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					Internal Service Level Agreement

This service level agreement template was developed by “the world's
premiere Service Level Management learning community” It provides a general
description of the intent of the service level agreement as well as the owners, approval
and review process, and a definition of the terms used in the document. The Info-Tech
Research Group has created this Microsoft Word document template based on HTML document found here. We have also added space for signatories at
the bottom of the document.

To customize this template, remove this (blue text) statement and enter your information
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1.0 Statement of Intent
This service level agreement (SLA) documents the characteristics of an IS service that is
required by a business function as they are mutually understood and agreed to by
representatives of the owner groups. The purpose of the SLA is to ensure that the proper
elements and commitment are in place to provide optimal data processing services for the
business function. The owner groups use this SLA to facilitate their planning process.
This agreement is not meant to override current procedures, but to complement them.
Service levels specified within this agreement are communicated on a monthly basis to
the owner group representatives.

1.1 Approvals
Table A.1 shows which business groups and IS groups share ownership of the service,
and their representatives have reviewed and approved this SLA.

     Ownership Type              Organizational Group             Representative
Business Function             Name of business              Business unit representative
                              unit supported by
                              this service
IS Service                    Name of service               Service manager
Computing Services            Support team for service      Team leader

Table A.1 Organization Representation

1.2 Review Dates
Last Review: date of last SLA review
Next Review: scheduled date for next SLA review

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