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Parents _ Carers of Children in Class 4


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									                                Class 3 Spring Term Newsletter 2010

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back - I hope you all had a good break.
 Thank you very much for all the cards and presents! The children now have settled back into school
and Christmas already seems such along time ago! We have an exciting curriculum and a lot of hard
work to do this term. There will be an assessment week just before ½ term and parent consultations
follow after the break where we can share work, progress and new targets.

An outline of our work for this term follows:

In literacy lessons we are going to be exploring a range of exciting themes including:
     traditional tales, myths and legends
     poetry
     information writing
     dictionary and thesaurus skills
We are going to be developing our use of adjectives and figurative language to make our writing more
descriptive and exciting to read.

In numeracy we will be revising place value and number operations, mainly focussing on addition and
subtraction skills. We will cover ordering, estimating and rounding of numbers. By the end of the term
children should be able to use a range of addition and subtraction strategies confidently and explain
how they work. They should be able to set out a sum clearly in books using the appropriate layout. We
will be developing rapid recall of number bonds and times tables to x6.

Our science topics this term are: ‘Magnets and Springs’ during which we investigate forces.    After ½
term we will be learning about ‘Teeth and Healthy Eating’.

In P.E outside we are going to develop the use of tactics in invasion games like hockey. Indoors we are
concentrating on dance for our Easter production.

We are continuing to develop our conversational skills in Spanish through a variety of speaking and
listening activities and interactive games.

In other curriculum areas we will be covering:

R.E:                   Sikhism and Guru Nanak. Easter
ICT:                   Databases to answer simple questions and to present information.
Music:                 Recorders. Singing preparation for Yr3 & 4 our Easter production.
Art:                   Take 1 Picture – Tobias and the Angel.
D.T:                   Picture frames. (linked to Art)
History:               The Ancient Egyptians.

A few reminders:
Our P.E days this term are Mondays and Tuesdays. Please can make sure that all clothing is labelled

Home/school reading:
The children should be reading every night for at least 15 minutes and bringing their book plus record
in each day for reference. On their guided reading day I will check record books and talk about texts
read. Please initial the record book every night and write the current page so that progress can be
Spellings: We are trialling a rolling spelling programme building on the letters, sounds and phonics work
from Yr2 and last term. Each group has an allocated spelling day where I will work through activities
with them, test them on words from the previous week and set them new words for the following week.
The number of new words given each week depends on the accuracy of their spelling when testing. As
well as practising words at home, children will need to write them in a clear sentence to show that they
understand what it means.

In addition to spelling homework, to support work covered in main curriculum areas the following weekly
tasks will be set and will need to be completed by the end of the week:

          Day                      Subject area/task                   Due date
          Monday                   Times tables                        Friday for a test
          Tuesday                  literacy or numeracy                Friday
          Wednesday                Science                             Friday
          Friday                    None! Have a nice weekend!

Homework folders should be returned to school every day so that the next piece of work can be added
and any queries answered. The record sheet on the front of the folder is for reference, please help
your child to keep it up to date and feel free to add any comments. The children receive rewards at
the end of each week according to the amount of homework completed and handed in on time. Folders
will be collected in for checking on Fridays.

Expectations concerning homework and reading are much higher this term. I would be grateful if you
could help me by encouraging your child to continue to take responsibility for remembering to complete
reading and homework tasks as well as bringing books and folders in everyday. If the required amount
of reading or homework completed is not acceptable, children will be expected to catch up during
playtime - this is commonplace in all KS2 classes.

The children are fully aware of behaviour rules, expectations, rewards and sanctions. If you would like
a copy of our class rules for reference at home I will be happy to supply you with a set.

Easter Production
Once again, classes 3 & 4 will be working towards a show at Easter. This year it will be ‘Daniel’, based
loosely on the biblical story, and our class will be singing and playing musical accompaniments! We will
shortly be practicing the songs and any musical accompaniments in music lessons. Dates and times of
performances will follow when relevant.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your continued support. If you
have any queries regarding our curriculum this term or any other aspects of school life, I am always
available to speak to you in the play ground after school.

Mrs Laing
Class Teacher

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