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Coachella Valley Weather
by Elaine Stewart

No matter where you choose to move or live, everyone is concerned about the
weather.Whether there will be snow, or at least the chance of it, whether there will be loads of
rain, or hail, or whether or not the heat will be unbearable. With global warming rapidly
becoming a threat to our daily weather, during all of the seasons, we find ourselves more and
more confused over the seasons, and why it still seems cold in the beginning of spring, or why
we're sweating outside during our Thanksgiving holiday. What better way to find out the current
forecast, than to find the best weather sites or stations located for this beautiful Desert area.

For a list of current weather conditions there are news stations that specifically list Coachella
Valley and the current and fore-casted conditions. Living here we are able to boast some of the
most beautiful and envied climate anywhere. Where else can you find beautiful balmy days
and cooler weather at night? Planning your days around mid to high 70 degree temperatures
can be relaxing and rewarding, in the sense that due in part to the warmth and beautiful days,
you are able to take part in a variety of outdoors activities, as well as soak up some much
needed sun and warmth for your health and sanity of mind.

Finding something to do outdoors in beautiful Coachella Valley is made easier by the lure of
the warm sun and balmy breezes that make up most of our weather. Enjoying land or water
sports are only two of the many options made available for those living in the area. Using a
local web site is both easy and informative; however, you may choose to use a wider range
navigational weather site. The beautiful temperatures in Palm Springs only serve to maximize
the appeal of our location, offering water, land, beaches, and sun. For those of you that prefer
water sports or living, our beaches are made for your enjoyment, and knowing about our
climate helps you to maximize your living choice or arrangements to better suit your lifestyle or

Learn a little more about the area and our weather and why everyone finds them slowly
gravitating our way.

Elaine Stewart - Palm Springs Real Estate Agent

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