Coachella Canal Lining Project

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					Coachella Canal
 Lining Project
  Dan Charlton, P.E.
 Engineering Manager
General Location

               Coachella Canal


       Purpose of the Project
• Annually conserve 30,850 acre-feet of
  water currently lost through canal seepage
• Conserved water will
  – Help California stay within its annual 4.4
    million AFY
  – Help the Feds implement of the San Luis Rey
    Indian Water Rights Settlement Act
26,000 Acre-Feet per Year of Water Conserved
       from Lining the Coachella Canal

            4,500 ac-ft

                          21,500 ac-ft
CCLP Alignment
             Project Team
•   Coachella Valley Water District
•   San Diego County Water Authority
•   US Bureau of Reclamation
•   California Dept. of Water Resources
•   San Luis Rey Indian Parties
•   MWH/Bookman-Edmonston
•   AMEC Earth and Environmental
•   Harvey Consulting (Environmental)
    Environmental Compliance Process

• Proposed canal lining
  project was evaluated by
   – BOR, lead agency
     under NEPA
   – CVWD, lead agency
     under CEQA
• Alternatives were
  evaluated in a Final
     Key Environmental Mitigations

•   Ensure Salt Creek receives 623 AFY
•   Large Mammal Mitigation Strategy
•   Re-vegetation of riparian habitat
•   352 ac to restore desert dry wash
•   Creation of a 17 acre marsh
•   75 ac.fresh water pond/fisheries mitigation
•   Transport 19.5 tons of fish into new canal.
           Canal Characteristics

•   1300 cfs capacity
•   16’ bottom width,
•   11’ water depth
•   2’ dirt freeboard
•   1.5:1 side slopes
               Project Details
•   Line approximately 35 miles with concrete
•   5.6 million cubic yards excavation
•   1.3 million square yards of concrete lining
•   25 inverted siphons
•   6 concrete check structures
•   Electrical and instrumentation
•   Original contract was $71.2 Million
  Coachella Canal typical
Proposed Lined Section     Existing Unlined Section
1.5H:1V side slope         2H:1V side slope

         55’             20’ O&M Road

                                   40’ – 46’
Dust Abatement
Canal Mass Excavation
Hitachi 1900
Difficult Construction
Prism Dewatering
French Drain Installation
Canal Siphons/Transitions
Canal Trimmer
Canal Paving Machine
Paving Operation
Night Paving
Concrete Finishing
Concrete Curing
Batch Plant
Siphon Construction
Collapsible Forms
Check Structure/Radial Gate
Paver Transfer
Completed Canal
            Status Update
• Turned water over in November 06’
• Finalizing telemetry implementation
• Fencing and solar power contracts will be
  completed by fall of 08’
• Continuation of environmental mitigation
  including water supply development,
  marsh creation, 50-acre fish pond, etc.
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