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									Flowchart SOP Template
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
This template serves as an example of a flowchart Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for
preparing new SOPs. A flowchart SOP involves a higher level of detail and is best suited to more
complex tasks that require a lot of decision making. This document is meant as guidance and
should not be considered inclusive. Each unique enterprise must make changes as needed to
reflect its specific organization. Delete this and any other grey text and replace the information in
square brackets.

Title: Preparation of New Standard Operating Procedures

Security Level: Public                                               Document No.:

SOP Author/Owner                  SOP Approver                       Effective Date: 11/01/2007

Name:                             Name:                              Review Date: 11/01/2010

Signature:                        Signature:                         Supersedes: [Document No.

1. Purpose
Insert a brief description of what this document is to achieve. This SOP outlines in detail the steps
taken to prepare SOPs for [company name]. This procedure ensures consistency across SOPs.

2. Scope
Define to whom this document applies. This SOP applies to all employees of [company name].

3. Responsibilities
List the people responsible for complying with this document. More specific responsibilities can
be outlined in the procedural steps. The individual department managers are responsible for
ensuring that their direct reports are following this procedure. Review of the SOP is the
responsibility of the SOP author/owner. Other responsibilities are outlined in Section 8. For further
information on this SOP, please contact [SOP author/owner] at [e-mail address or other contact

4. Changes Since Last Revision
List any applicable changes.
      [Change 1]
      [Change 2]
      [Change 3]

5. Documents/Resources Needed for this SOP
Link to any documents and list any resources that are required to complete the procedure within
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