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					Building and Filling the Health Workforce Pipeline
   The Coachella Valley is committed to growing
        an economy that employs our own
              SMART STUDENTS

            For local Industry offering
                  GREAT JOBS

           By convening and mobilizing

•   Build intellectual capital of the region – Education is
    economic development

•   Expand and improve local opportunities for
    career/industry specific learning

•   Make industry workforce needs a key
    driver in education and training efforts

•   Create a College Going culture by providing what’s needed
    for success!
                                OUR FUTURE WORKFORCE:
                           BY THE NUMBERS – 2006/2007

                                Coachella Valley, California
Palm Springs USD                                                    Coachella Valley USD
24,263 students                                                     17,499 students
6,990 High School                                                   4,614 High School

•Dropout Rate: 22.8%                                                •Dropout Rate: 18.3%
•UC/CU Ready: 25.1%                                                 •UC/CU Ready: 20.8%
•Hispanic: 69.9%                                                    •Hispanic: 96.9%
•English Learners: 34.9%                                            •English Learners: 62.4%
•F&R Lunch: 61.5%                                                   •F&R Lunch: 90.8%

                           Desert Sands USD
           Lifetime cost   28,277 students
           per dropout     7,647 High School
          to community:
                           •Dropout Rate: 15.8%
           $260,000        •UC/CU Ready: 28.8%
                           •Hispanic: 64%
                           •English Learners: 25.5%
                           •F&R Lunch: 46.5%                   70,000 K-12 Students Total
                             POPULATION GROWTH SETS DEMAND:

•   From 2000-2008, the Coachella Valley’s population grew from
    309,530 to 437,655.*

•   A 41.4% gain in eight years….much faster than the surrounding
    Inland Empire (27.3%), California (12.3%) or the U.S. (8.2%).*

•   25% of population is under 18*

•   Aging baby boomers, a growing retirement community

•   Projections for:
     • 2030 – 600,000
     • 2066 - 1 million

*CVEP Economic Report 2008
  Three Industry Councils
Advanced Technology – Clean Energy

    Arts, Media & Entertainment

  Healthcare & Life Sciences
                                                                                A COMMON TARGET:
                                                                11,000 HEALTHCARE WORKERS

•    10,851 healthcare workers, 7.7% of Valley Workforce*

•    Average Wage $51,400*
•    1:40 ratio of healthcare workers to residents
•    2005 CVEP Labor Market Study:
      •    Greatest needs: Nurses, caregivers, medical office workers

      •    80% of hard to fill jobs are being filled with applicants from outside the
           Coachella Valley.

•    Approx. 2,000 new healthcare workers will need to be trained
     to meet population demands by 2016**
*CVEP Economic Report 2008
**2009 Healthcare Workforce Assessment (Desert Healthcare District) preliminary results
                                    THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY
130 members:
•   Hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, home health, ….. K-12,
    Community college, CSU, UCR, private schools…. foundations,
    Riverside County EDD & public health
•   Funded by Desert Healthcare District

   Alleviate the healthcare workforce shortage in the valley.
   Improve and expand opportunities for disadvantaged youth to
    successfully complete healthcare educational pathways in K-12 and
    post secondary.
   Address educational and career obstacles facing youth.
   Link students to programs that meet the real labor force needs and
    requirements of the healthcare industry.
                          HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY COUNCIL

Implementation Plan:
1. Expand, improve and support K-12 health

2.   Create smart and seamless links between K-12 health
     pathways and post secondary – ROP, Community College,
     CSU, UCR…

3.   Address the local nursing shortage

4.   Implement regional marketing and outreach activities/tools
     for Health Career explorations
Coordinated Health                                          11,000
Pathways                                                     Jobs
                               College of UCR – Med
                               the Desert School
                  5 H.S.       ROP
                  Health       Private
                  Academies    Schools
  Middle School   learning            Opportunities for 2500+
  Health Career                              students
  Indio K-8 Pre
  Med Magnet

A Regional Network of
 5 Health Academies
                 CAREER EXPLORATIONS
         1,000 + Students, 50 + faculty/counselors
                          Learning :
•   Intro to Healthcare jobs, salary, benefits, employment outlook
•   Job duties, skills and education requirements
•   “Employability” factors
•   Invitation to High School Health Academies
         Teaching Teachers:
11 educators  43 business partners 
        600 hours invested
IMPACT: 140 students/day/per educator
    = 1,540 students/day benefit
                              COLLEGE OPPORTUNITIES IN NURSING
                                            & HEALTH SCIENCES
Nursing :
• Online clinical placement tool

• Increasing post secondary opportunities

   • Measuring enrollment & progress of local students.

   • Linking/embedding curriculum in academies

   • Nursing faculty serving as K-12 advisors

Health Sciences:
• CSUSB Env. Health Sciences, Public health, H/C Admin
    •   Faculty & grad students as K-12 mentors, advisors
•   UCR – Med School & professional development

La Quinta High School Health Academy –
            2009 Graduates
                            INITIAL OUTCOMES LOOK GREAT:
             CCHS CAHSEE 10th Grade First Try Results
                         March 2009
                      HEALTH ACADEMY
          Math                                     English
  Pass            Fail                       Pass            Fail
   59               4                         57               6
 93.7%           6.3%                       90.5%           9.5%
Mean Scaled Score = 381.4                  Mean Scaled Score = 388.6
   Total Students : 63                        Total Students : 63

                 CCHS CAHSEE 10th Grade First Try Results
                             March 2009
                         GENERAL STUDENTS
          Math                                     English
 Pass             Fail                       Pass            Fail
  540             181                         514            214
 74.9%          25.1%                       70.6%           29.4%
Mean Scaled Score = 371                    Mean Scaled Score = 367.9
  Total Students : 721                       Total Students : 728

                                  Higher graduation rates, college going rates
                              & GPA, less discipline issues…and more……………
                                    2009/2010 PRIORITIES:

•   CALPASS – Systematic outcomes measurement (State’s 1st
    Professional Learning Council in health careers)

•   Healthcare Workforce Assessment – updated
    implementation plan

•   College Opportunity: Increase and link students to programs
    and scholarships – Pathways to Success

•   Work Based Learning – Regional tool/process for quality
    internships, job shadows, mentors

•   Economic development – Healthcare & Life Sciences
                                STATE & NATIONAL IMPACT
•   Statewide Resource
    •   Pathways to Success Scholarship program
         • $1.3 M College Access Foundation grant; $600,000
           local match
         • $100,000 by Desert Healthcare district for health
           pathways students
    •   CA Multiple Pathways/James Irvine Foundation research

•   Nationally Recognized Best Practice Ford Motor Company
    Fund Next Generation Learning Community
Thank You to Our Key Funders

      Desert Healthcare District
       James Irvine Foundation
   Riverside County EDA/Workforce
          Ford Motor Co Fund
    Desert Tech Prep Collaborative
         College of the Desert

                 Sheila Thornton
   CVEP Healthcare Industry Council Coordinator