Canada came 9th in the overall placing of the

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					The Canadian delegation was comprised of 52 athletes, 4 coaches, 7 officials
and 2 paramedical staff traveling with the team for the first time. I believe it was
quite an experience for a lot of these young athletes, as most of them were
traveling for the first time with the national team.

Canada came 9th in the overall placing of the 30 countries participating with the
following medal count:

1. Joanna Guiet – kumite female 16-17 -53kg
2. Kamille desjardins – kumite female 16-17 -59kg

1. Victoria Barusic – kata female 14-15
2. Kimberly Logan – kumite female 16-17 -59kg

1. Yael Gaudreau – kumite male 16-17 +76kg
2. Emmanuelle Garneau Mignot – kumite female 16-17 +59kg
3. Vanessa Jacque Weisser – kumite female 16-17 +59kg
4. Boys team kata – (Jonathan Lum, Reuben James & Lucas Fong)
5. Women’s team kumite – (Marie-France Bernard, Katie Campbell, Roxanne
Côté & Renée Robertson)

1. Samantha Ianuzzi
2. Yashna Hathi
3. Tamylie Dubois
4. Justin Lanteigne
5. Reuben James
6. Denis Adigamov
7. Steve Kelly

1. Cadence O'Neil
2. Amelie Phaneuf
3. Francessca Bechard
4. Danyk Barrette

I would like to congratulate them all for making it on the team, for doing their best
in front of the best of the Pan Americas and for making us understand and
remember that life is a work in progress and that we all have something to learn
and work towards.
Congratulations are also in order for the officials who were upgrading their
licenses at this event:

1. Leslie Bowers - Ref A - Judge A (Reconfirmed kumite)
2. Don Mazerolle - Ref A - Judge A
3. Brian James - Ref A - Judge A (Reconfirmed kumite)
4. Ahad Tanzadeh - Ref B - Judge A (Promoted kata/kumite)
5. Josh Drury - Judge A - Judge B (Promoted kata / kumite)
6. Brian Perry - Judge B - Judge B (Promoted kata/ kumite)
7. David Griffin - Judge C - Judge B (Promoted kata)

A huge thank you to the coaches, Toshi Uchiage, Philippe Poirier, Paul Oliver
and Kraig Devlin, who stayed positive with our athletes and contributed to this
great experience. Lastly, a thank you to the 2 additional people who traveled with
us and work tirelessly to make our kids feel better with their professional care,
Louis Philippe L’Écuyer Lafleur, our physiotherapist, and Marjorie Belley our
sports massage therapist.

As a last note, we are gathering the final information for the next trip with the
Junior team to Morocco in November where we will have at the most 21 athletes
representing Canada at the World Championships. We will update you with the
participants list as soon as we have it.

Have a great day,