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					                       Thinking Through Geography

       Most Likely to……

Most likely to…… is a „mental model‟. It is metacogniton which means thinking
about thinking. This means assisting pupils to understand and identify patterns
and processes and to think about how to structure these patterns. The patterns
and the understanding of the processing is how the pupils will construct „mental
models‟ in their minds. They can then use these models to help them to process
future information about different subjects.

These models provide pupils with frameworks with which to examine and interpret new
situations. Pupils need to be encouraged to transfer their learning from one subject
context to another and to be shown how to apply the processing structure to other
subject information. Most Likely to… helps pupils to build their understanding of

The exercise also encourages pupils to think about and discuss with each other the
different characteristics of farms and will develop their oral and thinking skills in
collaboration with each other. They will be able to see the pattern of similarities and
differences emerging which will enable them to understand more clearly the
characteristics of different types of farms.
                     Thinking Through Geography

       Most Likely To….Freelands                      Farm or Lawers Farm ?
Previous Learning – The student will…….
   know the differences between marginal farming in upland areas and more productive
    farming in the more favoured lowland areas.
   be aware of the main causes of these differences.

“Most Likely to….” lesson -

Resources needed –
   sample list of statements for class discussion - to highlight that there may not be
    just one correct place for the label and to generate discussion required for task.
   resource sheet giving list of statements about the two farms
   worksheet to classify the statements

Class Activity –
In small groups (2-3), pupils are to decide …………………
 which of the statements most likely describes a hill sheep/mixed farm and which
   most likely describes a lowland arable farm.
 justify these choices, referring to soil, climate etc associated with each type of

     Differentiation –
   Amounts of statements to be sorted – use fewer statements for less able, and use
    only the more unambiguous statements.
   the more able should give more detailed justifications
   the more able should try to add to the list of statements for each farm, justifying
    these additional statements too.
                 Thinking Through Geography

Most likely to

Summer?                          Winter?

Which of these clothes are you most likely to wear in summer and which ones
                     are you likely to wear in winter?
     cotton t-shirt wool jumper quilted jacket boots shorts raincoat

      silk shirt gloves woollen scarf hooded jacket cotton dress

      short-sleeved blouse woollen tights sandals sundress fleece thick

      hat cropped trousers

      Place each item of clothing under the correct heading in the table below
      eg if you think sandals are most likely to be worn in summer write
      „sandals‟ under the „Summer‟ heading.

                             SUMMER                                   WINTER
                       Thinking Through Geography

Freelands Farm or Lawers Farm ?
Which of these 2 farms is             MOST LIKELY TO……………….

1.   …..cover large areas of countryside.

2. ….have a short growing season

3. ….use local stone for their buildings.

4. ….have enormous sheds for machinery.

5. ….have flat land.

6. …grow fodder cops to feed their own animals on their farm.

7. …have high rainfall figures.

8. …make hay from grass.

9. …depend on government subsidies.

10. ….use large amounts of fertilisers and pesticides.

11. …spend a lot on drainage ditches to control water levels.

12. …work till late at night in summer.

13. …pay quite a lot of vet‟s fees.

14. …have rain all year round.

15. …have soils that are low in nutrients.

16. …have a problem with foxes.

17. …use high technology.

18. ….welcome campers.

19. …pollute local streams

20. …have only a few workers.

21. …make really big profits some years.

22. …have an interrupted night‟s sleep in spring.

23. …take a sunshine holiday in winter.

24. …be owned by a big food processing company (like Birds Eye frozen foods).

25. …owns a combine harvester.
26. 2…has quite a lot of set aside land
27…finds damage done by frost in late spring
                 Thinking Through Geography

Freelands Farm or Lawers Farm ?

Which of these 2 farms is MOST LIKELY TO……………….

1…..cover large bits of land in the countryside.

2….have only a short growing season when it is warm enough for crops to grow.

3….have enormous sheds for all their machinery.

4….have flat land.

5…have lots of rainfall.

6…make hay from grass.

7…depend on government subsidies to get enough money to live on.

8….use a lot of fertilisers and pesticides.

9…pay quite a lot of vet‟s fees.

10…have rain all year round.

11…have soils that don‟t have many plant foods in them.

12….welcome campers.

13…have only a few workers.

14…make really big profits some years.

15…owns a combine harvester.

16…has quite a lot of set aside land.
                             Most likely to……….
   You have to sort out which of the statements on the resource sheet are most likely
                                                Lawers Farm
   to refer to a hill sheep/mixed upland farm like                  and which
   statements refer to an arable farm like Freelands Farm.

Task 1 - First, write down the numbers of the statements you have chosen for each
       farm in the boxes below.

   Lawers Farm                           Freelands Farm

Task 2 – Get these numbers checked.

Task 3 – Now copy out these correct statements below - first those for   Lawers
       Farm , then those for Freelands Farm.
       Try to explain try to explain why each of the sentences most likely fits that

Lawers Farm………….

   will cover large areas of land because
                 Thinking Through Geography
      Freelands Farm

will have large sheds for machinery   because