Check List of Birds Coachella Valley Preserve by whitecheese


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               Check List of Birds
                                                         New World Vultures
             Coachella Valley Preserve                                                             Goatsuckers                             Crows & Jays
                                                         __ Turkey Vulture               U     M
                    Revised October, 2007                                                          __ Lesser nighthawk*          C     S   __ Common raven*                 C         P
       This is a list of birds that can be observed      Eagles, hawks, kites, falcons             __ Common poorwill*           U     S
  at the Coachella Valley Preserve. Please refer to                                                                                        Larks
                                                         __ Osprey                       Cas   V   Swifts
 the key definitions below for seasonal abundance                                                                                          __ Horned lark                   U         P
           and nesting. Enjoy your visit!                __ Northern harrier             R     M   __ Vaux's swift               U     M
                                                         __ Golden eagle                 U     P                                           Swallows
Key Definitions:                                                                                   __ White-throated swift*      U     P
                                                         __ Sharp-shinned hawk           U     W                                           __ Tree swallow                  U         M
    A   = Abundant: Observed daily or in great                                                     Hummingbirds
A         numbers                                        __ Cooper's hawk*               FC    P                                           __ Violet-green swallow          U         M
B   FC = Fairly Common: Observed many times during the   __ Common black hawk            Cas   V   __ Black-chinned hummingbird C      S   __ No. rough-winged swallow      U         S
U        season                                          __ Red-tailed hawk*             FC    P   __ Costa's hummingbird       U      S   __ Cliff swallow                 FC        S
N   U   = Uncommon: Observed only a few times a                                                    __ Anna's hummingbird*       C      S   __ Barn swallow
                                                         __ Swainson's hawk              R     M                                                                            FC        M
D                                                        __ Ferruginous hawk             R     W   __ Rufous hummingbird        U      M
A   R   = Rare: Observed once or twice per year                                                                                            Tits, verdin & bushtits
N   Cas = Casual: Occasional visitor                     __ Prairie falcon*              R     P   Woodpeckers
C                                                        __ American kestrel             FC    P                                           __ Verdin*                       C         P
E   Irr = Irregular: May show up every few years                                                   __ Lewis's woodpecker         Irr   W   __ Bushtit                       Irr       W
    * = Nests within the reserve                         Rails, gallinules & coots                 __ Northern flicker           FC    W
S                                                        __ Virginia rail                R     M   __ Ladder-backed woodpecker   Cas   V
E                                                        __ Sora                         R     M   __ Gilded flicker             FC    P   __ Bewick's wren*                FC        P
         M = Migrant     V = Vagrant
A                                                                                                                                          __ Cactus wren*                  C         P
S        S = Summer      W = Winter                      Lapwings & plovers                        Tyrant flycatchers                      __ Canyon wren                   U         P
O        P = Permanent                                   __ Killdeer                     R     P
N                                                                                                  __ Ash-throated flycatcher    U     S   __ House wren                    R         W
                                                         Gulls, terns & skimmers                   __ Black phoebe               U     P   __ Marsh wren                    U         P
Ducks, swans & geese
                                                         __ Ring-billed gull             R     P   __ Dusky flycatcher           R     M   __ Rock wren                     FC        P
__Mallard                         R         M                                                      __ Gray flycatcher            R     M
__Green-winged teal               R         M            Pigeons & doves                                                                   Kinglets
                                                                                                   __ Hammond's flycatcher       R     M
__ Cinnamon teal                  R         M            __ Band-tailed pigeon           Cas   V                                           __ Ruby-crowned kinglet          C         W
                                                                                                   __ Olive-sided flycatcher     R     M
                                                         __ Mourning dove*               C     P
New World Quail                                                                                    __ Pacific slope flycatcher   U     M   Gnatcatchers
                                                         __ White-winged dove            FC    S
__ Gambel's quail **              C         R                                                      __ Say's phoebe               FC    P   __ Blue-gray gnatcatcher         U         W
                                                         Cuckoo, roadrunners & anis                                              Cas   W
                                                                                                   __ Vermillion flycatcher                __ Black-tailed gnatcatcher*     FC        P
Grebes                                                   __ Greater roadrunner*          FC    P   __ Western kingbird           FC    S
__ Western Grebe                  Cas       V                                                                                              Thrushes
                                                         Barn owls                                 __ Western wood peewee        FC    M
Pelicans                                                                                           __ Willow flycatcher          U     M   __ American Robin                FC        W
                                                         __ Common barn owl*             FC    P
__ American White Pelican         U         M                                                                                              __ Hermit thrush                 U         W
                                                         Typical owls                              Shrikes                                 __ Swainson's thrush             U         M
Herons, bitterns & allies                                __ Short-eared owl              Cas   V
                                                                                                   __ Loggerhead shrike*         FC    P   __ Townsend's solitaire          R         W
__ Black-crowned night heron R              M            __ Long-eared owl               U     W                                           __ Western bluebird              U         W
__ Green heron               R              M            __ Great-horned owl*            FC    P   Vireos
__ Snowy egret               R              M            __ Western screech owl*         R     P   __ Bell's vireo               R     U   Mockingbirds & thrashers
__ Great egret               R              M            __ Northern saw-whet owl        Cas   W   __ Cassin's vireo             U     M   __ California thrasher*          R        P
__ Great blue heron          R              M            __ Burrowing owl*               R     P   __ Warbling vireo             U     M   __ LeConte's thrasher*           R        P
Mockingbirds & thrashers (cont.)           Sparrow, juncos & towhees (cont.)       Have you seen me?

__ Northern mockingbird          U     P   __ Black-throated sparrow*   FC     P
                                           __ Brewer's sparrow          U      W   Pied-billed grebe        Double-crested
__ Sage thrasher                 U     W
                                           __ Chipping sparrow          R      W   cormorant Cattle egret      Snow goose
Starlings                                                                          other duck species White-tailed kite
                                           __ Fox sparrrow              R      W
__ European starling*            C     P   __ Lark sparrow              R      W   Bald eagle      Harris' hawk
                                                                                   shouldered hawk Merlin Peregrine
                                                                                                                     Red-                               of the
                                           __ Lincoln's sparrow         R      W
                                                                                                                                                 Coachella Valley
Wagtails & pipits
                                           __ Sage sparrow              FC     W   falcon Common moorhen American
__ American pipit                R     W                                           coot     Mountain plover Spotted
                                           __ Savannah sparrow          U      W
Waxwings                                   __ Song sparrow
                                           __ White-crowned sparrow
                                                                                   sandpiper Long-billed curlew other
                                                                                   shorebirds...California gull Caspian                             Preserve
__ Cedar waxwing                 FC    W                                           tern Forster's tern Black tern Rock
                                           __ Dark-eyed junco           U      W
Silky-flycatchers                                                                  dove Common ground dove Eurasian
__ Phainopepla                   C     W   Cardinals and grosbeaks                 collared dove Bronzed cowbird
                                           __ Black-headed grosbeak     FC     M   Yellow-billed cuckoo       Belted
Wood warblers                                                                      kingfisher Nuttall's woodpecker Red-
                                           __ Blue grosbeak             R      M
__ American redstart             R     W                                           breasted sapsucker           Red-naped
                                           __ Lazuli bunting            U      M
__ Black-throated gray warbler   U     M                                           sapsucker Cordilleran flycatcher
__ Blackpoll warbler             Cas   V   Blackbirds & allies                     Eastern phoebe Brown- crested
__ Common yellowthroat           FC    P   __ Western meadowlark        R      W   flycatcher Cassin's kingbird American
__ Hermit warbler                R     M   __ Great-tailed grackle      U      P   crow Bank swallow Winter wren
__ MacGillivray's warbler        U     M   __ Brewer's blackbird        U      P   Mountain bluebird      Varied thrush
                                           __ Yellow-headed blackbird   R      V   Vesper sparrow Harris's sparrow
__ Nashville warbler             U     W
                                           __ Red-winged blackbird      Irr    M
                                                                                   White-throated sparrow        Golden-
__ Townsend's warbler            U     M
                                           __ Brown-headed cowbird*     U?     P
                                                                                   crowned sparrow           Rose-breasted
__ Wilson's warbler              FC    M
                                                                                   grosbeak Northern cardinal
__ Yellow warbler                FC    M   __ Bullock's oriole          U      S
__ Yellow-rumped warbler         U     M   __ Hooded oriole             FC     S
__ Yellow-breasted chat          C     W   __ Scott's oriole            U      M                                                                     Artwork donated by Ginny Short

Tanagers                                   Finches
                                           __ House finch*              C      P            The Center for Natural Lands Management
__ Scarlet tanager               Cas   V
__ Summer tanager                R     M   __ Pine siskin               Irr    W            215 W. Ash Street
                                           __ American goldfinch        R      W            Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-7790
__ Western tanager               U     M
                                           __ Lesser goldfinch          FC     P
Sparrows, juncos and towhees               __ Lawrence's goldfinch      Irr    V
                                                                                   Coachella Valley Preserve
__ Abert's towhee         R            V                                           PO Box 188
__ Green-tailed towhee    R            W   Old world sparrows
                                                                                   28281Thousand Palms Cyn. Rd.
                                           __ House sparrow             U      P   Thousand Palms, CA 92276
__ Spotted towhee         U            W
__ Black-chinned sparrow  R            M

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