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									E-Mail Archiving and Retention Policy
Most organizations must archive copies of e-mail messages for legal, regulatory, and/or operational
reasons. [Company name] is committed to good business practice and upholding the laws and regulations
that govern its operation.

The goal of this policy is to outline [company name]’s proper procedures for archiving and retaining
electronic e-mail messages.

Relevant Laws and Regulations
The following local, federal, and industry laws, regulations, and directives have affected the development
of this e-mail archiving and retention policy:

             [List and describe law/regulation]
             [List and describe law/regulation]
             [List and describe law/regulation]

What Shall Be Archived
1.   Any e-mail message deemed a “business record” shall be archived and retained for a specified
     period of time. A business record is any print or electronic document created and maintained
     in the ordinary course of business. However, not every e-mail message constitutes a business
     record that must be kept. An e-mail and any of its attachments should be retained if it
     documents business activities that have evidentiary or reference value, or it is the sole copy of
     the information. This includes, for example, job offers, contract negotiations where final
     pricing is set, or a policy memo. It does not include, for example, in-progress drafts,
     discussions, or negotiations; received copies of policy memos where an original already
     exists; or non-business correspondence.

2.   Any e-mail that is required by law to be stored for legal reviews and/or audits will also be
     archived and retained for as long as the law demands. These messages will also be disposed of
     in accordance with any regulations governing [company name] and the industry in which it
     resides. Particular legal references include:

             [Describe legal/regulatory requirement here]
             [Describe legal/regulatory requirement here]
             [Describe legal/regulatory requirement here]
3.   Any and all archived e-mails will be tagged with metadata in order to make e-mail headers,
     content, attachments, and text fully searchable. In additi
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