COACHELLA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT Finance Department by whitecheese


Finance Department

                                  INVITATION FOR BIDS 2009-0012



Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Board Secretary until 2:00 PM,
November 5, 2009, local time, when they will be publicly opened and read to furnish and deliver a
MOTOR CONTROL CENTER in accordance with the specifications.

Bid documents may be obtained at no charge at or by calling the 760-398-2661,
ext. 2330.

Each Bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, or bid bond in an amount equal to
at least ten percent (10%) of the sum of the total amount bid, including any options. Said bond is
payable without condition to the Coachella Valley Water District as a guaranty that if awarded the
contract the bidder will promptly execute the contract in accordance with the bid in the manner and form
required by the contract documents. The Bid Security shall be forfeited to the Coachella Valley Water
District as liquidated damages in the case of failure or neglect of the bidder to execute and deliver to the
Coachella Valley Water District the contract as specified within ten (10) days of written notification of

The Contractor shall be permitted to substitute securities for any monies withheld by the District to
ensure performance under this contract. Such substitution shall be subject to the limitations and
requirements of Public Contract Code Section 22300.

Karen Theriault
Procurement and Contracts Manager

_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                    INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDER

Bid must be submitted on these District forms.

Bids shall be delivered to:

Coachella Valley Water District
PO Box 1058
85-995 Avenue 52
Coachella, CA, 92236

Bids shall be labeled:

Bid 2009-0012
2:00 PM, November 5, 2009

Bidder is responsible for ensuring that his/her bid has sufficient time to be received by the Board
Secretary before the Submittal Deadline. The receiving time in the Board Secretary’s Office will be the
governing time for acceptability of bids. Bids will not be accepted by telephone, by fax, or
electronically. Late bids will be returned to the Bidder unopened. Bids must bear original signatures and

BID SECURITY BOND. Each Bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, or bid
bond duly completed on the form provided herewith by a guaranty company authorized to carry on
business in the State of California, in an amount equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the sum of the
total amount bid, including any options. Said bond is payable without condition to the Coachella Valley
Water District as a guaranty that the bidder, if awarded the contract, will promptly execute the contract
in accordance with the Bid in the manner and form required by these contract documents.

Bid Security shall be forfeited to the Coachella Valley Water District as liquidated damages in the case
of failure or neglect of the bidder to furnish, execute and deliver to the Coachella Valley Water District
the required performance bond, payment bond and evidences of insurance, and to enter into, execute and
deliver to the Coachella Valley Water District the contract on the form provided herewith, within ten
(10) days after being notified in writing by the Coachella Valley Water District that the award has been
made and the contract is ready for execution.

BID OPENING AND RESULTS. Bids are opened publicly in the Board Secretary’s Office. Interested
parties are invited to attend the bid opening. A tabulation of bids received will be available within a
reasonable time after the bid opening. Bid results will be posted at a reasonable time
after bid opening.

BID SUBMITTAL. Bid must be submitted in sealed envelopes and should be properly identified with
the bid number and Submittal Deadline. NO telephone, facsimile, electronic, or late bids will be
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

accepted or considered. It is the Bidders' responsibility to see that their bids have sufficient time to be
received by the Board Secretary’s Office before the Submittal Deadline. Bids sent to the incorrect
District office WILL be considered late if they are not rerouted to the Board Secretary’s office before
the Submittal Deadline.

BID WITHDRAWAL. Bidders’ authorized representatives may withdraw bids only by written request
received by the BOARD SECRETARY before the Submittal Deadline. After that time, Bidders may not
withdraw their bids for a period of ninety- (90) days from the Submittal Deadline. At no time may the
successful Bidder(s) withdraw his bid.

INFORMED BIDDERS. Before submitting bids, Bidders must fully inform themselves of the
conditions, requirements and specifications of the work or materials to be furnished. Failure to do so
will be at Bidders’ own risk and they cannot secure relief on the plea of error.

LATE BIDS. Bids not received by the Submittal Deadline are late. Late bids will be returned to Bidders

PRICES. All prices and notations must be in ink or typewritten. Mistakes may be crossed out and
corrections typed or printed adjacent to the mistake and initialed in ink by the person who signs bid.
Prices shall be stated in units and quotations made separately on each item. In case of conflict, unit
prices will govern. Where there is a conflict between words and figures, words will govern.

QUESTIONS, INTERPRETATION. Requests for interpretation, correction, or clarification must be
made in writing least four (4) working days before the Submittal Deadline to:
       Karen Theriault, Procurement & Contracts Manager
       Phone (760) 398-2661, ext. 2330
       Fax (760) 391-9634

Questions received after the deadline will not be addressed.

Bidder’s company name, address, phone number, fax number or email address, and contact person must
be included with the questions or comments.

       District will make changes only by Addendum. All clarifications, corrections, or changes to the
       solicitation documents will be made only by Addendum. All Addenda will become part of the
       solicitation. Addendum will be posted or advertised on It is each Bidder’s
       sole responsibility to ensure it has received and acknowledged all Addenda for this solicitation.

TERMS OF THE OFFER. District’s acceptance of Bidder’s offer shall be limited to the terms herein
unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by the District. Bids offering terms other than those shown
herein will be declared non-responsive and will not be considered.

_________________________________                                                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                   TERMS AND CONDITIONS
                             BIDDING AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT

BANKRUPTCY OF BIDDER/SELLER. In the event of any proceedings, voluntary or involuntary, in
bankruptcy or insolvency by or against Seller, the inability of Seller to meet its debts as they become
due, or in the event of the appointment, with or without Seller’s consent, of an assignee for the benefit of
creditors or of a receiver, then District shall be entitled, at is sole option, to cancel any unfilled part of
this Agreement without any liability whatsoever.

BIDDER AGREEMENT TO SOLICITATION. Submission of a signed bid will be interpreted to mean
Bidder has agreed to all the terms and conditions set forth in the pages of this solicitation.

       •   Without Cause. The District may cancel this contract without cause at any time by giving
           thirty-(30) day’s written notice to the supplier.
       •   With Cause. The District may cancel this contract with cause at any time by giving ten-(10)
           day’s written notice to the supplier. Cancellation for cause shall be at the discretion of the
           District and shall be but is not limited to failure to supply the materials or equipment
           specified within the time allowed or within the terms, conditions, or provisions of the
CHANGES. District shall have the right to make changes as to packing, testing, destinations,
specifications, designs, and delivery schedules (postponements only). Seller shall immediately notify
District of any increases or decreases in costs caused by such changes and an equitable adjustment in
prices or other terms hereof shall be agreed upon in a written amendment to this Agreement.

COMPLIANCE OR DEVIATION TO SPECIFICATIONS. Bidder hereby agrees that the material or
equipment offered will meet all the requirements of the specifications in this solicitation unless
deviations from them are clearly indicated in the Bidder’s response.

Bidder may submit an attachment entitled “Exceptions to Specifications. An explanation must be made
for each item to which an exception is taken, giving in detail the extent of the exception and the reason
for which it is taken. Bids failing to comply with this requirement will be considered non-responsive.

Submittal of brochure or other manufacturer literature is desirable but shall not be an acceptable
substitution for this requirement.

DEFAULT. Upon a default hereunder, the non-defaulting party shall have such rights and remedies as
are provided herein and such additional remedies as now or hereafter exist, at law or in equity,
including, without limitation, consequential damages.

DISPUTES. If any dispute should arise between the parties, unless otherwise directed by the District
herein, Seller shall nevertheless proceed to provide the Equipment pending settlement of the dispute.


_________________________________                                                      Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

Time is of the essence of this Agreement.

If deliveries are not made at the time agreed upon the District reserves the right to cancel or to purchase
elsewhere, and hold Seller accountable therefore.

Seller shall be liable to District for any loss or damage caused by Seller’s failure to make timely delivery
of the Equipment, including, without limitation, consequential and incidental damages and costs of
obtaining replacement Equipment.

FORCE MAJEURE. If execution of this contract shall be delayed or suspended and if such failure
arises out of causes beyond the control of and without fault or negligence of the Contractor, the
Contractor shall notify the District, in writing, within twenty-four (24) hours, after the delay. Such
causes may include but are not limited to acts of nature, war, acts of a public enemy, and acts of any
governmental entity in its sovereign or contractual capacity, fires, floods, epidemics, strikes and
unusually severe weather.

FORMATION OF CONTRACT. Bidder’s signed bid/offer and District’s written acceptance shall
constitute a binding contract.

INSPECTION AND REJECTION. The Equipment shall be received subject to District’s inspection and
right of rejection. The Equipment shall not be considered accepted until on inspection, testing or use,
the Equipment is found to be in accordance with District specifications.

Final inspection of the Equipment shall be at location specified herein, unless otherwise agreed in
writing. If the Equipment is found at any time to be defective in material or workmanship, or otherwise
not in conformance with specifications, District shall have the right, in addition to any other rights which
it may have under warranties or otherwise, to reject such Equipment in whole or in part.

Rejected Equipment shall be held at Seller’s risk for a reasonable time thereafter and shall be returned or
disposed of at Seller’s expense according to Seller’s instructions. No Equipment returned shall be
replaced by Seller without written instruction or authorization from District.

LAWS GOVERNING CONTRACT. This contract shall be in accordance with the laws of the state of
CA. The parties stipulate that this contract was entered into in the county of Riverside, in state of CA.
The parties further stipulate that the county of Riverside, CA, is the only appropriate forum for any
litigation resulting from a breach hereof or any questions risen here from.

NOMENCLATURES. The terms Successful Bidder, supplier, vendor, and contractor may be used
interchangeably in this solicitation and shall refer exclusively to the person, company, or corporation
with whom the District enters into a contract as a result of this solicitation.

PATENT PROTECTION. To the extent that the Equipment are not manufactured pursuant to design
originated by District, Seller agrees it will save District and its directors, officers, representatives, agents
and employees (“District Indemnitees”) harmless from any loss, damage, liability, demands, claims,
costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees) (collectively, “Costs”) which
may be incurred on account of any alleged infringement of any intellectual proprietary rights, including
United States patents with respect to the Equipment, and that it will at its own expense, defend any

_________________________________                                                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

action, suit or claim in which such infringement is alleged. District agrees to notify Seller promptly of
any suit or claim against District for any alleged infringement of patent.

PAYMENT IS NOT WAIVER. The fact that District has made payment under this Agreement shall not
be interpreted so as to imply District has inspected, approved or accepted the Equipment. No delay or
omission in the exercise of any right or remedy by the non-defaulting party on any default shall impair
such right or remedy or be construed as a waiver.

A party’s consent to or approval of any act by the other party requiring the party’s consent or approval
shall not be deemed to waive or render unnecessary the other party’s consent to or approval of any
subsequent act. Any waiver by either party of any default must be in writing and shall not be a waiver of
any other default concerning the same or any other provision of the Agreement.

    • The District reserves the right to reject any bids, all bids, or any part of a bid;
    • The District reserves the right to waive informalities or technicalities in bids;
    • The District reserves the right to reject the bid of any Bidder who previously failed to perform
      adequately for the District or any other governmental agency.
    • The District expressly reserves the right to reject the bid of any Bidder who is in default on the
      payment of taxes, licenses, or other monies due the Coachella Valley Water District.

SAFETY. All articles delivered under this contract must conform to the Safety Orders of the State of
CA, Division of Industrial Safety.

SELL OR ASSIGN. The successful Bidder shall not have the right to sell, assign, or transfer, any rights
or duties under this contract without the specific written consent of the District.

SEVERABILITY. If any provisions, or portions of any provisions, of this contract are held invalid,
illegal, or unenforceable, they shall be severed from the contract and the remaining provisions shall be
valid and enforceable.

(a) All Equipment shall be packed, marked and shipped in suitable containers and in accordance with all
regulatory requirements, the requirements of the carrier or as otherwise determined by District. In
addition to the foregoing, the Equipment shall be packed in accordance with good commercial practice
to insure against damage from weather and/or transportation. On the date of shipment, Seller shall mail
to District all shipping lists and the original of any bill of lading regarding the Equipment placed in the
possession of any consignee. Any Equipment not shipped by Seller or received by District in
accordance with those terms may be rejected by District without liability. District assumes no obligation
for Equipment shipped in excess of the quantities specified in this Agreement. District may, from time to
time, change shipping schedules or direct that Seller temporarily suspend any shipments.
(b) Unless this Agreement states otherwise, no charge shall be made for packing, crating, drayage or
other similar costs.

_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

(c) All sales are F.O.B. District’s delivery site in Coachella Valley. Seller shall be fully responsible for
the Equipment and bear all risk of loss or damage until such Equipment is delivered to the District’s
headquarters. Seller shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the Equipment after written notice from
District of its rejection or the cancellation of the Agreement.

TAX, FEDERAL EXCISE. The District is exempt from Federal Excise Tax.

TAX, SALES. California Sales Tax should be shown separately on the bid where indicated.

(a) District may terminate or cancel this Agreement, in whole or in part, without liability to Seller if
deliveries are not made at the time and in the quantities specified, or in the event of a breach of any of
the other terms or conditions hereof; and
(b) District may also terminate this Agreement in whole or in part, even though Seller is not in default
hereunder and no breach hereof has occurred by notice in writing at any time, such notice shall state the
extent and effective date of termination and upon the receipt by Seller of such notice Seller will, as and
to the extent prescribed by District, stop work under the order and placement of further orders or
subcontracts hereunder, terminate work under order and subcontracts outstanding hereunder, and take
any necessary action to protect property in the Seller’s possession in which District, has or may acquire
an interest. Seller acknowledges District’s right to terminate this Agreement as provided in this Section
and hereby waives any and all claims for damages that might arise from District’s termination of this
SETOFFS AND COUNTERCLAIMS. All claims for moneys due or to become due to Seller shall be
subject to deduction by District for any setoff or counterclaim arising out of this or any other of
District’s agreements with Seller.

SEVERABILITY. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to
be void, invalid or unenforceable, then the parties agree that such invalidity or unenforceability shall
have no effect whatsoever on the balance of this Agreement.

TITLE TO DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS. District shall at all times retain title to all technical
information, trade secrets, samples, blueprints, patterns, drawings and specifications and other materials
(collectively, “Work Product”) furnished, or paid for by District and intended for use in connection with
this Agreement. Seller shall use such Work Product only in connection with this Agreement, and shall
not disclose such Work Product to any person, firm, or corporation other than District’s or Seller’s
employees, subcontractors, or government inspectors without the prior written consent of the District,
which consent may be withheld in District’s sole and absolute discretion. Seller will take such steps as
are necessary to perfect the ownership interest of District in the Work Product. Upon District’s request
or upon completion of this Agreement, Seller shall promptly return all Work Product to District.

WARRANTY. In addition to all warranties which may be provided by law, Seller warrants that the
Equipment delivered hereunder shall, (a) be free from defect of material or workmanship and conform
strictly to the specifications, drawings, or sample specified or furnished; (b) conform to drawings, plans,
specifications, samples or other descriptions furnished, specified, accepted or approved by District; and
(c) be merchantable and fit for the purposes intended. The warranty shall be for a period of one (1) year
from the installation of the Equipment. This warranty shall survive any inspection, delivery, acceptance,
_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

or payment by District of the Equipment. Seller, at its own expense, shall repair or replace any defective
Equipment within two (2) business days after receipt of notice from District or within four (4) hours in
case of emergency, as determined by the District. Seller warrants that it is conveying good title to the
Equipment to the District free and clear from any liens and encumbrances and no person has any rightful
claim of infringement or violation of proprietary rights with respect to the Equipment. Such warranties,
including warranties provided by law, shall survive acceptance of the Equipment.

_________________________________                                                    Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                     SPECIAL PROVISIONS
                                 FOR MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT

AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR. Successful Bidder must be an authorized distributor for the product he
offers, or with his bid he must submit documentation from an authorized distributor that he has
purchased the specified product/equipment from that distributor and that the distributor will honor all of
the manufacturer’s warranties.

BRAND NAMES. Unless otherwise specified as “no substitutes,” manufacturers’ names, trade names,
brand names, model and catalog numbers used in these specifications are for the purpose of describing
and establishing general quality levels. Such references are not intended to be restrictive. Bids will be
considered for alternative brands that meet or exceed the quality of the specifications listed for any item.

BRAND SUBSTITUTIONS. Bids will be considered for items complying substantially with
specifications, provided deviations to the specifications are stated and items are described in detail.
When offering alternate products, it is the responsibility of the bidder to indicate the brand names and
model/catalog numbers, and to provide evidence of the equality of the items to the products specified in
the solicitation. Standard catalog sheets or technical data will not be accepted in lieu of this requirement.
The Coachella Valley Water District will be the sole judge of whether such alternates are equivalent to
the items specified. The District reserves the right to waive immaterial variations in the specifications.

COMPLIANCE WITH OSHA. Bidder agrees that all item(s) offered comply with all applicable Federal
and the State Occupational Safety and Health Act, laws, standards and regulations, and that Bidder will
indemnify and hold the District harmless for any failure to so conform.

DELIVERY TIME. Time is of the essence of this contract. Delivery time will be a factor in award of
this bid. Bidder shall state earliest delivery time on his Bid Form. The District reserves the right to
cancel any order not received within the time stated by the Bidder in his bid.

DEMONSTRATION OF PRODUCT. A demonstration of the item(s) offered may be required. If the
demonstration cannot not to be performed at a District facility, the demonstration must be performed
within a 60-mile radius of the Board Secretary’s Office. Bidders shall indicate on their bid the location
of the demonstration site. Bids for item(s) that do not perform to the District’s satisfaction during the
demonstration will be declared non-responsive and will not be considered for award of bid.

F.O.B. POINT & SHIPPING CHARGES. All prices shall be quoted F.O.B. destination, Coachella, CA.
FOB indicates where title to the goods changes from seller to buyer; it does not necessarily indicate who
pays for freight. The District will pay for freight only if freight is quoted separately on the bid. All
shipping, handling and freight charges must be shown separately on the bid.

MANUFACTURER & MODEL NUMBER. Bidder must state the manufacturer name and model
number of each item proposed on its Bid Form.

NEW AND UNUSED. Unless specifically provided to the contrary, all materials and equipment shall be
new and unused and of the current production year. Bids that are received for other than the current
production year or for items and materials that has been previously used will be rejected.

_________________________________                                                               Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                                      BID FORM

                                          MOTOR CONTROL CENTER
                                             Bid No. 2009-0012

To:       Coachella Valley Water District
          85-995 Avenue 52
          Coachella, CA, 92236

From: ________________________________
      Name of Bidder
      Mailing Address
      City, State & Zip

Responding to Invitation to Bid 2009-0012 due 2:00 PM, November 5, 2009, the undersigned Bidder
agrees to furnish and deliver a MOTOR CONTROL CENTER in accordance with the specifications.

We have stated hereon the price(s) at which we will furnish and deliver the specified item(s) and will
accept as full payment therefore the amount shown below.

Bidder further agrees in addition to the terms and conditions specified herein the following terms and
conditions that are a part of this bid and any resulting contract:

      F.O.B. Point. All shipments shall be made F.O.B. destination, Coachella, CA. F.O.B. destination indicates
      that the seller is responsible for shipment until it is tendered to the District, even if the District agrees to pay
      for shipping and handling. The District will allow freight charges only if they are indicated on this form.
      Freight shall be shown separately on the lines provided.

      Award. Bid award will be based on the lowest responsible bid price including any transportation
      charges, as well as any other criteria indicated in these specifications.

      Signatures. All information submitted by Bidder, including signatures, must be original. Copies will
      not be accepted.

      Taxes. Bidders should NOT show CA Sales Tax on their bids. The District will calculate the CA
      Sales Tax at (8.75)% and pay it to Successful Bidder(s) who are CA suppliers or out-of-state
      suppliers who are registered with State of CA and who have the appropriate CA Seller’s Permit. The
      District will pay the State Sales Tax directly to the State of CA when the Successful Bidder(s) is not
      registered with the state to collect it. The District is exempt from Federal Excise Tax.

_________________________________                                                             Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                        Description                                   Option 1                Option 2           Days 
NEMA 1A motor control center with appurtenances 
                                                                $                       $ 
NEMA 3R rain‐tight enclosure with appurtenances and 
Vestibule floor 
                                                                $                       $ 
Variable Frequency Drive, mfg. Cutler‐Hammer, model No. 
                                                                     ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐    $  

Variable Frequency Drive, mfg. Toshiba, model No. VFAS1‐
                                                               $                             ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 

California State Tax @ 8.75% 
                                                                $                       $ 
Shipping FOB Coachella CA 
                                                                $                       $ 
Field Start‐up, Calibration and Commissioning 
                                                                $                       $ 
                             Subtotal for comparison of Bids
                                                                $                      $  

1.  Bid selection will be made upon lowest Bid Price per Supplier with Option 1 being preferred and 
the remaining Option as a alternative up to the Approved Procurement Amount. 

2.  Payment for Motor Control Center will be paid upon delivery, acceptance and receipt of product   
invoice.  Field Start‐up, Calibration and Commissioning will be paid upon completion of the 
equipment start‐up and placement in service. 

Please check your calculations before submitting your bid; the District will not be responsible for Bidder
Delivery time will be a factor in award of bid.

Bidder shall complete the following required information:
It is understood and agreed that this bid may not be withdrawn for a period of ninety- (90) days from
the Submittal Deadline, and at no time in case of successful Bidder.

_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

Bidder's Acknowledgement of Understanding of the Terms and Conditions. Signature below
verifies that Bidder has read, understands, and agrees to the conditions contained herein and on all of the
attachments and agenda.

Bidder hereby acknowledges receipt of Addenda Number(s) __, ___, ___, and ___.
Representations Made Under Penalty Of Perjury. The representations herein are made under penalty of
perjury. We hereby offer to sell the District the above item(s) at the prices shown and under the terms
and conditions herein, attached, or incorporated by referenced.

_____________________________________               ________________________________________
Bidder Name (Person, Firm, Corp.)                    Signature of Authorized Representative

_____________________________________               ________________________________________
Address                                              Name of Authorized Representative
__________________________________________           _____________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code                                Title of Authorized Representative

_____________________________________                _______________________________________
Telephone Number                                     Email Address

Fax Number

_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                           (Must be notarized)

                                         Non-Collusion Affidavit
                           To Be Completed, Notarized, and Submitted With Bid

State of CA            )
County of Riverside ss.

(Bidder's Name), being first duly sworn, deposes and says that he or she is Owner of (Contractor Name)
the party making the foregoing bid that the bid is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any
undisclosed person, partnership, company, association, organization, or corporation; that the bid is
genuine and not collusive or sham; that the Bidder has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any
other Bidder to put in a false or sham bid, and has not directly or indirectly colluded, conspired,
connived, or agreed with any Bidder or anyone else to put in a sham bid, or that anyone shall refrain
from bidding; that the Bidder has not in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement,
communication, or conference with anyone to fix the bid price of the Bidder or any other Bidder, or to
fix any overhead, profit, or cost element of the bid price, or of that of any other Bidder, or to secure any
advantage against the public body awarding the contract of anyone interested in the proposed contract;
that all statements contained in the bid are true; and further, that the Bidder has not , directly or
indirectly, submitted his or her bid price or any breakdown thereof, or the contents thereof, or divulged
information or data relative thereto, or paid, and will not pay, any fee to any corporation, partnership,
company association, organization, bid depository, or to any member or agent thereof to effectuate a
collusive or sham bid."
_____________________________________                        _________________________
Date                                                         (Signed at (Place))
_____________________________________                        _________________________
Bidder Name (Person, Firm, Corp.)                            Authorized Representative

_____________________________________                        _________________________
Address                                                      Representative's Name

_____________________________________                        ________________________
City, State, Zip                                             Representative's Title

_________________________________                                                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name


                                      PURCHASE AGREEMENT

       This Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into this       day of
       , 20    by and between Coachella Valley Water District, a public agency of the State of
California (“District”) and             (“Seller”).


A.     Seller shall sell to the District and the District shall purchase from the Seller such equipment and
personal property as more particularly described herein.

B.     The parties desire to enter this Agreement for the purpose of setting forth the terms and
conditions upon which the equipment and personal property shall be sold to the District.

       Now, therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are
hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

1.     Seller shall deliver [and install] the equipment and personal property specified on Exhibit “A”
attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein (“Equipment”).

2.     Seller shall deliver [and install] the Equipment at District’s [insert facility name]located at [insert
address], at such time or times as set forth on the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “B” and by this
reference incorporated herein.

3.     District shall compensate Seller for the purchase [and installation] of the Equipment in such
amounts and at such times as set forth on the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “C” and by this
reference incorporated herein.

4.      Unless otherwise specified by this Agreement, Seller shall install the Equipment at the District’s
[insert facility name] and shall make any adjustments which are necessary or appropriate to cause any
such Equipment to operate properly as installed, at such costs as shall be indicated by this Agreement.

5.     The purchase [and installation] of the Equipment is subject to the terms and conditions set forth
on Exhibit “D” attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein.

6.      All notices, requests, demands or other communications under this Agreement must be in writing
and sent to the address of each party set forth below. Notice will be sufficiently given for all purposes
as follows:

       Personal Delivery-When personally delivered to the recipient. Notice is effective on delivery.

       Certified Mail-When mailed certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid. Notice is
       effective on receipt, if a return receipt confirms delivery.

_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

       Overnight Delivery-When delivered by an overnight delivery service such as Federal Express,
       charges prepaid, or charged to the sender’s account. Notice is effective on delivery, if delivery is
       confirmed by the delivery service.

       Facsimile Transmission-Notice is effective on receipt, provided that the facsimile machine
       provides the sender a notice that indicates the transmission was successful and that a copy is
       mailed by first-class mail on the facsimile transmission date.

Addresses for purposes of giving notice are as follows:

            Coachella Valley Water District                 Telephone:      760-398-2651
            P O Box 1058                                    Fax:            760-398-3711
            Coachella CA 92236-1058

            XXXXXXXXX                                       Telephone:
            XXXXXXXXX                                       Fax:

Any party may, from time to time, by written notice to the other party as provided herein, designate a
different address which shall be substituted for that specified above.

7.    This Agreement may be signed and delivered in any number of counterparts, each of which,
when signed and delivered, shall be an original, but all of which shall together constitute one and the
same Agreement.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first above


                                             Coachella Valley Water District,
                                             a public agency



_________________________________                                                                 Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                                    (To be notarized)

                                                BID SECURITY BOND
                                   To Be Completed and Submitted With Bid


THAT ____________________ hereinafter called Principal, and

_________________________ hereinafter called Surety, are

jointly and severally held and firmly bound unto the Coachella Valley Water District, Coachella, CA, hereinafter called
District, in the penal sum of ten percent (10%) of the aggregate of the bid of Principal for the work, this sum not to exceed
($____________________) dollars lawful money of the United States, for the payment whereof unto District, Principal and
Surety jointly and severally bind themselves forever firmly by these presents.

WHEREAS, Principal is herewith submitting a bid to:

                                           MOTOR CONTROL CENTER

NOW, THEREFORE, the condition of this obligation is such that if Principal is awarded a contract for
the work, and if Principal within that time specified in the bid enters into, executes and delivers to
District a contract in the form provided herewith, and if Principal within the time specified in the bid
gives to District the performance bond and the payment bond on the forms provided herewith, and
evidence of required liability and worker's compensation insurance, then this obligation shall be void.

If, however, Principal shall fail or refuse to furnish, execute, and deliver to District said performance and
payment bonds, and evidence of required liability and worker's compensation insurance in the time
stated in the bid, then Principal and Surety shall forfeit to District the penal sum hereof.

AND IT IS HEREBY DECLARED AND AGREED that Surety shall be liable under this obligation as
Principal, and that nothing of any kind or nature whatsoever that will not discharge Principal shall
operate as a discharge or a release of liability of Surety.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER DECLARED AND AGREED that this obligation shall be binding upon and
inure to the benefit of Principal, Surety and District and their respective heirs, executors, administrators,
successors and assigns.

SIGNED AND SEALED THIS ________ day of ________, 200___
Name of Principal
Signature of Principal's Authorized Representative
Name and Title of Signer
(Seal and signature of Notary Public), (Attach notary acknowledgment of Surety)
_________________________________                                                    Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                       BIDDER'S GUARANTY
                                       To Be Submitted With Bid

The successful bidder shall execute this guaranty upon execution of the contract. If they so choose,
Bidders may execute this guaranty at the time of submitting their bid.

To the Coachella Valley Water District
Project: 2009-0012 to MOTOR CONTROL CENTER

The undersigned guarantees the production, construction, and installation of the following work
included in this project in accordance with:

                                        Bid No. 2009-0012 To
                                     MOTOR CONTROL CENTER

Should any of the materials or equipment prove defective or should the work as a whole prove defective,
due to faulty workmanship, material furnished or methods of installation, or should the work or any part
thereof fail to operate properly as originally intended and in accordance with the contract documents,
due to any of the above causes, all within twelve (12) months after date on which this contract is
accepted by the Coachella Valley Water District, hereinafter called District, the undersigned agrees to
reimburse the District, upon demand, for its expenses incurred in restoring said work to the condition
contemplated in said project.

Said reimbursement shall include the cost of any such equipment or materials replaced and the cost of
removing and replacing any other work necessary to make such replacement or repairs, or upon demand
by the District, to replace any such materials and to repair said work completely without cost to the
District so that said work will function successfully as originally contemplated. The District shall have
the unqualified option to make any needed replacement or repairs itself or to have such replacements or
repairs done by the undersigned. In the event the District elects to have said work performed by the
undersigned, the undersigned agrees that the repairs shall be made and such materials as are necessary
shall be furnished and installed within a reasonable time after the receipt of demand from the District. If
the undersigned shall fail or refuse to comply with his obligations under this guaranty, the District shall
be entitled to all costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, reasonably incurred due to the said failure
or refusal.
Name of Bidder/Contractor (Person, Firm, or Corporation)
Signature of Bidder/Contractor's Authorized Representative
Name & Title of Authorized Representative
Date of Signing

    _________________________________                                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
    Bidder Name


    Bidder shall indicate the name of the manufacturer of the equipment, and supplier of the material,
    proposed to be furnished under the contract. Awarding of a contract based on this bid will not imply
    approval by the Coachella Valley Water District of the manufacturers or suppliers listed by the Bidder. No
    substitution will be permitted after award of contract except upon written approval of the Coachella Valley
    Water District.

    Equipment or Materials                         Manufacturer                                Supplier

1. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

2. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

3. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

4. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

5. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

6. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

7. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

8. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

9. ___________________________________________   _______________________________________   ____________________________________

10. ___________________________________________ _______________________________________    ____________________________________

11. ___________________________________________ _______________________________________    ____________________________________

12. ___________________________________________ _______________________________________    ____________________________________

_________________________________                                                    Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                   EXHIBIT A – SCOPE OF WORK

                            TECHNICAL CONDITIONS

18-1   General Provisions

       18-1.1          General

                      It is the intent of this section of the specifications that the Supplier furnishes all
labor, supervision, tools, equipment, and materials necessary for erecting complete and ready for
continuous use, a motor control center, substantially as indicted on the plans and hereinafter specified.

                     These specifications are intended to provide a broad outline of the work and
equipment required, but are not intended to include all the details of design and construction.

                        The electrical plans are diagrammatic, approximately to scale. However, they
shall not be used for exact locations. The Supplier shall verify all dimensions from the detailed drawings
and approved shop drawings and shall coordinate these dimensions with actual field conditions. Actual
distances, locations, and elevations will be governed by actual field conditions.

                       If the Supplier uses equipment which differs from the equipment shown in major
aspects and requires modifications to power, control or other electrical systems (including, but not
limited to, size and quantity changes to wires, raceways, starters, circuit breakers, control devices, etc.),
the Engineer's acceptance of the equipment will be based upon the Supplier providing the modification
required, and they shall be of the same quality as shown and shall be provided at no additional cost to
the District.

                      The plans do not, and are not intended to, show all equipment, such as pull boxes,
junction boxes, etc. required nor to indicate all mechanical or structural difficulties that may be
encountered which would necessitate routing alteration, offsets, or fittings. Items not specifically
mentioned in these specifications or noted on the plans or approved shop drawings, but which are
obviously necessary to make a complete working installation, shall be deemed to be included herein.

                      Discrepancies shown on different plans, between plans and actual field
conditions, or between plans and specifications shall be promptly brought to the attention of the
Engineer for a decision.

                       All electrical equipment shall be capable of operating successfully at full-rated
load, without failure, when the ambient temperature of the air is 50 degrees C except where specified

                       Electrical bus bars shall be silver-coated copper, except where specified

_________________________________                                                      Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

         18-1.2 Related Work Specified Else Where- none

18-1.3 Scope of Work

         18-1.3.1. General

                               The Supplier shall provide all the materials and equipment, and perform
all the work necessary for the complete execution of the motor control center as shown on the electrical
plans and specified herein. The Supplier shall provide all labor and materials not specifically shown on
the plan or specified herein, yet required to ensure proper and complete operation of any system(s) or
design intent inherent in the project except as specifically excluded.

         18-1.3.2       Work Included

                                In general, the electrical work as referred to herein shall consist of, but not
be limited to, the items listed as follows:

            1.   480 volt motor control center
            2.   Variable frequency drive
            3.   Lighting panel and transformer
            4.   Lighting system
            5.   Exhaust fans and thermostats

         18-1.3.3       Work Not Included

                               Works not included under this section are the following:

            1. Software programming of RTU
            2. Installing and designing the control circuit to Start/Stop the motor starters and variable
                 frequency drive controllers.
            3. Installation of the motor control center.
            4. Supplying, installing or programming the programmable logic controller (PLC) for
                 controlling the pump motors Start/ Stop sequences.
            5. All conduit wiring and connections for operation of the pumps between the pumps and
                 the specified motor control center.

18-1.4      Codes and Standards

                        All the equipment and materials shall conform to the latest revision of the
following standards:

                        American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
                        California Electrical Code, 2004 edition, Title 24
                        Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
                        National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
                        Underwriters' Laboratories (UL)
_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                    Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association (IPCEA)
                    American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
                    National Electrical Code (NEC), 2005 edition
                    National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 820- Standard for Fire Protection in
Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facilities, 2003 edition
                    Occupational Safety and Health Regulations of Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA)

                      Motors may instead of or inclusive of UL be Factory Mutual (FM) listed.

                      Underwriters' Laboratories Approval: All equipment furnished by the Supplier
shall be listed by and shall bear the label of Underwriters' Laboratories, Incorporated (UL) or Edison
Testing Labs (ETL) or of an independent testing laboratory acceptable to the local code-enforcement
agency having jurisdiction.

                       Responsibility for complying with all applicable government regulations shall be
as required in the Special Conditions.

                        All electrical equipment and materials, and the design, construction, and
installation thereof, shall comply with all applicable provisions of the Federal Occupational Safety and
Health Act (OSHA), State Building Standards, and applicable local codes and regulations.

                       Where the plans or these specifications call for equipment and workmanship to be
of better quality of higher standard than required by the above codes, standards, rules, and regulation,
then said plans and specifications shall prevail. Nothing on the plans or in these specifications shall be
construed to permit work in violation of the above codes, standards, rules, and regulations and the
Supplier shall be held responsible for any work which is not acceptable.

                      In case of conflict or disagreement between the building codes, state law, local
ordinances, industry standards, utility company regulations, fire insurance carrier's requirements,
drawings and specifications, or within the contract document itself, the most stringent condition shall
govern. The Supplier shall promptly notify the Engineer in writing of such differences.

18-1.5     Coordination of Work and Trades

                      Before any work is started, the Supplier shall verify with the equipment
manufacturers equipment dimensions and arrangements will allow for equipment installation in the
spaces provided for on the plans for all required ventilation, clearances, access, and work space.

                     Before installing any equipment, materials, or raceways, the Supplier shall
examine the complete set of plans and specifications and approved shop drawings and verify all
dimensions and space requirements.

18-1.6     Coordination of the Electrical System

                       The Supplier shall verify all actual equipment and motor full-load and locked
rotor current ratings. The necessary minimum equipment, wire, and conduit sizes are shown on the
plans. If the Supplier furnishes equipment of different ratings, the Supplier shall coordinate the actual
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

current rating of equipment furnished with the branch circuit conductor size, the controller size, the
motor starter, and the branch circuit over current protection. The branch circuit conductors shall have a
carrying capacity of not less than 125% of the actual full-load current rating. The size of the branch
circuit conductors shall be such that the voltage drop from the overcurrent protection devices up to the
equipment shall not be greater than 2% when the equipment is running at full load and rated voltage.
Conductor ampacities shall be derated in accordance with NEC, Table 310-16 for ambient temperatures
of 114 - 1220 F.

                      The motor running over current protection devices shall be ambient temperature
compensated for 50 C and be rated or selected to trip at no more than 125% of the motor full-load
current rating for motors marked to have a temperature rise not over Class B above 500C ambient or
motors marked with a service factor not less than 1.15, and at no more than 115% for all other types of

                      The motor branch circuit overcurrent protection device shall trip open in 30
seconds or less on locked-rotor current of the motor. This device shall also protect the motor branch
circuit conductors and the motor control apparatus against overcurrent due to short circuits or grounds.
The motor control circuits shall have overcurrent protection of the type indicated on the plans.

                      The intended motor for the pumping application of this project is as follows:
1180-rpm, 460-volts, 86.8-Amps, Code G, TEFC enclosure, vertical hollow-shaft, rated for variable
frequency drive applications and 1.0 service factor.

18-1.7     Utility Company Requirements- not used

18-1.8     Permits and Inspections

                       At the conclusion of the work on the project, the Supplier shall furnish to the
district, properly executed, all required certificates of final inspection and approval before the work will
be accepted as complete. All electrical inspection shall be by the District’s Associate Engineer,
Electrical and Controls or appointed personnel.

18-1.9     Equipment, Materials and Workmanship

                    It is the intent of these specifications and the plans, to secure high quality in all
equipment and materials, and to require first-class workmanship, in order to facilitate trouble free
operation and minimum maintenance of the electrical system.

                      All equipment and materials shall be new, listed by UL and bear the UL label,
unless exception to this requirement is inherent to an individual item specified herein, or exception is
otherwise granted by the Engineer.

                     Equipment and materials shall be the products of reputable, experienced
manufacturers. Singular items in the project all shall be the products of the same manufacturer. All
equipment and materials shall be of industrial grade and standard of construction, shall be of sturdy
design and manufacture, and shall be capable of long, reliable, trouble-free service.

_________________________________                                                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                        All work, including installation, connection, calibration, testing and adjustment,
shall be done by qualified, experienced personnel who are technically skilled in their trades, are
thoroughly instructed, and are competently supervised. The resulting complete installation shall reflect
professional quality work, employing industrial standards and methods. Any and all defective material
or inferior workmanship shall be corrected immediately to the satisfaction of the Engineer at no
additional cost to the District.

18-1.10    Area Designations- Not Used.

18-1.11    Supplier Submittals

       18-1.11.1       General

                              The Supplier shall submit the following. In the event that products are
non-standard, they must be ordered promptly to meet construction schedule and no delay in shop
drawing submittal will be tolerated.

       18-1.11.2       Materials and Equipment Schedules

                              Deliver to the Engineer a complete list of all materials, equipment.
apparatus, and fixtures; including manufacturers' cut sheets; clearly indicating which materials the
Supplier proposes to use. The list shall include sizes, names of manufacturers, catalog numbers, and
such other information required to identify the items.

       18-1.11.3       Shop Drawings

18- Within 15 days of award of contract, the Supplier shall submit three (3) complete copies
to the Engineer detailed dimensioned shop drawings of all designated equipment for favorable review
before. Drawings submitted for review shall include front views, sections, and anchoring details.
Separate drawings shall be submitted for elementary control and wiring diagrams. Wiring diagrams shall
be complete for all electrical equipment furnished except lighting. Should an error be found in a shop
drawing during installation of equipment, the correction, including any field changes found necessary,
shall be noted on the drawings shall be checked by the Supplier before submittal for review by the
Engineer and the Supplier shall certify that the submittals are in accordance with the plans and

        18- Catalog cuts, bulletins, brochures or the like shall be submitted for items of
materials for which shop drawings are not designated to be submitted. This data shall be submitted
together with a clear indication (arrows) of the specific item or items, or class of items proposed, in
order to establish written record of the Supplier's intent. A list of items indicating "as specified" will not
suffice. A manufacturer's name alone will not suffice. Each sheet of descriptive literature submitted shall
be marked by the electrical Supplier in black ink to identify the material or equipment as follow:

           a. Lamp fixture descriptive sheets shall show the fixture schedule for which the sheet

           b. Equipment and materials descriptive literature and drawings shall show the specification
           paragraph for which the equipment applies.
_________________________________                                                    Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

              c. Sheets or drawings showing more that the particular item under consideration shall have
              crossed out all but the pertinent description of the item for which review is requested.

              d. Equipment and materials descriptive literature not readily cross-referenced with the plans
              or specifications shall be identified by a suitable notation.

              e. Schematic, wiring, and connection diagrams for all electrical equipment shall be
              submitted for review. A manufacturer's standard connection diagram or schematic showing
              more than one scheme of connection will NOT be accepted, unless it is clearly marked to
              show the intended connections. Connection diagram shall indicate field installed equipment
              with the specified drawing device number as illustrated on the construction and submitted
              shop drawings.

       18-       Shop drawings shall be submitted for the following items;

         a.    Motor control centers relays, variable frequency drive controller, reduced voltage soft
         starter, cable, wire labels, input reactor, circuit breakers, lighting panel, control devices, and
         other equipment or apparatus.

         b.      Control panels and other specially-fabricated or custom-made equipment.

         c.      For other items as may be specifically called for hereinafter.

       18-       Record Drawings

                                               The Supplier shall submit the following:

                                               Prior to completion of the contract, the Supplier shall
furnish the Engineer with (3) sets of electrical plans marked with any changes, deviations or additions to
any part of the electrical work.

                                            As-built plans and control circuit drawings submitted to the
District hardcopy in a three-ring binder and on compact disk in a PDF and Auto CAD 2008 drawing

18-      Operation, Maintenance and Repair Manuals

              The Supplier shall submit the following:

       The six (6) manuals shall include all systems drawings, block diagrams, single line and control,
schematics (hard copy and diskette or CD of AutoCAD version 2005 or in DXF format and PDF), shop
drawings, manufacture cut sheets for supplied equipment and other pertinent data required to completely
describe the operation and maintenance of the installed electrical system. The O&M Manuals shall be
supplied electronically in Adobe Acrobat on CD with six-hard copies in 3- “D” ring binders.

_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

        These manuals shall be submitted prior to final acceptance of the system and shall reflect all
as-built conditions.

       The electrical system information in the O & M manuals shall contain:

           a. System operating instructions written for the benefit of the District's operating personnel
              for normal operational condition and utilizing names of controls as they appear on

           b. Calibration and maintenance instructions.

           c. Troubleshooting instructions.

           d. Instructions for ordering replacement parts.

           e. Part List

                     i. List of fuses, lamps, seals, and other expendable equipment and devices.

                  ii. List of all vendors, addresses, and phone numbers.

       18-      Miscellaneous Reports- Not Used

18-1.12    Grounding

        A grounding system shall be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all
state and local codes and regulations. The grounding system shall bond together and effectively ground
all exposed non-energized metal surfaces containing energized parts, devices or conductors, and the
neutrals of all transformers.

18-1.13    Warning Signs- Not Used

       Affix Arc Flash labels to exterior surface of the interior doors of the NEMA 1 enclosure in
accordance with NEC, Article 110.16.

18-1.14    Quality Assurance

        18-1.14.1     The plans indicate diagrammatically the desired location and arrangement of
outlets, equipment, and other items. Exact locations shall be determined based on the physical size and
arrangement of equipment, finished elevations, and obstructions. Locations indicated on the plans,
however, shall be adhered to as closely as possible.

       18-1.14.2      All equipment shall be installed in such a manner as to avoid all obstructions,
preserving headroom, and keeping openings and passageways clear. Lighting fixtures, switches,
convenience outlets, and similar items shall be located within NEMA 3R enclosure as indicated on the
plans. Where these plans do not indicate exact locations, such locations shall be approved by the
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

Engineer. Where equipment is installed without approval and must be moved, it shall be moved without
additional cost to the District.

        18-1.14.3       All materials and equipment shall be installed in accordance with printed
recommendations of the manufacturer which have been approved by the Engineer. The installation shall
be accomplished by workmen skilled in this type of work and installation shall be coordinated in the
field with other trades so that interferences are avoided.

       18-1.14.4       One quart of identically colored paint shall be sent from the factory to the
Supplier for the use of refinishing damaged, scratched, or marred equipment. The remainder of the
unused paint shall be given to the District at the finish of the project.

        18-1.14.5       The Supplier shall provide adequate means for and shall fully protect all finished
parts of the materials and equipment against damage from any cause during the progress of the work and
until accepted by the Engineer.

       18-1.14.6        All materials and equipment, both in storage and during construction, shall be
covered in such a manner that no finished surfaces will be damaged, marred, or splattered with water,
foam, plaster, or paint, and all moving parts shall be kept clean and dry.

        18-1.14.7    The Supplier shall replace or have refinished by the manufacturer, all damaged
materials or equipment, including face plates of panels and switchboard sections, at no expense to the

        18-1.14.8       The Supplier shall perform the tests described hereinafter and any other tests that
may be required by the Engineer or other authorities having Jurisdiction. The entire electrical
installation shall be tested, adjustments made, and defects corrected as an obligation under the work of
this section. The Supplier shall furnish all necessary replacement parts and labor necessary due to
damage resulting from damaged equipment or from test and correction of faulty installation. The
following testing, as a minimum, shall be accomplished:

           a. Insulation resistance tests

           b. Continuity test of all wiring

           c. Test for all fixture connections

           d. Participate in plant start-up

        18-1.14.9      All wiring and connections shall be tested for continuity, short circuit, conductor
insulation failure and improper grounds. Any failure shall be corrected in a manner satisfactory to the

        18-1.14.10     The project will be subject to continued inspection during construction. The
Supplier shall cooperate with the Engineer and shall provide assistance at all times for the inspection of
the electrical work. He shall remove covers, operate machinery, or perform any reasonable work which,
in the opinion of the Engineer, will be necessary to determine the quality and adequacy of the work. All
bolts, screws and connectors within the MCC shall be re-tightened to panel manufacturer's
_________________________________                                                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

specifications, which may have loosened during the shipment and installation, by the Supplier to insure
the quality of the project. Bolts and connectors shall have painted marks to indicate proper tightening.
The "Record Drawings" shall be subject to inspection at any time and shall be updated as the work

   18-1         Cleanup

                All parts of the electrical materials and equipment shall be left in a clean condition.

18-1.16    Warranty

        The Supplier shall warranty his work against any defects in material and workmanship for a
period of one year from the date of final inspection and placement into service, ordinary wear and tear
excepted. This warranty shall be in written form and delivered before final acceptance and payment is
made. Any latent defects in Supplier furnished material or workmanship which is discovered during the
time of this warranty period shall be repaired or replaced at no cost to the District. The Supplier shall
respond in a professional manner to a notification of defect or failure. Services shall be performed
within five (5) calendar days after notification by the District or within time period as mutually agreed to
by both parties.

        At the time of motor control center being placed into service (by District Forces), a factory
representative shall be present to verify field operational settings and to verify installation has been
performed in accordance with manufacturers’ requirements. The cost for this service call shall be a part
of the Lump Sum price for project bid evaluation.

18-2   Products

       18-2.1          General

       Except as may be specifically indicated otherwise, materials furnished under this section shall be
new and in accordance with the standards as herein before specified. Equipment used for the same
purpose shall be of the same make. Outdoor equipment, fixtures and wiring devices shall be of approved
weatherproof construction or shall be in weatherproof enclosure.

       18-2.1.1        Standard Products

        Materials and equipment submitted for approval shall be the cataloged products of companies
regularly engaged in the manufacture of such items, shall be the latest standard design that conforms to
the specification requirements and shall essentially duplicate material and equipment that has been in
satisfactory use for at least two years. Replacement parts shall be stocked locally within a radius of two
hundred (200) miles from job site.

       18-2.1.2                        Approved Manufacturers

      Wherever on the plans or in the specifications, materials or equipment are identified by the
names of one or more manufacturers, it is intended that only these manufacturers will be acceptable.
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

Equal materials or equipment of other manufacturers may be submitted for consideration by the
Engineer at least 30 days prior to bid.

       18-2.2         Wiring Devices and Plates

                18-2.2.1     Lighting switches- Furnish and install where indicated a mechanical
spring wound timer which requires no electricity to operate the timing mechanism, rated 20 amperes at
120/277 volts. The adjustable switch shall have a pointer with a timing range of 0-12 hours. Standards;
UL 917, E10694. Manufactured by Tork No. A512HW, C512H or approved equal.

                 18-2.2.2     Convenience outlets shall be duplex, 3-wire grounding type, specification
grade, rated 20 amperes, 120/277 volt. Color shall be ivory and be GFCI protected except where
indicated or noted otherwise. Standards; UL 498.

                 18-2.2.3     Stainless steel cover plates for switches and receptacles shall be 0.040 inch
thick with satin finish and shall be engraved with the panel and circuit designation (EX. PNL C, CIR
#3). SS cover shall be used in location in side and where water wash down of the building will not be

                18-2.2.4      Nameplates shall be laminated black on white with characters cut through
black lamination. Letters shall be a minimum 3/16 inch high, block type.

       18-2.3    Wire and Cable

                 18-2.3.1     All conductors shall be soft-drawn copper, 97% conductivity minimum.

                   1. All conductors shall have type “THWN/THHN” 600 volt insulation.

                   2. Power wiring shall have type “THWN/THHN” 600 volt insulation.

                   3. Conductors: All conductors, including ground conductors, shall be copper.
Insulation shall bear the manufacturer’s trademark, type, voltage rating, and conductor size. Wire and
cable shall be products of Anaconda, Brand-Rex, General Electric, Okonite, Rome, or equal.

                    4. All conductors shall have THWN insulation, 600-volt. Building Wire No. 12 and
larger shall be stranded. Minimum conductor size shall be No. 14 AWG for control wiring and No. 12
AWG for power wiring.

                   5. Control wire shall be stranded, coated copper, machine tool grade Type MTW,
UL approved. Conductors No. 14 and larger shall have 3/64-inch thick insulation. Factory and field
installed wires or cables intended for equipment in outdoor locations shall be rated at 600 volts at 90
degrees C.

                  6. Multiconductor cable shall be rated at 600-volts and shall consist of No. 14 gage
stranded copper conductors, individually insulated with 20 mils of polyethylene, a polyester film tape
and an overall 10-mil jacket of PVC. Multiconductor cable shall be identified either by IPCEA color
coding or ink imprinting.

_________________________________                                                      Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                   7. All conductors within fluorescent fixtures shall have type AVA or RHH 600-volt
insulation except fixtures with approved wireways for 75 degree wire.

                        18-2.3.2       Electrical tape shall be plastic, 0.007 inches thick, and resistant to
abrasion, alkalis, acids, corrosion, moisture, and low and high temperatures. The tape shall be Scotch
No. 33 Plus, Slip Not No. 7, or approved equal.

                       18-2.3.3        Wire Connectors

                                               Connectors shall be provided for splice or terminal
connections of all copper conductors and cables. The connector shall fit the conductor to which it shall
be connected, and the assembly shall have pressure contact surfaces of not less than 50 percent. Cutting
strands of the conductor or cables to fit within a wire or cable terminal shall not be permitted.

                                      18-    Compression Connectors for No. 8 AWG and larger
shall be copper lugs for terminal connections and cables, and two-way copper sleeves and taps for splice
connections. A crimping tool shall be provided to make a tight and neat compression connection. The
connectors and crimping tool shall be Burndy “Hylug”, Thomas and Betts “Shure Sta-kon, or approved

                                      18-     Ground Clamps shall be provided for cable
connections to ground rods and metal pipes as shown on the Drawings. Clamp shall be copper alloy,
heavy duty, corrosion resistant and consist of U-bolts, acorns and saddles with bolted cable connections.
The ground clamps shall be O-Z/Gedney, Thomas and Betts, Burndy or approved equal. All connectors
shall be UL approved for the purpose and shall be accessible

       18-2.4    Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

                  The Contractor shall furnish, install and connect all lighting fixtures in accordance with
the fixture schedule, the drawings and as hereinafter specified. All fixtures shall be installed complete
with lamps, all fittings and accessories, wiring and connections necessary for their complete installation
and correct operation and control. All labels shall be removed from sight when viewed from below.

                 18-2.4.1     Fluorescent lighting fixtures shall be complete with lamps, prismatic lens
supports, hangers and equipped with electronic high power factor Class “P”, ETL and CBM approved,
sound-rated ballast. Voltage shall be as indicated.

                18-2.4.2      Fluorescent lamps shall be T-8 type tube standard cool white except as
noted. Incandescent lamps shall not be used, replace with fluorescent PL lamps with ballast for
extended service rated for 120 volts. High intensity discharge lamps shall be color corrected.

_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                   18-2.4.3   Fluorescent tubes shall be provided with a clear safety tube protector

          18-2.5   Relays

                   General:   Contact rating shall be NEMA A-600 minimum.


                                      18‐2.5.1        Phase Voltage Relay 

                               The phase voltage relay (PVR) shall be rated for continuous operation at
480-volts AC, three-phase, 60-hertz, and rated for operation form –40oF to 165oF. The PVR shall be
adjustable for operation between 190-480 volts with trip points of +/- 10 percent of setting. The PVR
shall be selectable with manual reset with adjustable delay-on-make between 0.05 to 5-minutes. An
adjustable automatic delay-on-make time delay will begin and a green LED indicator light will flash
until the timing sequence has elapsed. On completion of the delay the green indicator will stop flashing
and an output contact Form C contact (normally Open/ normally Closed) will close allowing for the
control circuit to operate. A separate Form C auxiliary contact will be supplied for remote annunciation
of a PVR fault. Contacts shall be rated at 10-amps resistive at 240-voltsAC. LED indicators shall be
provided to indicate alarms and fault conditions. PVR shall be as manufactured by MotorSaver, model
No. 250A, no approved equal. Phase voltage relay fusible disconnect shall be as manufactured by
Diversified, model OPM-1038RSW.

          18-2.6   Wire Markers

                Wire markers shall be provided to identify all conductors and cables at equipment
terminals, and in pull boxes, handholes, and manholes. The wire markers shall be one uniform
standardized marking system. Heat shrinking of the wire markers and clear tubing shall be in accordance
with manufacture's specifications. The field installed conductor wire number shall be labeled with the
same number as the terminal No. it is connected to.

                   18-2.6.1   Wire Markers

                                 The marking system shall consist of heat shrinkable flame retarded
identification sleeves that fit tightly over the wire to be insulated. Wire tags shall be made of a seamless
cross-linked polyolefin with a 3 to 1 shrink ratio.

                              Wire marker system shall be UL recognized to Standard 224, MIL-M-
81531. Wire markers shall be smear resistant prior to shrinking and achieve mark permanent when
shrunk, without the need for permatizing equipment. Markers shall be seamless. Markers shall be
resistant to common industrial fluids including Freon TF, Osopropyl Alcohol and Ethylene Glycol.
Markers shall have a temperature range of -300 Centigrade (0C) to 1050 C and a dielectric strength of
500V/mil minute. Marks shall be legible after 20 eraser rubs and 30 solvent brush strokes. The markers
shall be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The system describe as manufactured by Raychem/Kroy
Cable Marking, or Brady- Permasleeve White Polyolefin (B-342), or equal. Heat shrinkable
thermoplastic tags are not acceptable.

_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                 18-2.6.2     Clear Tubing

                               Adhesive type wire markers are not acceptable by themselves. Due to
higher ambient temperatures as witnessed in the desert, a translucent (clear) shrink tube must be placed
over each wire marker (extending past both edges of adhesive wire marker) and heat shrunk. The clear
tube shall be suitable for high temperature performance, abrasion resistance and cut-through resistance
and resistant to chemicals and solvents. The clear tubing shall meet the high temperature performance
that meets or exceeds military industrial standards: MIL-1-23053, Test C, with UL VW-1 ratings.
Operating temperature range shall be -550C to 1750C. Product shall be Kynar as manufactured be
Raychem of approved equal.

       18-2.7    Terminal Blocks

                Provide terminal blocks as needed per the amount required for all the connections with
20 percent additional spare terminals for future connections. The terminal blocks shall be din rail
mounted, 600 Vac, 30 amp minimum, capable of accommodating multiple wire terminations of 2- #12
AWG minimum. The terminal block shall be UL or UR approved.

                  Terminal blocks used in pull out starter buckets, within motor control centers, shall be
latched pull a part type without disconnecting the wire from the terminal blocks. Wire termination shall
accommodate at least 1-#18 to 1-#10 AWG conductors. Provide spacers and end stops where necessary.
Terminal numbers shall not be duplicated anywhere within the motor control center (MCC) unless the
terminal point is the same potential and function throughout the MCC, i.e. L1 or L2 or N.

       18-2.8    Nameplates

                  Nameplates shall be shall be laminated black plastic with ¼-inch minimum high white
letters, NEMA ES-1, 3-ply, 1/16 inch thick, beveled and satin finished. Nameplate inscriptions shall
include the identifications name and ID number for the equipment and loads as shown on the Drawings.
The nameplates outside a panel or enclosure shall be the same except provide 1-inch high white letters.
Nameplates shall be provided for switchgear, motor controllers, substations, service equipment,
switchboards, motor control centers, panel boards, and individually enclosed circuit breakers, disconnect
switches, magnetic starters, relays, manual starters, unit control panel, and controls stations unless
otherwise indicated. Provide load center panel number and circuit breaker numbers on each cover plate
for lighting switches and receptacles.

       18-2.9    Transformers

                      The lighting transformer shall be equivalent to Cutler-Hammer- Mini-Power
Center, Square D Company- Mini-Power Zone, General Electric Company- Servicenter mini-unit
substation, or approved equal. Transformer shall be mounted as shown on the plans. The primary
winding of the transformer shall be rated 480 volts, single phase as indicated on the plans, with two 5%
taps. The secondary winding of the transformers shall be 120/240 volts for single-phase. Provide
primary circuit breaker and secondary circuit breakers of the size indicated pursuant the panel schedule.
Conductor winding shall be copper.

                       Transformer insulation shall conform to NEMA TR1, Class H insulation systems.
All transformers shall be UL listed.
_________________________________                                                 Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

18-3          Execution

       18-3.1 Cable

             18-3.1.1       Wire markers shall be provided to identify all conductors and cables at
equipment terminals, and in lighting panel. The markers shall be one uniform standardized marking

                 18-3.1.2      All spare conductors shall be isolated from accidental energizing. Wires
terminating in a motor control center (MCC) shall be terminated on a terminal block and wire markers
shall be installed on both ends of the conductor.

               18-3.1.3       Conductors shall be installed, tested, and connected to the appropriate
termination points.

       18-3.2 Equipment and System Identification

               18-3.2.1      All control and indicating devices for equipment shall be identified with
laminated plastic nameplates. Nameplates shall identify equipment and/or function. Nameplates shall
be provided for all panel boards, control switches, and special outlets. Plastic nameplates shall be
included in and on electrical equipment, electrical panels, and of all individually enclosed control
equipment and fastened with stainless steel screws. The inscriptions shall identify the controls or
equipment as shown on the Drawings. Nameplates shall be provided for all switches, receptacles
indicating panel number and circuit number.

               18-3.2.2      Side mounting of devices is not acceptable unless the panel is hinged and
capable of being locked in the forward facing position. Devices shall not be side mounted where it
impedes the testing or maintenance of a device directly behind it.

               18-3.2.3       All cables and all conductors shall be identified at each termination. All
circuits and all multi-conductor cables shall be identified in each manhole and pullbox. Individual
conductors that make up a circuit shall be bundled and laced together with imprinted heat shrink tubing
or imprinted plastic coated cloth. Circuit and multi-conductor cable identification shall be made with
imprinted metal bands or tags.

               18-3.2.4     All control wiring shall be color coded and color continuity maintained
throughout the system. Control circuit color coding is as follows:

                      Color           Service
                      Black           L1 of 120V
                      Brown           Main coil (usually to start P.B.)
                      Red             480 volt wiring in MCC for phase fail relay
                      Orange          Trip coil
                      Yellow                 Pump start after time delay (part wound) and interlock
                      control circuit from external source
                      Green                 Equipment Grounding conductor

_________________________________                                                 Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                      Blue           DC Control circuit
                      Violet              Telemetry Call to start pump
                      Gray                   Common return
                      White                  L2 of 120V (current carrying ground)
                      Pink                   Hot lead (usually to stop P.B.) and Reset Control

                18-3.2.5      All conductors shall be marked at both ends with wire markers which
clearly display a circuit number at each end of the conductor

                18-3.2.6      Control wires connected to door mounted components must be tied and
bundled in accordance with good commercial practice. Bundles shall be made flexible at the hinged
side of the enclosure. Adequate length and flex shall allow the door to swing full open without undue
stress or abrasion. Bundles shall be held on each side of hinge by mechanical fastening devices.

       18-3.3 Grounding

               18-3.3.1       The grounding system shall be continuous throughout the facility. All
metallic, non-current conducing parts of the electrical system shall be grounded. A bonding ground wire
is required in all metallic and non-metallic conduits and sized per NEC Table 250-122. Minimum
conductor size shall be #12 AWG.

              18-3.3.2      Metallic raceways shall be terminated with double lock nuts and bushings.
Conduits terminating in switch boards and motor control centers shall be equipped with grounding
bushing and connected to equipment ground bus.

       18-3.4 Lighting Fixtures

             All lighting fixtures shall be cleaned and any damaged parts including lens, burned out
lamps or noisy ballasts shall be replaced prior to final acceptance. All fixtures shall be properly
mounted and securely supported. Lighting fixtures shall be effectively grounded.

18-4   Motor Control Centers

       18-4.1 General

                      18-4.1.1       Scope

                                     This specification covers requirements for providing a factory
built, prototype tested, complete and operable Motor Control Center (MCC). Material and equipment
shall be new and current, delivered to the site completely wired, tested and ready for installation. This
system shall be in accordance with the electrical drawings.

                      18-4.1.2       Literature and Drawings

_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                     The manufacturer shall have printed literature and brochures
describing the standard series (not a one of a kind fabrication). Unless specified otherwise herein, all
performance data and other information shall be as on the manufacturer's printed literature.

                       18-4.1.3       Testing

                                       The intent of this specification is to provide equipment to proven
reliability and compatibility. Each installed motor starter shall be individually tested to ensure that the
starter has been properly installed and connected and that it operates as required and specified.

                       18-4.1.4       Equipment Substitution

                                       Equipment as described herein is that as manufactured by Cutler-
Hammer, Square D Corporation, or Allen-Bradley supplied equipment shall be equal in every way to
that specified herein, including quality, operation and function. The installing contractor shall be
responsible for changes in the facilities work, made necessary from installation of equipment other than
specified, without additional cost to the owner. Verify all work with the equipment manufacturer.

               18-4.2 Basic Construction

                       Motor Control Center shall consist of one or more enclosed vertical sections
joined together to form a rigid, free standing assembly with NEMA type 2B wiring to a master control
terminal block strip located in the control section. The construction of the Motor Control Center shall
meet the requirements set forth by Underwriters' Laboratories publication UL 845, NEMA publication
number ICS-2-322 and the National Electric Code.

                       18-4.2.1       Enclosure

                                       The Motor Control Centers shall be as manufactured by Square D
Company, Cutler-Hammer, or authorized and certified Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
Approved OEM vendors are: Romac Supply Company, TESCO Controls, Inc., Pacific Electric, Inc., and
Brithinee Electric, no others approved. The manufacture of the circuit breakers and the motor starters
shall be the same manufacture. The manufacturer of the MCC enclosure shall also be the manufacturer
of the magnetic starters, circuit breakers and shall assemble, and test all sections in the factory prior to
shipment. The Motor Control Center interior enclosure type shall be in accordance with NEMA
standards for Type 1A with gasketed doors inside an exterior NEMA 3R enclosure. MCC enclosure
exterior metal shall be 12-gage minimum. MCC interior and exterior shall be painted white at the
factory. One gallon of identically colored paint shall be sent from the factory in accordance with
Section 18-1.14.

                                      Each vertical section shall have filtered louvers at the top and
bottom of the front panel. The end sections shall be equipped with filtered fans to draw air into dead
front area of the exterior enclosure as illustrated on the contract drawings. Provide a thermostat
controller for each fan. Set the controller to turn fans ON at +90oF and above. Rear and top sections of
the NEMA 3R enclosure shall have “Z” brackets and removable sun shade panels.

                              18-        Vestibule Floor
_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                                            Vestibule floor shall be provided between dead front panel
and external NEMA 3R door frame made of #10 gauge steel, minimum. Vestibule floor shall the same
height of the exterior door “Z” bracket mounting frame. The Vestibule floor is to eliminate personnel
foot tripping and trapping hazards between this “Z” frame and the interior NEMA 1A enclosure base rail
framing and panel doors.

                      18-4.2.2       Service

                                    Motor Control Centers shall be suitable for operation for 480 volt,
3 phase, 3 wire, 60 hertz grounded service. Control Centers shall be suitable for connection to an
available fault as shown on Drawings.

                      18-4.2.3       Vertical Sections

                                      Vertical sections shall support the horizontal and vertical
combination starter units, covers and doors, and shall be designed to allow for easy rearrangement of
units by the purchaser. Vertical sections shall have structural supporting members formed of a
minimum of 13 gauge hot-rolled steel. All finished surfaces shall be blemish-free. Where needed,
reinforcement structural parts shall be of 10 gauge steel to provide a strong, rigid assembly. Each
section shall be 90 inches high and shall have 7 gauge steel, 12-inch high removable lifting angle and
two 1+-inch high base channels. Complete control center line-ups shall be divided into shipping splits
no wider than approximately 60 inches. The lifting angle shall be provided on the top of each shipping
split and shall extend the entire width of the shipping split. Lifting angles shall be designed to support
the entire weight of MCC section. Base channels shall be provided with holes to permit bolting the
Motor Control Centers to the project concrete slab. The entire assembly shall be constructed and
packaged to withstand all stresses induced in transit and during installation.

                                       Motor Control Centers shall be designed so that matching vertical
sections of the same current rating and manufacture can be added later at either end of the line-up
without use of transition sections and without difficulty of undue expense. Removable end closing
plates shall be provided to close off openings on the end of Motor Control Center line-up. A removable
top plate shall be provided on each vertical section and vertical sections shall be designed to
accommodate plug-on units in front-of-board construction. Vertical housing plug-on units shall be 20
inches wide and shall be 20 inches deep. Wider sections will be permitted only for bolted connection
type units not fitting the 20 inch sections. Unit mounting area shall be divided into + space factor
divisions, each approximately 6 inches. NEMA size 1 and 2 combination starter units shall use only 1
space factor, or 12 inches, of unit mounting space. Vertical sections shall allow for 7 space factors of
unit mounting space. Removable blank plates shall cover all unused unit mounting spaces. Blank plates
shall be flanged on all four sides and shall be mounted with thumb captive screws.

                      18-4.2.4       Horizontal Wireways

                                   Horizontal wireways shall be provided in the top and bottom of
each vertical section and shall be arranged to provide full length continuity throughout the entire
assembly. The top horizontal wireway shall have a cross sectional wireway area of not less than 20
square inches with openings between sections of not less than 11+ square inches. The bottom horizontal
wireway shall extend through the length and depth of the vertical sections and shall also be provided
_________________________________                                                  Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

with openings of not less than 11+ square inches to allow for full length continuity throughout the entire
assembly. The bottom horizontal wireway height shall be not less than 8+ inches. Covers for all
wireways shall be equipped with captive type thumb screws to prevent loss of hardware during
installation. All wireways shall be isolated from the bus bars.

                      18-4.2.5       Vertical Wireways

                                      A vertical wire trough shall be located on the right hand side of
each bussed vertical section and shall extend from the top horizontal wireway to the bottom of the
available unit mounting space. Each vertical wire trough shall have a cross sectional area of not less
than 19 square inches and shall be isolated from the bus bars to guard against accidental contact. A
separately hinged door having captive type thumb screws shall cover the vertical wire trough to provide
easy access to control wiring without disturbing control units.

                                     Reusable wire ties shall be furnished in each vertical wire trough
for the purpose of grouping and securely holding wires in place for a neat and orderly installation.

                      18-4.2.6       Bus Bars

                                       A continuous main three conductor vertical bus connected to the
load side of the main circuit breaker shall be provided in section one of the MCC. A horizontal buss is
not required over the full length of the control center. A fully rated horizontal ground bus, 200 Ampere
minimum, shall be supplied over the bottom full length of the motor control center. When necessary,
the bus shall be split to allow for ease of moving and handling. Splice bars will be supplied for joining
the bus whenever a split has been made. All splice connections shall be made with at least two bolts and
shall employ the use of Belleville washers in the connection.

                                        The main vertical buses shall be made of copper and the entire
length shall be electrolytically silver plated to provide maximum protection to the bus bars from normal
or adverse atmospheric conditions.

                                    Bus supports shall be formed to high strength glass reinforced
alkyd material. Bus supports shall have generous surface clearances in the vertical plane to shed dust
and maintain dielectric integrity. Bus supports and insulators shall be red to indicate proximity of
energized bus parts.

                                     The main vertical bus rating shall be a minimum of 400 amperes
for adequate current carrying capacity or as noted on drawings. Continuous current ratings shall be in
accordance with temperature specifications set forth by U.L ANSI and NEMA Standards.

                                      A copper ground lug shall be provided in each incoming line
vertical section capable of accepting #8 to 250 MCM cable. Horizontal ground bus shall run
continuously throughout the control center except where splits are necessary for ease of shipment and
handling in which case splice bars shall be provided. Ground bus shall be tin plated copper and have a
cross-sectional area of equal 28% of the main horizontal bus cross sectional area Horizontal ground bus
shall be located at the bottom of the Motor Control Center. Vertical ground bus shall run parallel to the
power distribution bus in each vertical section. Design shall be such that for any plug-on unit the ground
bus stall shall make contract with ground bus before the power bus contact is made.
_________________________________                                                      Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                       18-4.2.7        Bus Barriers

                                      Insulated horizontal and vertical bus barriers shall be furnished to
reduce the hazard of accidental contact with the bus. Barriers shall have a red color to indicate proximity
of energized buses. Vertical bus barriers shall have interlocking front and back pieces to give added
protection on all side and shall segregate the phases to reduce the possibility of accidental "flash over".
Small separate openings in the vertical bus barriers shall permit unit plug-on contacts to pass through
and engage the vertical bus bars.

                                    Bottom bus covers shall be provided below the vertical bus to
protect the ends of the bus from accidental contact with fish tapes or other items entering from the
bottom of the enclosure. Unused plug-on openings in the bus shall have plastic snap-in closing plates for
added safety.

                       18-4.2.8        Main Incoming Lug Compartments

                                        A front accessible lug compartment shall be provided with suitable
lugs to accommodate two #4/0-AWG cables per phase. The compartment shall be located in the bottom
most unit space of the section to accommodate the user's cables entering the Motor Control Center. The
main incoming lug compartment shall be covered by a hinged door from maintenance access. This door
shall be held closed with captive type screws to discourage unauthorized access. A unit door padlock
attachment shall also be provided to lock the door in the closed position with one 5/16 inch diameter
shackle padlock. This attachment shall also accept a meter type seal. All lug connections, bus work
bolts, etc. shall be torque tightened to manufacturers specifications.

                       18-4.2.9        Units

                                      All units shall be provided with unit doors, unit support pans, unit
saddles and unit disconnect operators as outlined in this specification. Each unit compartment shall be
enclosed and isolated from adjacent units, buses and wireways except for openings for conductor
entrance into units. Units shall be designed and constructed so that any fault will be localized within the
compartment. All units shall be UL listed for a minimum of 65,000 amperes RMS symmetrical fault

                                Plug-on branch feeder units of the same trip size shall be readily
interchangeable with each other. It shall be possible to withdraw each plug-on unit to a de-energized
position with the unit still being supported by the structure. It shall be possible to lock the unit in the off
position with one padlock.

                               18-    Unit Plug-On- For convenient unit connection to bus bars,
unit plug-on contacts shall be provided on the following units:

                                             For circuit breaker type units: full voltage starters, Size 4
and smaller; branch circuit units, 225 ampere and smaller.

                                            The plug-on connection for each phase shall be of a high
quality two point connection and shall be designed to tighten around the vertical bus bar during a heavy
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

current surge. For trouble free connections, the plug-on fingers shall be silver plated and coated with a
compound to assure a low resistance connection. Contact fingers shall be of a floating and self-aligning
design to allow solid seating onto the vertical bus bars.

                             18-    Units Doors- Each unit shall have a door securely mounted
with rugged concealed-type hinges which allow the door to swing open a minimum of 112 degrees for
ease of unit maintenance and withdrawal. Doors shall be fastened to the structure so that they remain in
place when a unit is withdrawn and may be closed to cover the unit space when the unit has been
temporarily removed. Exterior enclosure doors shall be held closed with ¼ turn latch and knurled knobs.

                               18-    Unit Support Plan- Each plug-on unit shall be supported
and guided by a tilt and lift-out removable pan, so that the unit rearrangement can be easily
accomplished. For easy unit installation and rearrangement, transfer of this unit support pan from one
location to another shall be accomplished with ease after the control unit and door have been removed.

                              18-    Unit Saddles- Each plug-on unit shall have a saddle of 14
gauge hot rolled steel designed and constructed to physically isolate the unit from the bus compartment
and adjacent units. Saddles shall be equipped with captive, self-aligning mounting screws which shall
hold the unit securely in place during shipment. Flanged edges shall be provided on each saddle to
facilitate unit removal.

                       18-4.2.10      Disconnect Operators

                                        An external operator handle shall be supplied for each switch or
breaker. This mechanism shall be engaged with the switch or breaker at all times regardless of unit door
position to prevent false circuit indication. The operator handle shall be color coded to display red in the
ON position and black in the OFF position. The operator handle shall have a conventional up-down
motion and shall be designed so that the down position will indicate the unit is OFF. Circuit breaker
operator handle shall not exceed 78-inches above the floor with the MCC installed on a concrete curb of
three-inches above finish floor. For added safety it shall be possible to lock this handle in the OFF
position with up to three padlocks. The operator handle shall be interlocked, with the unit door to
prevent switching the unit to ON while the unit door is open. A defeater mechanism shall be provided
for the purpose of defeating this interlock by a deliberate act of an electrician, should he desire to
observe the operation of the operator handle assembly or the unit components. In the tripped position,
the external mechanism will assume a neutral or horizontal position with at least 40 degrees of
movement from the "ON" position.

                       18-4.2.11      Circuit Breakers

                                     Circuit breakers shall be molded case, 600-volt, three-pole or two-
pole, and shall have the ampere tripping as shown on the Drawings, and as specified in Section 1. The
circuit breakers shall be thermal-magnetic, trip-free, toggle type, quick-make, quick-break and calibrated
to operate satisfactorily in an ambient temperature of 65-degrees Celsius. Each circuit breaker shall
have a single operating handle, positive handle indication, provision for locking with a padlock and
proper wire connectors. As indicated, molded case switches shall be provided for manual opening and
closing circuits. Circuit breaker operator handle shall not exceed 78-inches above the floor with the
MCC installed on a concrete curb of three-inches above finish floor. High interrupting motor circuit
_________________________________                                                   Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

protector (HMCP) breakers shall be used in starter control units and in unit control panels housing motor
starters and be 65oC ambient rated. Circuit breakers shall indicate 65oC calibration temperature on

                       18-4.2.12      MCC Lighting

                                       A four-foot lighting fixture shall be provided in each shipping split
section on NEMA 3R cabinets and wired to one 0-6 hour twist timer light switch located on the dead
front panel of each shipping split inside the NEMA 3R enclosures.

                                       The light fixture shall be equipped with one T-8 fluorescent light
tube, safety tube protector and electronic ballast.

                       18-4.2.13      Phase Voltage Relay

                                      The phase voltage relay (PVR) shall be rated for continuous
operation at 480-volts AC, three-phase, 60-hertz, and rated for operation form –40oF to 165oF. The PVR
shall be adjustable for operation between 190-480 volts with trip points of +/- 10 percent of setting. The
PVR shall be selectable with manual reset with adjustable delay-on-make between 0.05 to 5-minutes. An
adjustable automatic delay-on-make time delay will begin and a green LED indicator light will flash
until the timing sequence has elapsed. On completion of the delay the green indicator will stop flashing
and an output contact Form C contact (normally Open/ normally Closed) will close allowing for the
control circuit to operate. A separate Form C auxiliary contact will be supplied for remote annunciation
of a PVR fault. Contacts shall be rated at 10-amps resistive at 240-voltsAC. LED indicators shall be
provided to indicate alarms and fault conditions. PVR shall be as manufactured by MotorSaver, model
No. 250A, no approved equal. Phase voltage relay fusible disconnect shall be as manufactured by
Diversified, model OPM-1038RSW.

                       18-4.2.14      Variable Frequency Drive controller

                                      The variable frequency drive controller shall be capable of 147-
Amps continuous at 460-volts (± 10%), 60-Hertz (± 5%) three-phase operating in an ambient of 50oC
(122oF) without air conditioning of the motor control center enclosure. The VFD shall be supplied with
3% line-reactor. Manufactures shall be Cutler-Hammer, model SVX9000 VFD-VT, or Toshiba, model
VFAS1-4750PL-HN, no approved equals.

                       18-4.2.15      Field Start-Up, and Commissioning

                                       A factory trained technician will be present upon scheduled start-
up for performing the duties of field calibrations and commissioning of each variable frequency drive
and reduced voltage solid state soft starter.

       18-4.3    Execution

                18-4.3.1      General

_________________________________                                                 Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                              Provide all the control equipment installation, wiring installations and
tests, including connections and interconnections for the electrical controls as indicated, specified and
required. Assure proper fits for all equipment and materials in the spaces shown on the drawings.

               18-4.3.2       Controls

                              Install the metal enclosed control equipment as indicated, specified and

                              18-    Equipment shall be installed level and securely attached to
the concrete foundations and walls with anchor bolts. The sections shall be joined together with bolts,
nuts, and washers to form a complete unit assembly.

                               18-    Wiring installations shall be complete as indicated and
specified in these specifications.

                              18-     Nameplates shall be laminated plastic and attached to clean
surfaces of the metal enclosures with 316 stainless steel screws.

                              18-     Checking, adjusting and testing operations on equipment
and complete installations shall be performed as specified in Section 18-4.1.3.

_________________________________                     Bid No. 2009-0012
Bidder Name

                               EXHIBIT B - DRAWINGS


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