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					Presented at Wyoming Water Association 2007 Annual Meeting

          Brad Brooks, Clint Bassett and Marshall Payne
What is WYOWARN?
A network of Wyoming water and wastewater utilities that cooperatively prepare
for the next natural or man-made disaster by bridging political and jurisdictional
boundaries through a common, statewide mutual aid and assistance agreement.

The common, statewide mutual aid and assistance agreement establishes
protocols and responsibilities so that personnel, equipment and supplies may be
readily shared.
      National Preparedness Goal
Purpose is to help entities at all levels of government
develop and maintain the capabilities to prevent,
respond to, and recover from major events or incidents
of national significance.

WYOWARN helps utilities meet this goal
National WARN Programs
What kind of events do we face in Wyoming?
USGS earthquake hazard map
     Our water
  systems provide
• Safe drinking water. (Drinking
  water is listed twice in the top
  ten public health
  achievements. Once for the
  control of infectious diseases,
  #4, and again for fluoridation,
• Fire protection. (Our water
  delivery pipelines also provide
  water to fight fires.)
• Provide for businesses and
• Maintain the lifestyle we are
  accustomed to.
    It takes
In the event of an emergency, what
  would it take to restore service?
 Lessons we can derive from experiences in other places

• Utility operations and repair require specialized
  personnel familiar with technologies, local
  regulatory requirements and accustomed to local
  weather challenges.
• Utilities must be self-sufficient and fill the gap
  between event onset and arrival of other
  governmental aid.
• Customers can live without power or phone, but
  conditions degrade rapidly without water and
• Emergency response relies on water and
  wastewater services and is more efficient when
  resources are restored.
• Restoring water and wastewater service restores
  hope to a community struggling in the aftermath of
  a disaster.
  WYOWARN offers Utilities
• Common, statewide mutual aid and assistance
• Emergency access to Wyoming utility operators
  familiar with Wyoming water quality rules and
  regulations and prepared for Wyoming’s climate.
• A mutual aid and assistance program consistent
  with other statewide programs and consistent
  with the National Incident Management System.
• Resources to respond and recover quickly from
  natural and man-made events.
• A forum for developing and maintaining
  emergency contacts and relationships.
         How does WYOWARN work?

                                                          Federal Resources
                                     State Resources      Respond
                   WYOWARN Resources Respond
 Local Resources   Respond

Emergency                       Governor               Presidential    Recovery
Occurs                          Declaration            Declaration
How to Request Assistance
                 Call any other participating utility,
                 Committee Chair or Regional

                 •Brad Brooks, Cheyenne
                 •Jim Naquin, Casper
                 •Clint Bassett, Cheyenne
                 •Craig Barsness, SMP (NW)
                 •Diane Monahan, Gillette (NE)
                 •Shane White, Lander (C)
                 •Kevin Walker, Cokeville (SW)
                 •David Gies, Laramie (SE)
     How to Request Assistance

Provide the following information:

1.     The part of the water/wastewater system for
       which assistance is needed.
2.     The amount and type of personnel,
       equipment, materials and supplies needed.
3.     An estimate of the length of time personnel,
       materials and supplies will be needed.
4.     Present and forecasted weather conditions.
5.     A specific time and place to meet.
6.     Special constraints such as fuel availability,
       supplies, lodging, meals, support, medical
       facilities, security, communications, etc.
 How to respond to a request
       for assistance
1.   Evaluate ability to respond (some events such
     as earthquake, storm or illness may impact an
     entire region).
2.   Evaluate willingness to respond. Response is
     voluntary. No utility is obligated to provide
3.   Inform requesting utility of ability and
     willingness to respond.
4.   Describe what personnel, equipment, and/or
     supplies can respond.
5.   Describe how long personnel, equipment
     and/or supplies can respond.
     How to join WYOWARN
1.   Download the statewide mutual aid and assistance agreement, project
     description, resolution (if needed) and the brochure.
2.   Submit for the mutual aid and assistance agreement and resolution for
     approval and signature.
3.   Once signed, send a signed copy of the mutual aid and assistance
     agreement to the statewide chair.
 The Mutual Aid and
Assistance Agreement
 The Mutual Aid and
Assistance Agreement
 The Mutual Aid and
Assistance Agreement
 The Mutual Aid and
Assistance Agreement
 The Mutual Aid and
Assistance Agreement