freshmen, 3 Sophomores, 1 Junior
and 1 Senior.
                                                                    Marywood-Palm Valley Headmaster Vince Downey and graduating senior Dustin Neiderman
How Can You Help?
To fund the 2009/2010 round of scholarships,                                 To be considered for the “College Bound” Scholarship,
$50,000 needs to be raised — with $10,000 of that amount al-                 students must at a minimum meet the following Criteria:
ready committed. (Of the monies committed so far, another $5,000             1. The student must be entering their Freshman, Sophomore,
per year has already been committed for the 2010/2011, 2011/ 2012,               Junior or Senior Year.
2012/ 2013 to carry one Freshman through his/her high school year.)          2. Student must have had a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in their
                                                                                 prior year of school.
                                                                             3. Student must be in need of financial assistance.
                                                                             4. Student must pass the MWPV entry exams.
                                                                             5. Student must have good character, moral integrity, an
                                                                                interest in sports, an interest in your community, a curious
                                                                                mind, a sense of humor and a desire to excel in life.
                                                                             6. Must not have been a student at MWPV in the prior year

                                                                             Each student selected for the 2009/2010 school year will be assur-
                                                                             ed a tuition free High School education at MWPV so long as:
                                                                               • They maintain a 3.0 grade point average.
                                                                               • The do not violate the code of conduct set by the school.
                                                                               • There is not a significant change in income (upwards) for the
                                                                               parents which would disqualify their need for tuition assistance.

                                                                                To learn more about Women Leaders Forum visit our
                                                                                website at
Marywood-Palm Valley 2009 graduate Jonina Craig gives her farewell speech.
Student Candidates will be identified through:                            Question: What if we can’t find enough student candidates?
Local public and charter schools which go to grade 8; Young               Answer: The scholarship fund will fund up to 10 students, if
Ambassadors; Police Athletic League; Local sports teams and               we identify fewer than 10 students, we will only fund those.
clubs and Personal connections.
                                                                          Question: What if we can’t raise all of the money for the
Once we’ve identified a list of candidates, you will be contacted to      student candidates?
select the student(s) that you’d like to give this huge life advantage.   Answer: We will only fund those students that we can find spon-
                                                                          sors for. To kick off the program, as of today (7/10/09) we have
Use of Funds:                                                             2 sponsors. One for one Freshman ($5,000 commitment for
For each student selected (boys or girls), a check for $5,000             4 years = $20,000) and one sponsor for a one year commit-
will be written to MWPV to cover one year’s tuition. MWPV’s               ment of $5,000.
current annual High School tuition is $16,000, the remaining              For more information about this program contact Christy Majors:
$11,000 will be covered through MWPV’s financial assistance               (760) 851-8844 or Denise DuBarry Hay: (760) 574-2450
program and other scholarship funds available to MWPV.          

Such A Deal!                                                              To learn more about Marywood-Palm Valley School, visit their
Just think, if you sponsored a freshman at the cost of $20,000            website at:
over 4 years, you would be essentially giving them a $64,000              If you would like a tour of the school call Tonya Carr at (760)
private high school education and virtually guaranteeing them             328-0861. MWPV is located at 35-525 DaVall Drive, Rancho
entry into a 4 year college with scholarship money.                       Mirage, CA 92270, (760)328-0861.

  Fill out and fax this form to: (760) 564-3462 or mail to: WLF – 74-923 Hwy 111, PO Box 129, Indian Wells, CA 92210
  Yes, count me in to help with the “College Bound” scholarship fund and give a worthy student the Chance of a Lifetime!
  My donation is tax deductible. Make checks payable to: Women Leaders Forum/College Bound Scholarship

  ____I want to sponsor a student for One Year of Private High School for $5,000
  ____I want to sponsor a student for Two Years of Private High School @ $5,000 per year
  ____I want to sponsor a student for Three Years of Private High School @ $5,000 per year
  ____I want to sponsor a student for Four Years of Private High School @ $5,000 per year
  ____I want to be part of a team to sponsor a student for Private High School and can contribute $_____________
  ____Please find my check made payable to the "College Bound Scholarship Fund" for $______________________
  ____Please bill my credit card ___VISA ___Mastercard Account number: ___________________________Exp. Date:________
  Name (First, Last)__________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________

  Billing address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ______________________________________

  Phone number:_____________________________________ WLF is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Phone: (760) 837-7222
                                                     Tax ID # 91-215686