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									IT Contract
This template provides a structure and guidelines for developing an IT contract. The type of content that
should appear in each section is described in detail, but is not drafted for you since the content will vary
substantially from company to company.

Work Description
This is where you communicate your vision of the end result of the contractor/consultant’s work. Give a
global description of the type of work to be completed and overall goals to be achieved by the contractor or
consultant. If they will be engaged in a specific project, describe the project and his/her role in its

Work Objectives
Map out the specific deliverables (or outputs) to be completed by the contractor or consultant. It’s
important to define what the deliverable entails, what you expect it to “look like” when completed, how
completion will be measured, and who will sign off on it.

Contractor’s Responsibilities
This section will detail major steps and/or specific tasks to be completed by the contractor or consultant.
Include information on checkpoints, signoffs, or payments associated with each step.

Client’s Responsibilities
Write down what you and your organization will need to do to allow the contractor or consultant to
complete his or her work. This step essentially spells out in advance your company’s commitment to
providing resources and support.

Performance Guarantee
Explain your performance requirements, including professional behavior as well as performance of outputs
required from the contractor or consultant. Also detail the process for correcting any performance problems
or errors, including timeframes for correction and steps that will be taken if performance problems are not

Specify how, when, and how much the contractor or consultant will be paid. This could be a fixed hourly
rate, or a phased payment schedule based on completion of deliverables. Be specific on the terms of

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