In 1998, the Coachella Valley Unified

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					Case Study Number EU010928
                                                                        Seaview/Westshores High School
                                                                        Gymnasium & Classroom Building
                                                                        Salton City, California
                                                                                                                                                             Architect: Ralph Allen & Partners
                             Photo courtesy of Ralph Allen & Partners

                                                                        I  n 1998, the Coachella Valley Unified
                                                                           School District, located in Southern
                                                                        California, desperately needed new facili-
                                                                                                                       Exterior Walls — Plaster: La Habra
                                                                        ties to provide its students with a gymna-    Stucco; Grout: Polyblend by Custom
                                                                                                                          Building Products; Aluminum
                                                                        sium, along with a laboratory and more        Windows: Torrance; Serving Window:
                                                                        classroom space dedicated to science. The      Nissen; Glass: PPG; Special Door:
                                                                        school district was looking for a way to                  Wayne Dalton.
                                                                        bring a sense of cohesiveness to the exist-   Roof — Standing Seam: AEP-Span.
                                                                                                                             Floors — Gymnasium:
                                                                        ing Salton City buildings and remain           Junckers Hardwood; Carpet: Lees;
                                                                        within their budget. Additionally, the            VCT: Armstrong; Base: Burke;
                                                                        school board was hoping the building                  Tile: Dal-Tile, Fritztile.
                                                                        would provide a focal point for the area,        Interior Walls — Metal Framing:
                                                                                                                         Western Metal; Acoustical Tile:
                                                                        which serves four isolated communities          Armstrong; Acoustical Grid: USG;
                                                                        near the Salton Sea.                            Wallcoverings: Koroseal Vicrtex
                                                                            The original campus consisted of an               Wallcoverings; Plastic
                                                                        elementary and high school connected            Laminate: WilsonArt; Paint: Dunn
                                                                        to each other with uncovered walkways.          Edwards; Toilet & Bath Partitions:
                                                                                                                         Santana; Gym Seating: Hussey
                                                                        This collection of buildings had no sense      Seating Company; Lockers: Lyon.
                                                                        of community, therefore the school board
                                                                        28                                                                                                Design Cost Data/Sept-Oct 2001
was asking for an innovative design,
which would draw the existing buildings
into a higher, esthetic standard. On a more
positive note, there were no restrictions
regarding space issues or structure size
since the schools are situated in an iso-
lated, desert area. The school district had
plenty of land to work with.
   The architectural firm of Ralph Allen
and Partners solved the problem of bring-
ing both schools into a symbiotic rela-
tionship by marrying the existing U-
shaped quad with a connecting facade.
The result was a 22,386-square-foot ad-
dition, which is not only functional but
also stunningly unique in its design.
   The 12,000-plus square foot gymna-
sium breaks out of the traditional body
style with the addition of distinctive
stacks designed to chill incoming hot air
through an evaporative cooler. This air is
then funneled into the gas fired DX Cool-
ing system. Tall slender windows allow
natural light to enter the gymnasium. Be-
cause they are inset, direct solar heat is
minimized thus lowering air condition-
ing costs. Reduced operating costs were a
definite advantage for this school district
in an area that can see extreme fluctua-
tions in temperature.
   The science classrooms and laboratory,
facing the gymnasium supplemented an
additional 10,084 square feet.
   The new gymnasium and classrooms
are being utilized not only by the schools
but by the surrounding communities as
well. Because it can be seen for miles
around, the building’s statuesque archi-
tectural style and height insures its domi-
nance on the landscape and now serves
as a focal point for the whole area.

Design Cost Data/Sept-Oct 2001                29
                        ARCHITECT                                                                           FILE UNDER
                  RALPH ALLEN & PARTNERS                                                                    EDUCATIONAL
                   520 North Main Street, #200                                                            Salton City, California
                      Santa Ana, CA 92701
                                                                            BASIC CONSTRUCTION TYPE: New/V-N.
                  CONSTRUCTION TEAM
                                                                            FOUNDATION: Concrete.
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Oakview Construction                                    EXTERIOR WALLS: Concrete, wood studs, lath & plaster.
  959 Calimesa Boulevard, Calimesa, CA 92320                                ROOF: Standing-seam, built-up.
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Johnson & Nielsen Associates                           FLOORS: Wood, carpet, VCT.
  18009 Skypark Circle, #L, Irvine, CA 92614                                INTERIOR WALLS: Wood studs, gypsum board.
ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Larry Mullen Associates
  1200 North Jefferson, #D, Anaheim, CA 92807
  831 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92805
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Ralph Allen & Partners
  520 North Main Street, #200, Santa Ana, CA 92701
COST ESTIMATOR: Ralph Allen & Partners
  520 North Main Street, #200, Santa Ana, CA 92701

SITE: 7.87 acres.
NUMBER OF BUILDINGS: Three; gymnasium & shower/
   locker rooms, seating 562; two classroom buildings, 9
   classrooms, one science lab.
BUILDING SIZES: Gymnasium, 12,302; classrooms, 10,084;
   total, 22,386 square feet.
BUILDING HEIGHT: Gymnasium, 38'; classrooms, 19'; total, 57'.

       Date Bid: June 1998 • Construction Period: Oct 1998 to Oct 1999 • Total Square Feet: 22,386
 C.S.I. Divisions (1 through 16)       COST      % OF SQ.FT.                   SPECIFICATIONS
                                                 COST COST
       BIDDING REQUIREMENTS            61,094     1.91           2.73        Bonds & certificates.
 1.    GENERAL REQUIREMENTS                —        —              —      1 Included in Bidding Requirements: Summary of work, allowances,
                                                                             measurement & payment, alternates/alternatives, modification
                                                                             procedures, coordination, field engineering, regulatory
                                                                             requirements, identification systems, references, special project
                                                                             procedures, project meetings, submittals, quality control,
                                                                             construction facilities & temporary controls, material & equipment,
                                                                             facility startup/commissioning, contract closeout, maintenance.
 3.    CONCRETE                       410,000    12.85         18.32       3 Reinforcement, cast-in-place, building concrete, gymnasium
 4.    MASONRY                             —        —             —       4 —
 5.    METALS                         242,000     7.59         10.81      5 Structural framing, decking.
 6.    WOOD & PLASTICS                271,000     8.50         12.11      6 Rough carpentry, wood joists, prefabricated structural wood.
 7.    THERMAL & MOIST. PROTECT       179,000     5.61          8.00      7 Insulation, manufactured roofing & siding, membrane roofing.
 8.    DOORS & WINDOWS                168,000     5.27          7.50      8 Metal doors & frames, wood & plastic doors, special doors,
                                                                             entrances & storefronts, hardware, glazing.
 9.    FINISHES                       429,000    13.45         19.16      9 Metal support systems, lath & plaster, gypsum board, tile,
                                                                             acoustical treatment, wood flooring, resilient flooring, carpet,
                                                                             special coatings, painting.
 10. SPECIALTIES                      100,000     3.13           4.47     10 Visual display board, compartments & cubicles, identifying
                                                                             devices, lockers, fire protection, toilet & bath accessories.
 11.   EQUIPMENT                       31,000     0.97          1.38      11 Scoreboard.
 12.   FURNISHING                     125,000     3.92          5.58      12 Manufacturing casework, window treatment, multiple seating.
 13.   SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS               —        —             —       13 —
 14.   CONVEYING SYSTEMS                   —        —             —       14 —
 15.   MECHANICAL                     594,000    18.62         26.53      15 Plumbing, HVAC.
 16.   ELECTRICAL                     580,000    18.18         25.91      16 Basic materials & methods, service & distribution, lighting,
                                                                             special systems, communications.
 TOTAL BUILDING COST          3,190,094          100% $142.50
 2. SITE WORK                   131,000                                    2 Earthwork, paving & surfacing.
    LANDSCAPING & OFFSITE WORK 65,000                                        Landscaping, irrigation & maintenance.
 TOTAL PROJECT COST                  3,386,094           (Excluding architectural and engineering fees)

                          UPDATED ESTIMATE TO OCTOBER 2001: $162.55 PER SQUARE FOOT
30                                                                                                                        Design Cost Data/Sept-Oct 2001