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					Evaluate Server Moves
Use this template to determine the work required to move your servers. By determining this ahead of time,
you can ascertain how far ahead of the move the servers should be relocated.

             Step                  Time (hrs)          Difficulty Level       Outcome Notes
                                                       (i.e. Complex.
                                                       Medium, Easy)

  Application testing

  Application backups

  Second server backup

  Determine server shutdown
  and restart order

  Disconnection of server(s)

  Pack server(s)

  Physically move server(s)

  Reconnect server(s)

  Restart server(s) in
  predetermined order

  OS reconfiguration (if

  Application restoration

  Verify application restoration

  Reconfigure network and

  Secure network and verify

  Apply policies and verify

  Set up server and network

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