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									Letter of Agreement
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
Use this template to develop a Letter of Agreement with a supplier. This Letter serves as a
replacement for a contract in simple cases, or as an interim agreement that allows urgent work to
start while a contract is being finalized. Complete the specific information suggested in the

Letter Template
[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Company]
[Sender’s Address – Line 1]
[Sender’s Address – Line 2]


[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Company]
[Recipient’s Address – Line 1]
[Recipient’s Address – Line 2]

Dear [recipient’s name],

Thank you for agreeing to provide [contracting/consulting] services to [sender’s company name].
This letter summarizes our discussion that took place on [date] regarding this project, and will
serve as an agreement reached between us.

Definitions: [optional]

The following are definitions of key terms that will be used in this document and throughout the
project in question:

        [List and define term]
        [List and define term]

Participants: [optional]

At this time, subcontracting of parts of this project will/will not take place. The following individuals
will be participating in this project, and are therefore covered by this agreement:

        [Name individual and role]
        [Name individual and role]


The goal of this project is [define goals and objectives of the project here. If there is insufficient
room, then attach a separate document and make referen
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