Data Analysis Project 1 Olympic Medal Counts by whitecheese


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  Data Analysis Project 1: Olympic Medal
    Goal: Graphically analyze the Olympic Medal Count data as a function
of population and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
    The data is in the file olympicmedals2008.txt, the first line is a header
line. Medal count data came from yahoo sports, and the populations and
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) come via Wikipedia, from the CIA World
Fact Book. GDP is in millions of US dollars, year 2007. Population is in
millions of people.
    Your goals are to graphically (1) describe the medal counts as functions
of population and GDP and to identify (2) which countries did best given
their population and GDP.

   Some things to think about: (1) You will need to reexpress your data.
Explain how you do it and why. (2) Is there missing data?

    Your report should be a maximum of approximately 1.5 pages, typed,
double-spaced. You may include a FEW plots or tables (I suggest 2-4
max) in an appendix. The report should be written as a report, not as
answers to a series of questions. You must refer to any tables or plots in
the main text. All plots and tables must be carefully labeled, captioned
and described. Plots should be drawn in R. Plot and table quality and
relevance will contribute to the overall grade. You should describe what
analyses/plots/tables/summaries you looked at and your conclusions. Con-
clusions should be justified using tables and plots so that the conclusions
become believable.

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