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                  Avalon GC's large landscaped
                      areas have water-efficient
                    irrigation heads, and all the

      v                 trees on the course have
                                "bubbler" heads.
                     Photo by Justin Peloquin

     To promote a dial99ue about
      water issues and to provide scientific
    information about water resour~~s and
       use, Congress recently esta~l.ish,~d a          Drip drop in Coachella
  Water Caucus. The co-chairs'cau-

      cus are Rep. John Linder, R~Ga.;Rep.               Call it a sign of the times, the writing on the wall or whatever else you will; the result of the
  Jim Costa, D-Calif.; Rep. BartStupak, D-            Coachella Valley (Calif.) Water District's revised landscape ordinance is a grim one for residents and golf
     Mich.; Rep. Grace Napolitano,.D-Calif.;
                                                      courses alike in this California desert playground: Your grass is past.
     and Rep. George Radanovich,:B-:Calif.;
                                                          Well, almost.                                     82 acres (of grass) for a golf course, which is even
     all longtime advocates of so~ndwater
                                                          The original version of the ordinance ad-         more stringent."
  policy. At least 18 other lawmakers have
                                                      opted in 2003 and intended to curtail demand              Citrus Ranch will be a target-style golf
      expressed interest in joinin~nhe new
                                                      on the district's aquifer, offered homeowners         course, with much of the grounds capped with
   caucus identified the "Twelve Principles
                                                      incentives to use water-efficient irrigation sys-     decomposed granite and planted to desert land-
         of Water Policy" to secure sufficient
                                                      tems with "smart controllers" and established         scape, Haserot says. Justin Peloquin, a seven-
    water supply for urban and rur~l. areas,
                                                      a maximum water allowance for developers to           year member of GCSAA who is still growing
           consider technologies to' i~cr~ase
                                                      encourage non..:grassed landscaped areas, which       in the I8-hole Avalon GC, says his new course
    water supply efficiency and imPI~T~nt
                                                      can be irrigated with less-wasteful drip systems.     relies heavily on drip irrigation and landscaping
     efficiency improvement strategieS;: For
                                                      Despite the assertion of the district's head engi-    with shrubs, groundcover and other desert-hardy
     more information, visit www.irrigation.
                                               'lJi   neer that the 2003 law was having the intended        plantings to cut water waste. Ironically, he points
                                                      effect, prolonged drought conditions called for       out, his city (which is not within the CVWD)
                                                      more extreme sanctions.                               seems to have been more concerned that he keep
          Belmont Hills Gol. u
                                                          The revised ordinance, which went into ef-        the dust generated by construction under control
    Warwick, Bermuda, recently toqk ~Em
                                     ,I.. " ...       fect Oct. 1, added a few "teeth," among them          - by sprinkling with water, of course - than
     honors in the National Excellen~ein Ir-p'
                                                      this edict:                                           with conservation.
  rigation Awards in the golf coy[~~'ir~iga-<1
                                                          "Golf courses are limited to four acres of            In drafting the revised ordinance, the CVWD
  tion category from the AmericaniSocietv"
                                                      grass on average per golf hole and 10 acres of        staff says it solicited input and support from rep-
        of Irrigation Consultants. Recognized
                                                      grass for the driving range and practice areas.       resentatives of the building industry, golf course
      was Bob Scott of Irrigation Consultant
                                                      All other, non-playable acreage must meet the         superintendents, landscape architects, other area
           Services, Conyers, Ga. The annual
                                                      ordinance's other requirements."                      water districts and local municipalities.
        awards honor the sound science. and
                                                          This applies to both new golf course devel-           The CVWD's crackdown is expected to save
       judgment required of an independent'
                                                      opments and renovations of existing courses.          16.3 billion gallons a year, and that's going to
     irrigation consultant. Awards are given
                                                          Even for golf course architects accustomed        have "a huge effect" on the locals, Haserot pre-
         based on quality of project planning,
                                                      to dealing with desert demands, like Grant Ha-        dicts, even if the design and turf management
     design in functionalism, egvironmental "i
    responsibility and relevance; Jose B€m~.11        serot of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Schmidt-Curley       professionals know how to handle it.
                                                      Design Inc., this comes as a bit of a shock.              "It's a marketing/real estate problem now," he
    evides is the International superint~n'L,.
                                                          "California's basically catching up to what       says. "Sounds like the days are gone of walking
               dent Member at the course.'
                                                      Arizona's been doing for the last 20 or so years,"    out of your condo onto grass."
                                                      says Haserot, whose firm is responsible for the
                                                      recently completed Avalon Golf Course in Palm
                                                      Springs and the Citrus Ranch Golf Club proj-
                Presented in partnership with         ect currently planned for Pulte Homes' Shadow
                                 The Toro Co.         Hills III development in Indio. "Still, that's just   Bunny Smith is GeM's senior managing editor.

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