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									                         Nottinghamshire Cricket Board

                      The Annual General Meeting was held
           in the Long Room at Trent Bridge on 22nd January 2009.

Present:        G.G.Gooch      - Chairman
                C.R.Martin     - Vice Chairman
                D. Brewer      - Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

                 R.Lafbery       - Secretary
                 P.J.Ellis       - PKF Accountants

                 Plus 44 representatives of Affiliated Clubs and Organisations – Appendix „A‟

Opening Remarks.
      The Chairman welcomed all present, and asked the Meeting to observe a few moments
      in silent memory, standing in respect of cricketing colleagues who had recently passed
      He then expressed his appreciation to all those involved with cricket administration in
      Nottinghamshire, and thanked Ian Hepburn (Treasurer) and Ron Lafbery (Secretary),
      who are both retiring, for their services over the years. The Chairman stated that, due to
      a recent illness, he would not be seeking re-election at the next meeting of the Board.

1.      Apologies for Absence were received from:
        W.J.Barclay: J.H.C.Cope: F.R.Elvidge: R.W.Fowkes: Tracey Francis: R.Garland:
        J.Goodman: Bill Gregory: T.I.Hepburn: Jane Islip: D.A.Richards: J.D.Williams:

        Clubs, etc.
        Ashby Hastings CC: Colston Bassett CC: Eastwood Town CC: Holy Spirit CC:
        Hucknall CC: Kegworth Town CC: Milton CC: Misterton CC:
        Nottinghamshire 50+ Representative Team.
2.     Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting held on 24 January 2008.
       The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the

3.      Matters arising.
        There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

4.      Secretary’s Report – Ron Lafbery.
        During the past year the Secretary had been informed of the demise of Lady Bay Boots
        CC and Nottingham CC. Castle Donington CC have resigned, now being affiliated to

Three newly formed local clubs have applied for membership, and Ashby Hastings (in
Leicestreshire) have joined as an Associate member. Currently there are 172 affiliated
clubs. Of these fifteen are Associate members, with their primary affiliation being to
another County Board.
Twenty-four other cricketing organisations, which include the Adult and Junior Leagues,
Umpires, Groundsmen and Coaches continue to be affiliated to the Board.

During last season nine instances of Disciplinary Action taken by Leagues and / or Clubs
affiliated to Nottinghamshire Cricket Board against players were reported and duly
recorded in the Register. All such information is passed on promptly to all our Leagues,
Umpires Associations, and to Derbyshire Cricket Board.
It is now fully accepted that disciplines imposed apply to all forms of recreational cricket.
Leagues have also been made aware of an early „starter‟ for 2009, relating to an incident
which happened last September (2008).

Affiliated Clubs and Leagues have been kept informed of all items of interest, including
courses for Groundsmen, Umpires & Scorers, ECB coaching programmes, etc, by means
of postal circulations during the year.
In addition, the Development Department at Trent Bridge is periodically circulating to
clubs by e-mail a „News Alert”.
The previous uncertainty with regard to the responsibility for the governance of umpires
and scorers has at last reached a conclusion, with the establishment of the ECB
Association of Cricket Officials. All training is now based on a common structure.
The Newsletters and the Annual Committee & Activity reports give some indication of our
continuing efforts to provide opportunities for the common good of clubs and to benefit
club members.

Administration & Policy.
The review of the entire structure of the Board and the positioning of Officials and new
Sub Committee‟s has been led by Tony Palfreman, in conjunction with Derek Brewer and
the new Development Team at Trent Bridge, in consultation with the volunteers who have
for so long overseen the functions of the existing Sub Committee‟s.
The necessary changes to our Rules & Constitution are presented for approval.

The Board „Away Day‟ which took place on 18th August 2008 at Welbeck Colliery CC
proved to be worthwhile in many respects. The subsequent Summary states that the
event was well attended, with wide-ranging discussion and lively debate.
The Operational Management Group should become the primary decision making body
and, importantly, the Recreational Council to remain virtually unchanged, maintaining a
wide representation and source of volunteer recruitment, administrators and managers of
Recreational Cricket, and helping to provide the necessary checks and balances in
relation to the workings of the OMG.

Cricket Board Office and provision of Meeting Rooms.
The County Club have found it necessary to use the previous NCB office, also used as a
meeting room, for commercial purposes.
The Cricket Board office is now located on the first floor in the Radcliffe Road Complex,
but is too small to hold meetings.
However, Derek Brewer has put into place an arrangement whereby a suitable Meeting
Room is allocated, upon request by the Board Secretary, to accommodate meetings for
the Board, its Sub Committees, affiliated Leagues, Clubs, etc
This facility has been widely used and the Board expresses appreciation.

     The Secretary wished to acknowledge the work of the members of the Recreational
     Council, the Management Committee of the Board and the working relationships with the
     County Club and the Development staff.
     He then confirmed that this is his valedictory Annual Report as Secretary of the Board.
     stating the enjoyment / satisfaction gained from this spell of cricket administration, and
     thanked all the officials of clubs and associated organisations for their support and the
     many messages of goodwill, including appreciation to wife Joyce, which have recently
     been received. “It has been an honour to serve”.
                                                         st                    th
5.   To receive the Annual Accounts for the period 1 October 2007 to 30 September
     Copies of the Report and Financial Statements for the year ending on 30th September
                     2008 were available to the Meeting, with copies having been previously
     circulated to members of the Board and Recreational Council. All affiliated Clubs, etc,
     had been advised that if they were unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, a copy
     of the Accounts would be sent on request.
     In the absence of Ian Hepburn, the Financial Report was presented by Paul Ellis, of PKF
     Chartered Accountants, who explained the details of the Income & Expenditure account,
     the Balance Sheet and the Notes to the Financial Statements.
     Proposed by T.C.Wilson and seconded by S.B.Hassan , the Accounts, as presented,
     were unanimously adopted by the Meeting.
     The Chairman thanked Paul Ellis for presenting the Accounts.

6.   Annual Subscriptions 2009.
     The Chairman proposed the recommendation from the Management Committee, that the
     Annual Subscriptions remain unchanged:-
     Club with One team     - £25
     Club with Two teams    - £30
     Club with Three teams - £35
     Club with Four teams - £40
     Plus ECB Affiliation   - add £10 to each of the above.

     The Meeting unanimously adopted the proposal.

7.   Sub Committee Reports
     The booklet containing written reports from each of the Board and Recreational Council
     Sub Committee‟s, together with ongoing Activity Reports, had been previously circulated
     to all affiliated Clubs and Organisations:-
     Operational Management Group (OMG).
     Publicity, Advisory Services & Promotions.
     Senior Cricket - including Nottinghamshire Cricket Board Premier Cricket League.
     Junior/Youth & Coaching.
     Schools Cricket.
     Women & Girls Cricket.
     Cricket for the Disabled.
     District Cricket.
     City of Nottingham - Inner City Development.
     Nottinghamshire Cricket Groundsman‟s Association.

     The Chairmen of the Sub Committees and members present were invited to add further
     comment and/or to question the content of these reports.

8.   Community Sports Trust Manager’s Report.
     In the absence of Tracey Francis, this to be covered in Agenda items 10 and 11.

9.     Rules & Constitution.
       Tony Palfreman, Chairman of the Operational Management Group, in presenting the
       details of the proposed amendments to the NCB Constitution and Recreational Council
       Rules, explained that the England & Wales Cricket Board Improvement Planning Process
       had generated the necessity for the alterations.
       The proposals had been fully considered both by the Management Committee and the
       Recreational Council and now put forward for approval by the Annual General Meeting. In
       accordance the (current) Constitution they will then need the approval of Nottinghamshire
       County Cricket Club at its Meeting due to take place in February 2009, before coming
       into effect.
       (Secretary’s Note – subsequently approved by NCCC).

       At this point, the Chairman stated that the Constitution and Recreational Council Rules
       will be published in the 2009 Nottinghamshire Cricket Annual Handbook, a copy of which
       is sent to all affiliated Clubs, etc.
       The proposals were accepted by the Meeting.

10 & 11.     Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club / England & Wales Cricket Board.

       Derek Brewer combined these Agenda Items:

       The Development Team at Trent Bridge, involving Tracey Francis (Community Sports
       Trust Manager) is now coming into shape, with a number of new appointments. A huge
       amount of work is ongoing in order to maintain the Improvement Planning Process (IPP).
       The County Club playing squad is in place for 2009.
       The relaying of the outfield, including the latest drainage system is complete and looks to
       be impressive, as are the replay screen and the permanent floodlights.
       Arrangements for the World Twenty / 20 Cup are progressing satisfactorily.
       Close links continue with Local Authorities, etc.
       Sport is not immune from the current economic climate and for continuing progress there
       is a need to use business principles.
       Test Match Grounds – there is now competition from a number of counties to host Test

       Mr Brewer then spoke to a visual presentation of the County Facilities Strategy – a
       Strategic Plan for facility and investment provision for Nottinghamshire cricket 2009 –
       Copies of the document were available at the Meeting.

12.        Board Election of Officers.

i)     Vice Presidents – remain unchanged.

ii)    Secretary.
       Mervyn Griffiths was unanimously elected (replacing Ron Labery).

iii)   Treasurer.
       Helen Trinick was unanimously elected (replacing Ian Hepburn).

13.    Recreational Council.
i)     Election of the Chairman.
       Mr C. R. Martin was re-elected unopposed.

ii)    Retirement Schedule - nominations received in accordance with Rule 6 iv.
       Three nominations had been received for the three vacancies:-

             David J Richards (Kinoulton CC): Keith W Sheppard (Thurgarton CC):
             Michael J Smedley (Kiveton Park Colliery CC).

             Remaining elected members:
             1 year to serve - G F Hornbuckle (Ellerslie CC): A B Palfreman (ex-Nottingham CC):
             D Smallwood (Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC).

             2 years to serve - G Footitt (NCB Premier League): D T M Smalley (Meridian CC):
             F R Elvidge (Clipstone Welfare CC)..

iii)         Delegates from rightfully represented organisations were named:

             NCB Premier League                                 - Trevor Wilson
             Bassetlaw & District Cricket League                - Malcolm Daniels
             G&M South Nottinghamshire Cricket League           - David A. Richards
             ECB ACO (Notts Branch)                             - Peter McKenzie
             Notts Assn of Cricket Coaches                      - Nick Mills
             Notts Schools CA                                   - Mike Hodgkins
             Notts Women & Girls CA                             - Jane Islip
             Institute of Groundsmanship (Notts Branch)         - Andrew Gough.

             Community Sports Trust Manager                     - Tracey Francis
             District Cricket – a representative from each of the three area / groups.

Please note – Disabilities Cricket – representative discontinued – reporting now through Senior

14.          To appoint the Auditors for the forthcoming year.
             PKF Chartered Accountants were proposed and unanimously approved by the Meeting.

15.          Any other business.

       i)        NCB Ties – available from John Sheriston @ £10.
       ii)       The Chairman thanked Joyce Lafbery, Josie Allen, Joan and John Sheriston (the 4
                 J‟s) for again acting as „ushers‟ throughout the Meeting.

There being no further business, the Meeting was declared closed at 8.25 pm.

Signed …………………………………………………..                                 Date ………………………………..

         Appendix ‘A’

Nottinghamshire Cricket Board Hon Life Members, Vice Presidents and Representatives of Clubs
and Organisations present at the Annual General Meeting held on 22 January 2009.

J.B.Bolus                V/P & Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
J.Boreham                V/P & Notts Schools Cricket Association
A.Croome                 V/P
C.W.Gillott              Hon Life Member & Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
M.J.Hodgkins             V/P & Notts Schools Cricket Association.
P.Johnson                V/P, NCB Premier League & Gedling Colliery CC.
J.Laurie                 V/P & Notts Unity Casuals CC.
J.H.Sheriston            V/P & Meridian CC.
M.J.Smedley              V/P & Kiveton Park Colliery CC.

P.Chambers              Attenborough CC.
G.G.Gooch               Attenborough CC.
M.Daniels               Bassetlaw & District Cricket League.
E.Devney                Bassetlaw & District Umpires Association.
D.Wright      Beeston & Toton Sycamore CC.
H.W.Mew                 Burton Joyce CC.
M.Davies                Calverton CC and G&M South Nottinghamshire Cricket League.
C.Bushell               Caythorpe CC.
N.Rook                  Caythorpe CC.
A.Mowforth              Chilwell CC.
R.Lambourne             Cope Cup Competition.
Cliff Adwick            Cuckney CC.
P.E.McKenzie            ECB Association of Cricket Officials (Nottinghamshire Branch).
C.R.Martin              Edwinstowe CC / Bassetlaw & District Cricket League.
J.Leaver      Ellerslie CC.
A.N.Gough               Institute of Groundsmanship (EM Branch).
J.Dymond                Kimberley Institute CC.
D.J.Richards            Kinoulton CC.
D.T.M.Smalley           Meridian CC.
M.Bonsall               Mansfield & District Cricket League.
D.Smallwood             Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC.
J.Leafe                 NCB Child Welfare Officer.
G.Footitt     NCB Premier Cricket League.
N.Hall                  Newark Club Cricket Alliance.
Azar Hussain            Nottingham Badshah CC.
Fiaz ul Haq             Nottingham Badshah CC.
M. al-Sakaf             Nottingham Badshah CC
S.Burrows               Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
A.Haydock               Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
K.Tongue                Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
P.Wynne-Thomas          Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
M.Griffiths             Notts & Arnold Amateur CC.
D.Neal                  Notts Unity Casuals CC.
Gilly Brown             Notts Womem & Girls Cricket Association.
S.Yelland               Oxton CC.
K.G.Bloor               Plumtree CC.
C.Noblet      Radcliffe on Trent CC.
M.Wookey                Southwell CC.
G.W.Hyde                Stapleford CC.
D.Dixon                 Rolls Royce Leisure CC.
G.R.Smithurst           Underwood CC.
P.Garton                West Bridgfordians CC.
C.Roper       West Bridgford Legion CC.
P.Filipowicz            Whatton & Aslockton CC.
R.Kirkwood              Wollaton CC & Nottingham Youth Cricket League.


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