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									The Stock Market Game Training

4:30 - 4:45   Welcome and Introductions

4:45 - 5:15   Overview of SMG and Classroom

5:15 - 6:15   SMG Online Hands-On Session

6:15 - 6:20   InvestWrite Competition

6:20 - 6:30   Training Wrap Up and Questions
Who Am I?
      Janice Peterson, Center for Economic Research
        and Education of Central California

Who Are You?

How Comfortable Are You with the Stock Market?

Not Very                  Somewhat                      Very
Comfortable                Familiar               Comfortable
An Innovative Educational Experience
       • Simulation of real-life investing
       • Tool for application of basic academic skills
       • Replicates vital life decisions
       • Integration of current events

Online Library of Standards-Based Lessons
       • Correlated to National and CA State Standards
       • Differentiated learning meeting all levels

Program Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Proven Classroom Tool
       • Builds interest and understanding of real world
       • Engages and motivates
• Teams of 2- 5 students are formed.
• Portfolios are accessed with team ID and password.
• Each team gets $100,000 to invest.
• Trading of stocks/ mutual funds on the NYSE, AMEX,
    * Must have traded within last 7 days

• Must use ticker symbol to place a trade.
• Trades are priced in real time.
• Must have price of at least $5 per share.
• Buy orders must be a minimum of 100 shares.
    * Sell orders for less than 100 shares will be permitted.

• Trades must be processed in whole.
    * Trades will be rejected without sufficient buying power.

• 2% broker fee is charged on each trade.
• Game runs Monday through Friday

• Initial transaction required for regional rankings listing.

• Portfolio liquidation not required at game end.

• Winners are based portfolio’s performance compared to the
     - 15 week Game - Must trade by February 20 to be eligible for prizes
     - 10 Week Game - Must trade by March 27 to be eligible for prizes

• Stock and cash dividends are automatically computed.

• No more than 30% of total equity x2 can be invested in
  any one company.
Determine Amount of Class Time to Dedicate
• Daily, Weekly, “Front-heavy”
• Computer Access and Frequency

Establish a Solid Foundation for Your Students
• Conduct Pre-Game Lessons
• Provide opportunity to explore SMG site and web
• Ensure understanding of key concepts
Organize Teams and Set Up Classroom
• Determine Students per Team
• Designate Student Roles (investment committees)
• Trading Days, Newspapers, Station for team folders, etc.
Set Goals and Objectives for the Class
• Set Purpose and Outcomes
• Articulate Expectations
• Discuss Evaluation (portfolios, testing, performance,
  group presentations)
Stock Market Game Resources
• CORE Lessons
• Other Publications (curriculum)
• Miscellaneous Teacher Resource Center materials

Current Events
• Local Newspapers
• Online news sources
• Television news sources

Online News and Research Sites
• Hoovers.com
• Yahoo! Finance (finance.yahoo.com)
• CBS Marketwatch (cbsmarketwatch.com)
• Business Week (www.businessweek.com/investor)

Stock Exchange Websites
• nasdaq.com
• nyse.com
• amex.com
Logging in to the Teacher Support Center
Teachers Guide
• Tips on Organizing your Class
• SMG Rules and Quiz for Students
• Tips on Beginning Research
• Ideas for Team Folders - Evidence of Learning
• Teaching Strategies

Understanding Student Portfolios
• Overview of Student Portfolios
• PowerPoint Presentations for You and Your Students
• Student Portfolio Quiz

Rules of the Game
• Overview of the Rules

Related Links
• Internet Sites for Use
Lessons & Activities/ Lesson Sequencing
• 12 CORE Lessons
• Lesson Sequencing
• Standards Correlated

• Curriculum Units
• In the News
• Stock Talk

Projects and Assessments
• “Over-Arching” Projects: Globalization, Ethics, Mutual Funds
• Pre-Post Tests
• Assessment Rubrics

Investor Background
• History of the Market
• How Stocks are Bought and Sold
• Types of Securities: Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
• Dictionary of Financial Terms
View Rankings and Portfolios
• Ability to See Rankings of Your Teams
• Link to Each Student Portfolio

Change Password
• Ability to Change Your Password

• Hints on Solving Problems

Help Desk
• Use to Resolve Access and Portfolio Problems

Participation Certificates
• Customized Student Achievement Certificates
• SMG registered students are eligible.
• Grade level divisions for essays:
       - Elementary (4-5)
       - Middle (6-8)
       - High (9-12)

• Essay topics introduce and relate to investment
principles linked to the SMG Program.
• Writing topics can be used as in-class or homework
• Chances to win gift certificates, laptop computers,
trips to New York and Disney World.
• Learn more at www.investwrite.info
Regional Winners each game period
       High School
       Middle School
       Elementary School

Overall California State Winners
(from both game periods)
       High School
       Middle School
       Elementary School
Virtual Enterprise (through Sacramento)
Rachel Barajas - 619-227-9719

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