; Coachella Valley Amateur Radio Club 2010 Officers
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Coachella Valley Amateur Radio Club 2010 Officers


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									                                                                President:   Peter Reinzuch
President: Louis Parker                                                      760.318.0186          Leo Meyerson Chapter 154
             KA6BJO                                                                                President: Gene Pentecost W4IMT
             760.200.5123                     Volume 19, Issue 8 - November 2009                              760.568.3341

     Coachella Valley
   Amateur Radio Club                                  Coachella Valley Amateur Radio Club
     P.O. Box 11092                                               2010 Officers
  Palm Desert, CA 92255
 President:                                    This is an update on new club officers for 2010. At the last
 Louis Parker
 KA6BJO                          club meeting on October 13th, a nominating committee of two was selected.
 Email: ka6bjo@dc.rr.com
                                 Jerry Short and Bill Dews got the lucky job. The challenge is . . . we have less
 Vice President:                 then one month to round up some new help.
 Bill Crowl
 Email: tropicrowl@aol.com
                                 Imagine; this is a good way to see what your fellow members look like from
                                 the front of the room. If you’re a true “ham” they will all be looking right at
 Secretary:                      you the whole time. It would be nice if each one of us would take a few min-
 Robin Millar
                                 utes, come up with a name of someone who you might consider for one of
 Email: robin072@verizon.net     the officer positions, then contact them before the November meeting, to
                                 see if they would be interested in filling a seat for at least one year. The last
 Treasurer & Membership:
                                 thing we want is to force someone into filling a position that they really don’t
 Harold Witten
 K6TQM                           want. Remember, your club is only as good as you want to make it. Your offi-
 Email: wittenhj@dc.rr.com       cers are there to help facilitate the process.

 Activities Director:
                                 The positions up for grabs are: President, Vice-President, Secretary and
 K6BSC                           Treasurer/Membership Chair. We may have some incumbents wishing to run
 Email: k6bsc@juno.com           again, but please do not let that discourage anyone from tossing their names
 Past President:
                                 in the hat.
 Tom Averett
 AE6WL                           P.s. Only paid members will be eligible to vote.
 Emai: ae6wl@aol.com

 Editor:                         73,
 Joyce Witten                    From your Nominating Committee;
 KG6FHU                          Jerry N6CRI (760) 568-6373 and Bill K6AWO (760) 346-8611
 Email: Joyce-
  Fax (888) 556-9114

 Club Website:

 NR6P 146.025+ pl 107.2


                                                                                                    Jim Meyers
                                             Ken Nelson
Coachella Valley Dist Officer:                 N6HR
         Ken Nelson N6HR                                     02

                                                                                                                              Pg 1
                 Coachella Valley R.A.C.E.S.                        Coachella Valley Amateur
                                                                          Radio Club
               Please note ----- Allen N6DCR,
               has been transferred by his com-                    At the November 10 Coachella Val-
               pany to the Escondido area. Allen                   ley Amateur Radio Club meeting, a
               has been a true supporter of our    local business owned by Sharon Harris,
RACES operations and has allowed us total us-      “QuakeSafeKITS” will provide a seminar called
age of his 445.680 Repeater on numerous occa-      “Earthquake Survival Preparedness: “What
sions. Allen is in the process of moving and has   you need to do NOW to get ready for the Big
taken down his repeater.                           One". This presentation is filled with great tips to
                                                   offer some peace of mind about how to stay as
Many thanks to Allen for the use of his repeater   safe as possible before, during and especially
and the many hours of service work he and his      after a massive earthquake, or in ANY emer-
dad have done on the 146.025 machine when          gency - or natural disaster…i.e. power outages,
needed. We wish him and his family the best of     fires, flashfloods, wind or sand storms, tornado’s,
luck. We will miss them.                           etc.
Please also be aware there will not be a 7:00      Bob Harris spent over 20 years as a Reserve
p.m. Net Call on RACES Meeting nights. This        Deputy Sheriff and a Search and Rescue Team
has been discontinued since most of the meeting    member in the L.A. area and has enjoyed 30
attendees are the same people who check into       years as an avid backpacker in Southern Calif.
the net.                                           Currently he is the Search and Rescue coordina-
                                                   tor on the Emergency Preparedness Committee
We are gathering a list of all those who want to   of Sun City Shadow Hills in Indio, California.
work the Tour de Palm Springs Bike Ride on Feb
13th, 2010, so please mark your calendars.         Bob’s recommendations stem from a combination
                                                   of his wealth of experience and common sense
73,                                                plus the latest research on current earthquake
Harold K6TQM                                       preparedness suggestions. He gives down-to-
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
Deputy Chief, East
                                                   earth steps for what everyone should do in ad-
Riverside Co. Fire O E S.                          vance to prepare their homes and vehicles, con-
Cell 760-250-8114                                  sidering both family members and pets, so that
Pager 951-270-4732                                 all have the greatest chance of being safe and
http://www.rivcoraces.org/deputy-chief-east.htm    self-sufficient for 7-14 days.

  Thank you to                                     They will have several emergency preparedness
  Audrey Becht                                     items on display and at very good discounts.
  KC6MLA, for
  all the many                                     73
  years she has                                    Bill Crowl
  dedicated to                                     WH6CUX
  RACES as Net                                     Vice-President

                                                         16                                 17
      16                                                                           Aboudara
       Glenn Tobey                                      Cheatwood
          AB6PA                                          KA6UIO

                                                                                                          Pg 2
                      The Desert RATS                     to come in the future. Oh yes, a smidgen of business
                                                          too as we are having our elections at the end of the
              Last month I teased you about our           meeting. Come and take your turn at working for the
              new ‘ in the works’ Web Site ...well        club, no experience necessary. All positions are
              now its getting all polished up with        open for election; stand up and volunteer for a posi-
              even a new cute DRATS Mascot.               tion to run the club. We really have a fun year ahead
              http://desertrats.am                        of us! (see our volunteer section on the web site)
                                                          here is a direct link: http://desertrats.am/
With more features on the new Desert RATS WEB             volunteers.html
site than you can shake a stick at.... from graphical
assistance in creating and printing your own QSL          73‘s and 88’s (to some of you)
Cards to up to the minute national ~~international        till next issue Peter VE7REZ
Ham news, propagation, videos, chuckles, Tweets           (PS: I’m running for President
and spoofs.... live APRS....Bartertown...Lab RATS.        again so forgive the schmoozing)
Undoubtedly the best entertaining Ham web site out        Desert Radio Amateur
there, to say it mildly! Never a dull moment as it’s      Transmitting Society of Palm Springs
designed to be ever changing. Don’t miss another          "The Desert RATS"
day without rechecking what’s happening on the            Check out our new web site:
site. Definitely a future award winner! One thing you     http://desertrats.am
can possibly help us out with; we are considering
putting the history of Ham radio in Coachella Vly on
the site with old photos, memorabilia, Certificates,                                QCWA Chapter 154
old QSL cards, stories etc. Please contact EVAN
                                                                                      DREEP’s Droppings
(ki6wnf@desertrats.am) our guru Webmaster if you
have something to add to this online evolving histori-
cal collection.                                                             Leo and Abigail will return
                                                         earlier than usual. Although their plans are
Want to join and support or donate to ‘the Desert
RATS Club’? You can now do that online too and           somewhat uncertain, they could arrive before
pay using secure Paypal! (all forms of payment ac-       Thanksgiving. Possibly, as early as November 9!
cepted) Get a vanity email address yourcall-             Look for a QCWA e-mail bulletin!
sign@desertrats.am as an extra bonus.
                                                         The first chapter luncheon meeting of the sea-
The Desert Rats are committed to education of new        son will be 11:00 AM, Thursday, November 19,
and seasoned Hams from our Technician and Gen-           2009, at the Palm Desert Greens Country Club.
eral classes to the soon to be announced ham work-       No change in format: Mix and chat a bit, order
shops. At our next meeting we’ll unveil more. It takes   lunch, have a brief business meeting, and eat.
volunteers to do all this and on our website you can
                                                         We may have a short program. But most impor-
sign up as a volunteer too. You don’t have to be a
club member to volunteer as an instructor or even        tant: Leo and Abigail may be there.
coming and helping out with our Palm Springs Ham-
fest 2010, Jan 30, 2010. We are inviting Hams from       For directions, see the chapter web site: http://
all over CA and beyond to attend. We’re planning a       www.qcwa154.com/
musical Jam session for the evening so bring your
instrument! Want to see what HF is all about? We         CU soon!
are participating in Winter Field Day once again dur-    73
ing Hamfest. Come and try a variety of stations on       Gene Pentecost W4IMT
various bands we will be running during Winter Field     President, Leo Meyerson Chapter 154
Day. Want to see PSK 31? we’ll have it to show           Greater Palm Springs Area
you. Want to see how ‘OUTLOOK’ e-mail on Ham             Quarter Century Wireless Association
radio works? yep we’ll have a demo there too. (esp.      760-568-3341
invited are our new Ham graduates and current stu-       gene.pentecost@ieee.org
dents; come try a hands on experience) Many have
come up and told me or written me that our last
meeting was THE BEST Ham radio club meeting                                     Brendan
they had EVER attended! Our next meeting may not                                Helliwell
beat that, but come and see for yourself how the                                KI6PFA
RATS are evolving! I’ll give you a hint, we’re gonna
have some humor mixed with a slight dab of things
                                                                                                                  Pg 3
             November 2009
                        Mon                  Tue                Wed          Thu                    Fri             Sat
1      8:30 am
                 2                    3                    4            5                   6                  7

                     7 pm RATS NET                                      7 pm CV RACES NET

8      8:30 am   9                    10                   11           12                  13                 14

                                                                               7:00 pm
                                                                             RACES Mtg           11:00 am
                                                  7 pm                          425 N.           LUNCH @
                                                                                                Palm Desert
                                                CVARC                            Civic
                                                   Mtg                            Dr,
                                          Cathedral City                         Palm
                                           Fire Dept,                          Springs
                                          32100 Desert
                      7 pm RATS NET         Vista Rd
15     8:30 am   16                   17                   18           19                  20                 21

                                                                                  11 a.m.        11:00 am
                                                                                  QCWA           LUNCH @
                                          7 pm DRATS                              Mtg @         Palm Desert
                                                 Mtg                               Palm           Greens
                                                  425                             Desert
                                                   N.                             Greens
                  7 pm RATS NET                                         7 pm CV RACES NET
                                                 P. S.
22     8:30 am   23                   24                   25           26                  27                 28

                                                                                                  11:00 am
                                                                                                  LUNCH @
                                                                                                 Palm Desert

                  7 pm RATS NET

       8:30 am
29   RACES NET   30

                  7 pm RATS NET

NET(s) FREQUENCIES: Sundays                  830 hrs - RACES Net (3.945 MHz)
                    Mondays                  1900 hrs - Desert RATS Net (146.940-, 107.2 pl)
                    Thursdays                1900 hrs - Coachella Valley RACES Net (146.025+, 107.2 pl)

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