Anti-Spam Testing Scorecard

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                                                                                  Anti-Spam Testing Scorecard
                                                                                                               About This Tool

This scorecard is in three parts:
   1. Part I can be copied and distributed to all testers.
   2. Part II is for IT personnel involved in installing and supporting the product for the test. (Note: These may also fill out Part I if they test the product.)
   3. Part III allows you to enter aggregate numbers for all testers.

Five competing products are assumed. However, you can add as many additional columns as you like. Part III is your final comparative scorecard for all products. This scorecard is based on the criteria outlined in the Info-Tech Advisor articles
"Metrics for Anti-Spam Testing" and "Best Practices for Testing Anti-Spam Solutions". For more, also see these white papers and articles.

Title                                            Source
        "How to Test An Anti-Spam Solution"      MailFrontier
        "An approach to anti-spam testing"       LOOP
        "Spam Filters"                           ConsumerSearch
        "Test: Spam in the Wild"                 NetworkWorldFusion
        "The Anti-Spam Buyer's Guide"            Info Security
        "How to develop spam defenses"           IT Week
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                                  Anti-Spam Testing Scorecard
                                                          Part I: User Evaluation
Name of Product:
Name of Participant:

1. Overall Feedback
            In the table below, enter a value between 0 and 5 to represent your rating of the following criteria where zero is strongly disagree and five is strongly

Criteria:                                                                                            Rating 0 to 5                            Example

Overall E
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