Fire antant products sold at retail stores, Coachella Valley,

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					Fire ant/ant products sold at retail stores, Coachella Valley, CA, March18, 2008

Ingredient                   Trade name & notes                         Store

class: pyrethroids

 bifenthrin                  Ortho Max                                                  Home Depot
                             Ortho Home Defense Max - IFA                               Home Depot
 β cyfluthrin                Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control - RTU (ready to use)      Lowes
 deltamethrin                Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus       Lowes
 lambda-cyhalothrin          Ultrakill Home Insect Killer - RTU                         Lowes
                             Triacide Once & Done                                       Home Depot
                             Spectracide Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate     Lowes
                             Terro Ant Killer - IFA shaker bag
 permethrin                  Eliminator Ant Flea & Tick                                 Walmart
                             Ortho Ant B Gone Dust                                      Walmart
                             Grants Kills Ants - Ant & Spider Granules, IFA             Walmart
 imidacloprid + cyfluthrin   Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer                      Lowes
class: carbamate
 carbaryl                    Garden Tech Sevin-5 - for ants                             Lowes, Home Depot
                             Eliminator Lawn Insect Granules                            Walmart
miscellaneous classes
 indoxacarb                  Spectracide Ant Shield - Outdoor bait stations             Lowes
                             Real Kill Ant Bait - IFA bait stations, in- and out-door   Home Depot
 hydramethylnon              Amdro Ant Block - FA, native and imported Home Depot
                             Amdro Kills Ants - in- and out-door bait stations

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