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National Initiatives to support Graduates

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									       Support for Graduates in the East of
       England: Summer 2009

       If you‟ve recently graduated, and are either job searching or re-thinking your
       career options in the current recession, this email is intended to help signpost
       you to some useful links. We‟ve tried to make it easy to search, with up to
       date information for a range of support programmes and projects funded by
       the public sector to give you the help you need to get the job you want.

1. East of England Initiatives                  9.    London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
2. National Initiatives                         10.   University Careers Services
3. Economic Challenge Investment Fund           11.   Financial Support and Benefits
4. Job vacancies for Graduates                  12.   Financial Services Careers
5. Post Graduate Study Information              13.   Public Service Opportunities
6. Overseas Study                               14.   Voluntary Sector Opportunities
7. Self Employment Information                  15.   Chartered Institutes Careers Links
8. Overseas Opportunities                       16.   Mentoring

       1. East of England Initiatives for Graduates

       GradsEast - Internships throughout the East of England in 2009 will be
       advertised through some specialist websites created specifically for the
       purpose of creating a link between graduates and employers. It is run by the
       university careers service and covers the East of England region,
       Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire. The
       website is financed by the universities and EEDA

       Graduates can search for vacancies and employers can advertise for
       graduates, this can be by region, category or type.

       Grads Norfolk is a project to support graduates and employers make the
       most of skills learned at university. It provides an advertisement site for
       employers to target graduates who would like to work in Norfolk but may have
       studied elsewhere.

       Employment skills and networking events are also run by Grads Norfolk to
       support graduates into employment.

         Document compiled within the East of England Skills and Competitiveness Partnership: a
       collaboration between the public, private and voluntary sector organisations responsible for
       increasing skills, employment and economic growth in the East of England
Grads Norfolk is supporting a project led by the University of East Anglia and
funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. With the
working title of ECIF (Economic Challenges Investment Fund), ECIF will
support recent graduates, those in middle management at risk of or facing
redundancy, and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Norfolk - in
response to the current economic climate.

2. National Initiatives for Graduates                         return to contents

Graduate Talent Pool is the new graduate internship programme. It is part of
a package of measures to support graduates to improve their employability
skills and support business at the same time.

      internships;
      postgraduate study;
      setting up their own enterprises;
      volunteering;
      Teach First;
      short Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) projects

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) If you want to apply your degree,
start a „real‟ job straight away and gain a professional qualification, then a
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is what you‟re looking for. You should
be inquisitive, bright and serious about getting ahead. Only the most
enthusiastic graduates need apply.

Shell STEP is the UKs leading nation-wide project based work placement
programme. Shell STEP brings together students and graduates who want to
gain valuable experience on real work placements with companies who want
an injection of fresh ideas, talent and enthusiasm to inspire and build their

National Graduate Development Programme is run by the Improvement
and Development Agency (IDeA) who receive funding to manage and develop
the NGDP. The programme is designed to put your vision and creative
thinking to use, and – by showcasing your talent – will give you the chance to
fast track your career and become a senior manager as quickly as possible.
Your work could take you in many different directions, and will enable you to
not only recommend change, but actually make it happen
3. Economic Challenge Investment Fund                          return to contents

The Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF) launched by HEFCE
(Higher Education Funding Council for England) to enable higher education to
respond rapidly to the needs of employers and individuals during the period of
economic downturn.

The ECIF will enable universities and colleges to provide tailored training,
development and professional support to vulnerable groups.

Anglia Ruskin University

ECIF Assists:
    Individuals under threat of redundancy
    Individuals who are newly unemployed
    New graduates
    Businesses whose workforces need skills development interventions
     to ensure survival/growth
    Businesses, particularly small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
    Businesses, including large firms that are promoting training and
     skills development as preparation for or an alternative to redundancy

For further details please contact Mrs Julia Marsh – Project Manager
(telephone: 0845 195 4965 or email:

University of Cambridge
The proposal will assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the
manufacturing sector to develop and grow their businesses through the use of
tools to audit high value production capability. 150 SMEs will benefit, with 60
Strategy and Capability projects provided. Match funding is provided by the
RDA, the Essex Development and Regeneration Agency, the Gatsby
Foundation and SME contributions.

Cranfield University

ECIF Assists:
    individuals impacted by economic downturn through redundancy or
      short term working
    businesses who require re-skilling and access to business re-
      engineering to enhance the competiveness of products.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) based sectors, targeted
sector specific re-skilling to enable redundant STEM employees to be able to
become employable where there are skills shortages.
University of East Anglia
A programme to support individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) in Norfolk through the recession and to help them into a stronger
position as the economy recovers.
ECIF Assists:
    Individuals in increasing relevant skills.
    Speed of return to work.
    Prevention of further redundancies and business closures through
       increased performance.
    Preparing businesses to be more successful in the future economy.

University Of Essex
Enhances Employment, Economic Growth and Self Employment across the
Thames/Haven Gateways – saving businesses, creating jobs and up-skilling
the vulnerable

ECIF Assists:
   The recently unemployed/redundant or those returning to work
   Recent graduates
   Small business trying to survive the downturn.
   Provides help for individuals in assessing their situation and directs
      them to the appropriate resources and skills training.
   Prepares individuals for employment in new areas, self employment
      and entrepreneurship; providing them with the training, motivation and
      analytic skills to succeed. If you are running a business or employed
      already, the university‟s activities will sharpen skills to survive and
      prosper, safeguarding jobs and incomes.

University of Hertfordshire

Will engage with 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to raise
awareness of and agree bespoke business support action plans, deliver
training courses, APEL and CPD programmes to enhance graduate
employability, for those in work and unemployed, and the implementation of a
business support network. Matched funding will be provided by the institution,
local Business Link, participant SMEs and other partners.

Norwich University College of the Arts
Norwich University College of the Arts is using the ECIF allocation to support
the project “ICE – Internships for Creative Enterprise.”
This will support internships for unemployed recent graduates (2007 and 2008
graduating years) as well as students who are about to graduate this year. It
is specifically targeted at the creative industries.
The funding will allow NUCA to provide up to 40 internships to recent
graduates and final year students. Many businesses in the creative industries
require additional graduate knowledge and skills in order to build their
business and contribute to the economy.

Writtle College
The College will support the local community and economy using this funding
to educate people at risk of redundancy, long term unemployed and
graduates who are looking to increase their employability.
Unemployed individuals or new graduates will be offered short course training
to enhance their employability to rural sector employers, focusing on
horticulture, equine and animal science, sustainable environment,
management, and design. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be able
to access additional support through workshops: matched funding from the

4. Job Vacancies for Graduates                                   return to contents

Jobcentre Plus for current job vacancies around the area. the specialist jobsite for careers in academic, research, science
and related professions. Since we launched in 1998, we have grown to
become the top recruitment site in our sector, attracting the most qualified
and talented people from the UK, Europe and across the world.

Jobs in the Further Education sector

Education sector vacancies

FE News and jobs

Opportunities for school and college leavers, including careers advice and job

Graduate Opportunities,,south.east,england/All/

Milkround graduate jobs and careers advice

Graduate Jobs and opportunities across the UK
UK Graduate Opportunities


5. Post Graduate Study Information                               return to contents

6. Overseas Study for Graduates                                  return to contents

7. Self Employment Information for Graduates                     return to contents

If you want to work for yourself, Business Link can help you put your start up
ideas into practice. For free help such as ideas, writing a business plan,
researching your marketing and setting up a website, visit
or call our information team on 08457 17 16 15.

Further information about becoming self employed!eFcmg

8. Overseas Opportunities for Graduates                          return to contents
9. London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games                      return to contents

Jobcentre Plus Olympic Recruitment Team on 0845 1552012

Vacancies around Olympics 2012

Construction vacancies

A list of suppliers to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic
Games (LOCOG)

Podium - the further and higher education unit for the 2012 games

10. University Careers Services for Graduates                    return to contents

If you don‟t live near your University, it is worth checking with your careers
adviser if your University has a reciprocal arrangement for access to careers
advice with the University near where you live. Many such arrangements do
exist, and it is worth asking.

„Prospects‟ state they are the UK's leading provider of information, advice and
opportunities to students and graduates. Their employment and postgraduate
study guides are available online, digitally, and in print from all UK careers
services, careers fairs and on campuses across the UK.
claims the busiest graduate careers website, with over 900,000 students and
graduates every month.

With over one million students and graduate registrants, the Prospects
portfolio can provide employers and postgraduate course providers with a
targeted audience of great breadth and depth, from all UK careers services,
careers fairs and on campuses across the UK.

Provides links to all University careers services across the UK. Includes
comprehensive job listings, web forums, information, advice and guidance!eLaXi

HERO - the official gateway to universities, colleges and research
organisations in the UK
11. Financial Support and Benefits for Graduates               return to contents

Details of working age benefits available

Advice on refreshing your skills or learning new ones: links to helpful

Education and Learning Advice, student finance

Professional and Career Development Loans
A Professional and Career Development Loan is a bank loan. Applicants
make an agreement with a participating bank to borrow an amount between
£300 and £10,000. The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) pays the interest on
the loan while the holder is studying and for one month afterwards.
Subsequently interest is payable at the rate fixed when the loan was taken
out. Interest rates on the loans are set so they‟re competitive with other
„unsecured‟ personal loans that are commercially available. In general these
loans can be used for:

      a postgraduate course, like a masters
      technical or management training
      a professional qualification
      a course at your local college or learning provider
      an additional bachelors degree (if you‟re already a graduate – NOT
       for a first degree)

Call 0800 585 505 for more information or to get an information/application


Student Financial help and Information

12. Financial Services Careers for Graduates                   return to contents

      Financial services Skills Council – specialist information on careers in
       financial services.

      Financial Services Authority advice and information on careers
      eFinancialCareers, serves the global financial community as the
       leading network of career sites for professionals working in banking
       and the financial markets and those firms seeking to employ them. For
       financial services professionals our mission is to provide the best job
       opportunities, job market news and analysis, salary surveys and career
       advice. With sites in 22 markets and 5 languages across North
       America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, our specialty focus
       and our audience of highly-skilled banking and finance professionals
       enable employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced candidates.

13. Public Service Opportunities for Graduates                return to contents

Ministry of Defence careers with links to Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and
Army careers

Careers in the Police service

Prison service Roles

Civil Service Roles

National Health Service jobs

Fire Service careers

14. Voluntary Sector Opportunities for Graduates              return to contents

COVER (Community and Voluntary Forum: Eastern Region) offers:
    Use of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) database, website and
    e bulletin as a brokerage vehicle to place unemployed graduates in
    VCS organisations as unpaid volunteers or in community programmes.

Sample opportunities that VCS organisations might offer:
     Administration - bookkeeping, accounting, filing, reception, word-
     Professional - marketing, accounting, project management, project
     research, fundraising, campaigning, ICT services, advocacy services
     Occupational - Health and Social Care services, social opportunity
     services, retail services, sports, arts, cultural, recreational services
     Expenses - volunteers would be paid out of pocket travel and
     subsistence expenses.
     Child/ Vulnerable adult protection - for work with children and or
     vulnerable adults CRB checks and vetting and barring checks would
     need to be carried out before any volunteering could begin.

Chief Executive COVER – Andy Cogan

Further information

15. Chartered Institutes careers links for Graduates             return to contents

Chartered Institute of Marketing
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Chartered Management Institute
Chartered Institute of Housing
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Chartered Institute of environmental health
Chartered Institute of Building
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Chartered Quality Institute

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Mentoring Link

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Mentoring link

16. Mentoring for Graduates                                      return to contents

Useful links to mentoring information

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