Notes from meeting of Friends of Irlam Train Station

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					Notes from meeting of Friends of Irlam Train Station
                 11 October 2006

Short meeting with councillor R Jones preceded FOIS meeting which opened at 7pm.

Notes from last meeting were accepted.

Councillor R Jones attended meeting and numerous issues were discussed with him
including the ongoing problems of vandalism and our original requirements.
Councillor Jones advised that funding was to become available in January 2007.
A letter of application for this funding would be required. S Illidge agreed to prepare
and mail this letter.

The work being carried out by the Probation Service would restart again the following
week. Concerns were raised re the poor paint job that had been done.

Saturday 21 October was agreed as date for a visit to Handforth Station, travel passes
would be provided and refreshments would be served at the nearby British Legion.
Seven people agreed to go on this visit and arrangements would be made for them.

A presentation of our group would be given at the Irlam and Cadishead Community
Committee Meeting on 16 November 2006.

Refreshments were available at the meeting and an informal discussion took place.

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 12 December.

The meeting closed at 9pm.

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