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					VoIP Power Worksheet
The following numbers are generic in nature, do not account for specific computing
environments, and are provided as general guidelines only. Be absolutely sure to consult
vendor specifications and wattage figures before planning power and cooling initiatives
for IP telephony applications and hardware.

IDF/Wiring Closet Heat Output Calculations
While switches may draw on a high number of Watts to power themselves, they will
produce fewer Watts dissipated as heat within the wiring closet. All figures in the table
below are in Watts (W).

Item                             Required Figures         Calculation      Subtotal
Switches (non-PoE-capable)       Total input power        Same as total
                                                                           ______ Watts
                                                          load power
Switches (PoE-capable)           Input power              0.6 x input
                                                                           ______ Watts
Power units                      Input power              0.4 x input
                                                                           ______ Watts
Lighting                         Power rating of all      Same as power
                                                                           ______ Watts
                                 working lights           rating
UPS                              Power rating (not        0.09 x UPS
                                                                           ______ Watts
                                 load) of the UPS         power rating
                                                                           ______ Watts

IDF/Wiring Closet Recommendations
Based on your final total calculated in the table above, use the recommendations below to
determine a suitable course of action for cooling down the IDFs and/or wiring closets that
house VoIP cabling and switches.

Total Heat Output                                    Recommendations
Less than 100 W                  If much of the airspace is conditioned by the
                                  facility’s HVAC system, then no action is

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Info-Tech Research Group                                                               2004
                                      If the IDF/wiring closet’s airspace is not fed by
                                       an HVAC system, then a small, independent
                                       HVAC w
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