President Brundage receives the Olympic medal winners

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					                                 President Brundage
                                 receives the
                                 olympic medal winners

President BRUNDAGE with the           So as to give athletes a
Olympic medal winners. From      chance of expressing their
left to right: Mr. SAMARANCH,    opinions and talking to members
Chief of Protocol, Mr. Yukio     of the International Olympic
KASAYA (Japan - 70m. jump),      Committee, the Organising
Mr. Wolfgang SCHEIDEL (German    Committee of the XIth Winter
Democratic Republic-Luge),       Games invited the Olympic medal
Mr. Wojciech FORTUNA (Poland-    winners and the press to a
90m. jump), President            friendly reception, held on
BRUNDAGE, Miss Marie-Thérèse     12th February, 1972.
NADIG (Switzerland - Downhill
and Giant Slalom), Mr. Bernard        Helped by the three Vice-
RUSSI (Switzerland - Downhill)   Presidents, Lord KILLANIN,
                                 Comte Jean de BEAUMONT and
                                 Jonkheer Herman van KARNEBEEK
                                 and the Chief of Protocol, Mr.
                                 Juan Antonio SAMARANCH,
                                 President BRUNDAGE met sports-
                                 men and journalists and was
                                 thus able to talk at length
                                 with the athletes who were

President BRUNDAGE congratu-
lates Mr. Yukio KASAYA, winner
of the 70m. jump event.
Between them is Mr. Tomoo SATO,
Secretary General of the
Organising Committee