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									Coachella Valley Water District
           (Coachella Valley, CA)

      Senior Engineer, Sanitation
Coachella Valley Water District
(Coachella Valley, CA)

The Community
                                                                 Senior Engineer,
The Coachella Valley (Valley) includes the desert cities of      the City of Coachella and urban water functions centered
La Quinta, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage,          in Palm Desert, CVWD has nearly 640,000 acres within its
Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Desert Hot Springs, Indio and         boundaries. Most of the service area is in Riverside County,
Coachella. It is one of the fastest growing regions in           but CVWD also extends into Imperial and San Diego
Southern California and offers an ideal place to work, play      Counties. A governing five-member Board of Directors is
and raise a family. Decades ago, the Hollywood elite             elected from five general divisions for terms of four years each.
discovered the Valley as a place for fun, sun and relaxation.
Since then, several hundred thousand residents have              The five water service functions are summarized below:
discovered the Valley as a year round home.
                                                                 Domestic Water
The Valley has created a national and international reputation
                                                                   Population Served-240,573
for having a luxury resort lifestyle. It is home to such world
class resorts like the La Quinta Resort & Club, Miramonte          Active Meters-96,229
Resort and Marriott’s Desert Springs Resort and Spa.               Total Water Sales-123,862 acre-feet
Millions of tourists each year visit the shimmering pools,         Wells-117
emerald fairways and five-star resorts. The Valley is also         Distribution Reservoirs-69
recognized as the golf, tennis and polo capital of the west.
The Valley plays host to many internationally known golf           Distribution Piping-1,872 miles
events like the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (PGA Tour), the
Nabisco Dinah Shore Tournament (LPGA Tour) and the               Sanitation (Wastewater)
Merrill Lynch Skins Game. The Pacific Life Open (USTA)             Population Served-216,265
is featured at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and interna-
                                                                   Active Accounts-86,506
tional polo matches in Indio attract a worldwide audience
every year.                                                        Annual Water Treated-20,264 acre-feet

The Valley’s population is projected to double in the next 35      Water Reclamation Facilities-6
years. While winter weather is exceptional, the tempera-           Collection System Piping-92 miles
tures frequently rise to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and above
in the summer. The annual rainfall seldom exceeds three          Recycled Water
                                                                   Active Accounts-13
                                                                   Annual Water Treated-14,840 acre-feet
The Cochella Valley Water District
                                                                   Recycled Water Facilities-3
The Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) provides
five water-related services: domestic water, sanitation          Irrigation & Drainage
(wastewater), recycled water, irrigation & drainage and
stormwater protection. CVWD has a deep history and                 Irrigable Acres-78,530
dates back to 1915. CVWD was also one of the original              Active Accounts-1,149
signatories to the Party of Seven Agreement of 1931 which
                                                                   Total Water Sales-235,842 acre-feet
divided California’s share of the Colorado River.
                                                                   Irrigation System Piping-485 miles
CVWD’s mission is “To meet the water related needs of
the people through dedicated employees providing high              Coachella Canal-122 miles
quality at reasonable cost.” With headquarters located in          Farm Drainage Area-37,425 acres
   On Farm Drainage Piping-2,298 miles                               Prepares estimates of quantities of materials. Prepares plans,
                                                                     profiles, maps and related drawings for construction
   CVWD Open Drains-21 miles
                                                                     projects. Prepares contract documents to be used in
   CVWD-Pipe Drains-166 miles                                        advertising construction projects.
                                                                     Administers construction contracts.
                                                                     In coordination with the Development Services branch of
   Stormwater Channels-16                                            the Service Department, meets with developers and outside
   Length Of Stormwater Facilities-133.3 miles                       engineers to discuss concepts and general requirements for
                                                                     new projects and developments and reviews proposed
 The FY 2005/2006 operating budget is approximately $130             subdivisions to determine compliance with the CVWD’s
 million. The FY 2005/2006 Capital Improvement Budget                planned expansion of the sanitation system. Provides plan
 (CIB) is 161 million. Currently, CVWD has a staff of 500.           checking for developer projects.
                                                                     Works closely with the Water Quality Division on permitting
 The Position                                                        issues to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act.
                                                                     Works closely with the Operations, Trades and Service
 The Senior Engineer-Sanitation, reports to the Director of          Departments and solicits/receives input on operating issues
 Engineering. He/She supervises the following positions:             related to the Sanitation/Electrical facilities.
 Sanitation-Associate, Assistant and Junior Engineers, Electrical
                                                                     Works closely with the Operations Department to develop
 and Controls-Associate Engineer and Energy/Electrical-
                                                                     and implement a biosolids disposal program.
 Associate Engineer and Technicians.
                                                                     Assists contractors, general public and other governmental
 The Senior Engineer-Sanitation, under general direction,            agencies with questions relating to sanitation.
 plans, coordinates, schedules, directs and reviews complex civil
                                                                     Prepares annual budget for consideration by CVWD
 engineering, electrical engineering and energy functions
                                                                     Boards of Directors.
 involved in the planning, design, construction and operation
 of CVWD facilities, including supervision of this section; and      Supervises and evaluates Sanitation engineering staff.
 to perform related work as required.
 Typical duties of the position include:
                                                                     Developing and strengthening good relationship with the
   Oversees planning, design and construction of CVWD                Operations staff.
   Sanitation facilities.
                                                                     Mentoring and developing Sanitation Engineering staff.
   Oversees the planning, design and construction of CVWD
   Electrical/Control facilities.                                    Develop and implement a 25 Year Sanitation System Master
   Oversees the CVWD’s energy programs including monitoring          Planning, design and construction of wastewater/recycled
   of energy usage and billing, participation in energy              water facilities.
   efficiency programs and emergency energy programs.
                                                                     Assisting with the conversion of golf courses to recycled water.
   Prepares and provides project supervision to Sanitation/
                                                                     Biosolids management.
   Electrical engineering staff and outside engineering
   consultants in the planning, development of designs/              Working with the team designing the new District
   specifications and construction of Sanitation/Electrical          Headquarters facility in Palm Desert.
   structures and facilities.                                        Working with the Information Technology Master Plan team.
The Candidate                                                       Design of hydraulic structures used in sanitation.
Education, Certifications and Experience                            The principles and procedures of wastewater treatment
  Any combination of training and experience which                  and collection.
  would likely provide the required knowledge and                   Operational procedures and maintenance procedures
  abilities. A typical candidate must have successfully             utilized in sanitation systems.
  completed a four year degree program from a recognized
                                                                    Mathematics, design methods, uses and strengths of
  college or university with a major in civil engineering or
                                                                    construction materials, standard specifications, and
  a closely related field and a minimum of 10 years of
                                                                    pertinent regulations related to the design and construction
  broad and extensive experience in professional engineering
                                                                    of sanitation facilities and structures.
  work, including at least 5 years of increasing responsibility
  in supervisory experience in the design and construction          The principles and practices of surveying and construction
  of domestic water facilities.                                     inspection including methods, materials, practices,
                                                                    equipment, laws and safety requirements related to
  Master’s degree in environmental engineering and/or
                                                                    environmental engineering.
  sanitation/electrical operational experience is desired.
                                                                    The principles of supervision and management.
  Requires possession of a valid certificate of registration
  as a Professional Engineer (Civil Engineer). Must obtain
                                                                  Management Style and Personal Traits
  registration issued by the State of California within two
  years of hire.                                                  The ideal candidate will be well organized and able to
                                                                  quickly gain information and process it. He/She will have
  Requires valid California Operators license issued by the       strong communication skills and be able to treat people at
  State Department of Motor Vehicles. Department of               all levels with dignity and respect. This person will be a
  Motor Vehicles driving record may influence employment          mentor and motivator. He/She will be cool, calm, collected
  or classification.                                              and able to develop good relationships.
  This position can lead to professional growth and
  promotional opportunities within the CVWD.
Skills and Knowledge                                              The salary for this position is within an established annual
                                                                  range of $90,576 to $119, 964, and will be dependent upon
The selected candidate should have skills in:
                                                                  the qualifications and experience of the selected candidate.
  Planning, organizing and supervising the work of                In addition, benefits are provided which include: health,
  subordinate engineering personnel.                              dental, vision, and audio insurance; participation in the
  Long term system planning.                                      Public Employees’ Retirement System (CVWD contributes
                                                                  the 7% employee’s contribution portion); holidays (13 per
  Preparing engineering estimates, plans and specification        year); vacation; sick leave; longevity pay; and educational
  for proposed CVWD projects.                                     reimbursement.
  Performing complex engineering work in the design and
  construction of CVWD sanitation facilities.
                                                                  How to Apply
  Conducting technical engineering research work.
                                                                  Please apply on-line by January 27, 2006 at
  Preparing detailed analyses and comprehensive technical
  engineering reports and recommendations.
                                                                  For questions and inquiries, please contact:
  Working cooperatively with others.
  Communicating effectively both verbally and in writing.         Sherrill Uyeda, Senior Partner
                                                                  ALLIANCE RESOURCE CONSULTING LLC
In addition, he/she should have knowledge of:                     One World Trade Center, Suite 420
  The principles and practices of civil, environmental and        Long Beach, CA 90831
  electrical engineering.                                           Telephone: (562) 901-0769
  Sanitation system planning studies.                               E-mail:
  Technical report writing.                                       An Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer

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