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GPS Cell Phone Policy


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									GPS Cell Phone Policy
To allow the employees of [company name] to do their jobs effectively, some employees are entitled to
make use of cell phones for business purposes. This policy outlines the cell phone options supported by
[company name], guidelines for appropriate use, and other administrative issues relating to cell phone
acquisition and reimbursement. This policy was created in order to enhance employee safety, limit
corporate liability, and help manage telecommunications costs.

Eligible Users
All employees requiring the use of a company-owned cell phone for business purposes must go through an
application process that clearly outlines why the phone is required and what level of service the employee
needs should his/her application be accepted. Application forms must be approved and signed by the
employee’s unit or department head before submission to the IT department.

It is also possible for employees to use privately owned cell phones for business purposes. If this is the
case, the employee must get approval from their unit or department head to do so. This policy must also be
read and signed by the employee in question. All expense forms for reimbursement of cost incurred due to
business calls must be submitted to the appropriate unit or department head. Financial reimbursement for
these calls is not the responsibility of the IT department.

Global Positioning System Tracking
Each cell phone is embedded with a global positioning system (GPS) that tracks the location of the device
at all times. All data collected from the GPS unit is the property of [company name]. Employees are
entitled to view the data collected by the GPS unit embedded in their assigned cell phone. [Company name]
will use this data for the following activities only. All other uses of the data are strictly prohibited.

    1.   [Appropriate Use]

    2.   [Appropriate Use]

    3.   [Appropriate Use]

    4.   [Appropriate Use]

[Company name] will [not] use the data collected from the GPS units to monitor individual employee
performance. The data will [not] be used as evidence of non-performance and can[not] be used as a cause
for employee discipline or termin
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