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									Taxonomy Quality Assurance Policy

[Company name] has established a Taxonomy Quality Assurance Policy in order to
preserve the accuracy of categorized folders, files, and directory structures available on
network servers. This policy is designed to inhibit the misplacement and/or misnaming of
company content on the shared drives, and to facilitate content retrieval.

Types of Content

Folders and files of documents and media are vital to the conduct of [company name]’s
business. All folders/files that directly pertain to the business of [company name] are
saved on the servers. The content of these folders/files can be, but is not limited to:

       Business reports
       Strategy plans
       Media (JPEGs, MPEGs, MP3s, GIFs, PDFs, etc.)
       Company templates or policies
       All work-in-progress documents
       Software installed by the IT Department
       Other shared files
       [Add or alter topics for any company- or industry-specific folders/files]

Content Classification

All content is entered into the network according to a preset taxonomy of topics,
categories, and subcategories. Without the proper hierarchical organization of content,
essential folders/files can be mislaid or accidentally destroyed, thus squandering valuable
time and company resources.

As such, it is of the utmost importance that employees do not reclassify, rename, or
relocate any content whatsoever without the explicit approval of [insert contact name
here]. Violations of this protocol will not be tolerated.

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