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Minutes of the Board Meeting - DOC


									                                      Minutes of the Board Meeting

                                  Held on Monday 10th August 2009
                                 Location Focus Centre, Peterborough
                                            Start 7.30pm
                                             End 8.55pm

In Attendance: R L Evans (Chairman), N Vasey (Referee/Facilities Director), W Newey (Development
Director), M Croson, A Mutton, L D’Errante, C Wilson, M Boyden, G Phillips, D Stapleton, M Neale, C
Serluca, P Spridgeon and P Clarke

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the August meeting.

Apologies Received: J Rickards, G Exton, D Barfoot, K Fawcett, G Adams (Disciplinary Director), M
Starkey, Councillor K Sharp (Finance Director), M Chambers & R Senior

Call to Order – Quorum Present

A) Matters Arising

Board Minutes
1) AOB 8th June 2009 Minutes - Amendment item 6 - Graham Phillips to receive presentation at AGM

Directors Minutes
No Matters Arising

Disciplinary Minutes
1) Matters Arising 16th June 2009 Minutes - After the withdrawal of Sutton Bridge United Football
Club. Sutton Bridge United Football Club where asked to attend interview with Chairman and
Disciplinary Director, Sutton Bridge United Football Club declined invitation. Club fined as per Ruling –
Fines Paid.

Graham Phillips again stated his concerns with the new League Structure.

Minutes of all meeting signed as a true record.

          Confidential                                Page 1                               2/18/2010
B) Chairman of the Board Report

 1) Event Calendar
        Meeting                  Date                                      Attending
National League System        11th August      G Philips & N Vasey
FA Meeting
PFA                           12th August      W Newey

Liaison Committee –                14th        M Croson & G Phillips
Peterborough United            September
Development                        16th        W Newey, A Mutton, G Exton, K Sharp, G Adams, C Serlura,
                               September       M Neale, N Vasey, D Barfoot, M Chambers & R Senior
PFAYCC Management                 22nd         W Newey & M Croson
Board                         12th October     All Directors, Board members & Life members

Inter League Match vs.         6th October     Focus Centre 7.45pm Kick Off
Northampton Town
Inter League Match vs.        27th October     Focus Centre 7.45pm Kick Off
Northampton Comb

 Reports from Previous Event Calendar
      Meeting          Date                                   Reporting
UCL AGM             10th June    G Phillips gave a detailed report regarding ground grading with
                                 regards to Step 5,6 & 7.
PFA                 10th June    W Newey – Proposal that the Innova Trust are looking at taking
                                 over the lease of the Centre - Details to follow
PFA Inter League    23rd June    W Newey & M Neale – Meeting Cancelled

Centre Management         30th June &    M Croson & W Newey (Race for Life/Holiday)
                          28th July      Nothing to report

B) Discipline Directors Report

                         August           August
                          2009             2008
Transfer                    0           Not Reported
Registrations             1040          Not Reported

1) Clubs who have not registered 11 players by 1st August
     Peterborough Sports Parkway Football Club – Letter Received and discussed
     Guyhirn Football Club – Email received and discussed
     Warboys Town Football Club
The above Clubs will be fined £20 for not registering 11 players by the 1 st August 2009-08-11

C) Referee/Facilities Director

No Report

          Confidential                                 Page 2                               2/18/2010
D) Finance Director

HSBC Current Account £8540
HSBC Deposit Account £5000
Petty Cash £0

1) Clubs owing monies: -
     Caster & Ailsworth – Email received and discussed
     Ketton
     Peterborough Sports Parkway – Letter received and discussed
     SSPIO
The above Clubs will be fined £25 for not paying their Subscription by the 31 st July 2009.

2) Grants received from Peterborough City Council for Special Project £300 and Capital Expenditure

3) Mike Croson requested that expense remittance to be issued.

E) Development Director Report

Next meeting 16th September 2009

F) Fixture Secretary Report

There have been problems with August Fixtures due to grounds being closed at late notice. All Clubs
had been informed several times that Premier Clubs must start in August. Ground Availability Forms
not to be sent out next year.

G) General Correspondence

1) Letter received from Stamford & District Referees’ Association thanking the League for sponsoring
their Race Night – Acknowledged

2) Letter received from Oundle Town Football Club thanking the League for the Sportsmanship
Trophy, also Alan Eden thanking the League for the Assistant Referee Award – Acknowledged.

3) Email received from the FA sanctioning for the 2009/10 season – Acknowledged.

4) Email received from Crowland Town FC requesting change of colours for their Club – 1st Team
Burgundy Shirts, White Shorts & Burgundy Socks and Reserve Team to all Red – Accepted

5) Minutes received from The Eagle Bitter UCL, AGM Minutes Northampton Town League, PFAYCC
Management Committee, PFAYCC Management Meeting, Lincolnshire FA Minutes, Lincolnshire FA AGM
Minutes, Peterborough FA Minutes, Peterborough FA AGM Minutes,

H) Any Other Business

1) Doddington United Football Club were invited to meet members of the Board to discuss their
withdrawal from the League, Doddington United Football Club attended meeting. Fines to stand and
payment received.

2) The League representatives where warmly welcomed at the Kings Cliffe Presentation Night on the
11th June, and had a very enjoyable evening.

3) Amendment to the Code of Hospitality (page 17 Handbook) Any Sandwiches should be served in
either the hospitably room or that part of the Club House designated, not in Changing Rooms.

          Confidential                                Page 3                               2/18/2010
4) Peter Goodhand Shield – Winners to be listed in the 2010 Handbook.

Office Opening Time until 5th September 2009
   Monday         Tuesday        Wednesday                  Thursday              Friday            Saturday
    Closed          9–4            Closed                     9–3                9 – 3.30            9.30 - 6

Office Opening Hours from 7th September 2009 onwards
   Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday                           Friday            Saturday
   9 – 2.45       9 – 2.45        9 – 2.45      9 – 2.45                         9 – 2.45            9.30 - 6

              The next meeting of the Board will be held on Monday 12th October 2009.
                            Location PFAYCC, Peterborough at 7.30pm.

R L Evans                                                     K Sharp
Chairman of the Board                                         Finance Director

Handbook Alterations

Peterborough Sport Parkway Football Club – First Team Manager Dave Stratton, 22 Blenheim Way,
Yaxley PE7 3WF 07894759728

Sawtry Football Club – First Team Manger Neil Farrington 45 Deerpark Road, Sawtry 07912382910

Ramsey Town Football Club – Secretary Roger Housden 07976987559, First Team Manager Brett
Whaley 07834699759, Reserve Team Manager – Dave Skidmore 07764324356, A Team Manager Neil
Manchett 07854695522

Warboys Town Football Club – Secretary/Fixture Secretary Paul King, 50 Ramsey Road, Warboys,
Huntingdon PE28 2RW 07971020432

Leverington Sport Football Club – Managers Wayne Garner 07719668901, Kevin Burton
07745700436, Michael Bothemley 07961805294

Holbeach United – Assistant Manager Adam Kirk 07706571409

Peterborough Sports Parkway Football Club – First Team Manager Dave Stratton 07894759728

Warboys Town Football Club – First Team Manager Andrew Burling 1 Warren Court, St Ives, PE27
5WE 07773603948

Alconbury FC – Fixture Secretary Rod Willson, 24 Werrington Grove, Werrington, Peterborough PE4
6NT 01733 320084 07880538062

                  For up to date Club Details please check the League Website

         Confidential                                Page 4                                 2/18/2010

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