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           2009 QUILL AWARDS


     DEADLINE: MARCH 18, 2010
          Demonstrate your creative and strategic planning

                                                               how to
          skills and increase your credibility. Bronze Quill

          award-winning projects bring value and measurable

1 46
          benefits to communicators and their organizations.

Step One: Choose a Division and Category       Step Four: Complete an Entry Form and   Step Six: Submit Your Entry
(See Divisions & Categories, Pages 4-7)        Payment                                 The final deadline for submissions
Choose from among 27 categories                (See Entry Form, Page 9)                is 8 p.m., Wednesday, March 18.
in three divisions that best                                                           Submitted entries become
                                               Provide information about
represents your entry. Your project                                                    property of IABC New Orleans and
                                               yourself, the entry and your
must have been produced for                                                            will not be returned.
primary use between February
2, 2009 - February 1, 2010.                                                            Entries that do not meet all
                                               After all of your entries are
This should be demonstrated                                                            the guidelines above will be
                                               registered, you MUST include
through the Work Plan and Work                                                         disqualified with no refund.
                                               a hard copy of the payment
Sample. If your project spans                                                          Judges reserve the right to
                                               summary receipt in the front
multiple years, it must have been                                                      award more than one Award of
                                               pocket of each entry binder.

completed within these dates to                                                        Excellence or Award of Merit in
be considered.                                 EARLY BIRD RATE: Entry and fee          each Division.
                                               received by March 11
Step Two: Complete a Work Plan                 $25 Students                            Send entries with your online
(See Preparing Your Work Plan, Pages 2-3)      $45 Members                             payment summary receipt or
                                               $50 Recently-lapsed members             check (if applicable) to:
Work Plans must be submitted
                                               $60 Non-members
in hard and digital copies.
                                                                                       BRONZE QUILL AWARDS
Depending on the division,
                                               PROCRASTINATOR RATE: Entry              IABC New Orleans
you are entering, Work Plan
                                               and fee received by March 18            c/o Meghan Legaux
requirements and length may
                                               $30 Students                            5832 S. Galvez St.
vary. The weighting of the Work

                                               $60 Members                             New Orleans, LA 70125
Plan final score differs in each
                                               $65 Recently-lapsed members             504.495.1894
division. Management – 50%;

                                               $75 Non-members
Skills – 40%; Creative – 25%. Your
Work Plan must meet IABC’s code                                                        Step Seven: Prepare to Go Mad! Attend the
of ethics (available at             Step Five: Prepare TWO Entry Binders    2010 Awards Ceremony in May
                                               Compile your hard copy entry and        (See What Happens Next, Page 11)
Step Three: Prepare a Work Sample              submit in two copies in three-ring      Enjoy your accomplishment
(See Preparing Your Work Plan, Page 8)         binders (maximum 2-inch spine).         and bask in the glow of peer
Include a hard copy of your                    Include the Work Plan, Work             recognition. Plan to attend
Work Sample with applicable                    Sample and payment or proof of          the 2010 Bronze Quill Awards
exhibits. Include original                     online payment. Each entry must         Ceremony in May to honor the
material whenever possible. The                be in its own binder. Clearly label     winners.
weighting of the Work Sample                   each entry binder with the entry
final score varies in each division:           name, Division number and name
Management – 50%; Skills – 60%;                and Category number and name.
Creative – 75%.
   IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                                      1
     ELEMENTS                                                   The key to an award-winning entry is organizing
                                                                and presenting your work to provide a representative

      of theWORK                           PLAN
                                                                overview of your project. Think of it as an executive
                                                                summary of your communications strategy and an
                                                                explanation of its implementation and outcome.

Format                                                  done for your organization, include the name of the
Work plans must be typed, on 8.5 x 11-inch pages,       organization for which the project was designed. If
no columns, with at least 1/2-inch margins and a        you are no longer affiliated with the organization the
minimum font size of 10 points.                         project was designed for, or are an outside supplier
   • Communication Management                           (e.g., an agency or freelancer), you must include the
     Work plans must not exceed four pages              organization’s written approval of the project on
                                                        their company letterhead along with your entry.
   • Communication Skills
     Work plans must not exceed three pages             4. Title of entry: Choose a name that clearly
    • Communication Creative                            describes your entry.
      Work plans must not exceed two pages
All entries must be contained within a 2-inch or        5. Division and category: List the division number
smaller binder. The only exception is when a single     and name (e.g., Division 2, Communication Skills)
piece of your work sample critical to the entry         and category (e.g., Category 19, Audiovisual) for your
exceeds the dimensions. Example: 3D item, book or       entry. See the list of categories for more information
display. You may package the entry to accommodate
your work sample, but any supporting material must      6. Time period of project: Specify when the
meet the size requirements.                             communication project took place.

How to label your work plan                             7. Brief description: Provide a one- or two-sentence
List the following information at the top of your 2-,   description of your entry.
3- or 4-page work plan and not on a separate page:

1. Contact name: Give only one name. This must          Work plans for Communication
be the person who was principally responsible for       Management and Communication Skills
the development, management and execution of            To write work plans for Divisions 1 and 2, use the
the entry. The contact name on the entry form must      following format (including these headings):
match the name on work plan. (There is a space
on the entry form for how you’d like the names          1. Need/opportunity. What need or opportunity
to appear on the award. Please use this space if        did your communication project address? Clearly
you’d like to add other names, or a team name for       describe the issues the organization faced, and
recognition.)                                           outline any impact these issues had on performance,
                                                        reputation, image, profits, participation, etc.
2. Entrant’s organization: Give the name of your        Highlight any formal or informal research
organization.                                           findings that support your analysis of the need or
3. Client organization or outside agency (if
applicable): If the work you are submitting was not     2. Intended audience(s). Identify your primary

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                                  2
audience and any other audiences. What was               sales targets or the number of qualified sales leads,
the audience’s state of mind? What key audience          rather than just measuring the number of clips and
characteristics did you take into account when           impressions or advertising value equivalent. If your
developing your solution? Consider psychographic         challenge was to improve employees’ understanding
as well as demographic characteristics. Describe         of an issue, you must show that their knowledge
any research you did to better understand your           increased as a result of the communication plan you
audience.                                                implemented.

3. Goals and objectives. Goals describe what
your communication project was designed to               Work plans for Communication Creative
accomplish. Choose one or two key goals to describe      To write work plans for Division 3, use the following
in detail. These goals should be aligned with your       format (including these headings):
organization’s future needs. Objectives should
be realistic and measurable, and should examine          1. Project summary. Give an overview of your
outcomes such as quantity, quality, time, cost,          project. What business need or opportunity did your
percentages, etc. These measures are often financial,    solution address?
but not always. If your measurements are not
financial, be sure to note this in your description.     2. Intended audience(s). Identify your primary
                                                         audience and other audiences. Describe the key
4. Solution overview. Outline your project’s solution    characteristics (needs, preferences, demographics,
and the logic that supported it. Tell us why you did     etc.) that you took into account when developing
what you did. The solution should demonstrate            your solution. Describe any research you did on your
your thought process, imagination and approach           audience.
to problem solving. Discuss how you involved
stakeholders in developing the solution. Identify key    3. Objectives. What were your project’s creative
messages. Present the tactics and communication          objectives? What outcome did you target? How
vehicles you used. Identify your role in the project     did your creative objectives contribute to your
and your level of involvement and responsibility.        organization’s business need or opportunity?

5. Implementation and challenges. State your             4. Key messages/theme. What messages or themes
project budget. It does not matter if the budget was     were most critical to convey? State your key
small. Show that you made efficient use of money.        messages or themes.
Discuss time frames. Describe any limitations or
challenges that you faced when communicating             5. Creative rationale. Summarize the creative
and implementing your ideas. (Judges are looking         solution and the logic that supported it. Tell us why
for flexibility and a capacity to resolve problems and   you did what you did. Describe how your solution
negotiate solutions.) Note any special circumstances     demonstrates insight and imagination. Identify your
and discuss how they were addressed.                     role in the project and your level of involvement and
6. Measurement/evaluation of outcomes. How did
you measure your results? Every result should be         6. Results. In what way did you achieve your project’s
linked to one or more objectives. Results must be        objectives? How did your creative solution address
shown to be valuable, thorough and convincing.           the business need or opportunity? Demonstrate the
Measurement should demonstrate outcomes,                 effectiveness of your solution by showing increases
not outputs. For example, if your media relations        in sales, traffic, participation or other quantifiable
campaign was designed to support a product roll-         outcomes. Discuss your budget, resources and time
out, you should measure bottom-line figures about        frames, and show efficient use of each.

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                      3

         When entering your work, be sure to choose your division
         and category carefully. You must choose one that best fits
         your entry. Judges use the divisions and categories to assess
         whether your entry achieved its goals.
Review the list of categories below and select the                       Communication Skills or Communication Creative
appropriate category or categories for your entry. If                    divisions.
you are unsure, please contact the coordinator for
the category closest to your entry.                                      Category 1: GOVERNMENT RELATIONS
                                                                         Programs targeted at government bodies and
The divisions and categories help the judges to                          government agencies.
assess whether your entry achieved its goals. If your
entry is clearly submitted to the wrong category, you                    Category 2: COMMUNITY RELATIONS
may be disqualified, and your entry fee will not be                      Programs targeted at community audiences,
returned. The judges recognize that some entries fit                     including nonprofit and volunteer organizations.
in several categories and may permit some latitude
in such cases.                                                           Category 3: CUSTOMER RELATIONS
                                                                         Programs targeted at customer audiences, including
Multiple categories                                                      customer relationship management and customer
The same project, or parts of a project, may be                          research.
submitted in different categories. You should,
however, create a distinct work plan for each entry                      Category 4: INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION
(i.e., do not write one work plan and submit it to                       Programs targeted at international audiences,
more than one category). You may submit as many                          including multinational consumers and international
entries as you wish, but separate fees apply for each                    organizations, as well as programs undertaken by
entry.                                                                   multinational bodies (such as the European Union or
The Communication Management division covers                             Category 5: MEDIA RELATIONS
projects, programs and campaigns that are guided                         Programs that used the news media as the main
by a communication strategy. Entries to this division                    channel for reaching target audiences.
can be initiated by any type of organization, from
governments and retail companies to services                             Category 6: MULTI-AUDIENCE COMMUNICATION
such as utilities and health care. Entrants must                         Programs targeted at more than one internal and/or
demonstrate how their project applied a full range                       external audience.
of planning and management skills, including
research, analysis, strategy, tactical implementation                    Category 7: MARKETING COMMUNICATION
and evaluation. Entries may include a combination                        Programs aimed at marketing products and/or
of communication materials.                                              services to an external audience.

Note: Individual elements of a communication                             Category 8: ISSUES MANAGEMENT AND CRISIS
program, such as brochures, web sites and                                COMMUNICATION
newsletters, can also be entered in the                                  Programs targeted at external and/or internal

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                                      4
audiences that address trends, issues and/or              customer event or employee appreciation event
attitudes that have a significant impact on an            would be eligible.
organization, such as labor relations, crises, mergers,
acquisitions, public policy or environmental              Category 14: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (formerly
concerns.                                                 ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
Category 9: EMPLOYEE/MEMBER COMMUNICATION                 Programs targeted at communities, governments or
Programs targeted at employee or member                   funding agencies. Programs in this category address
audiences. This category includes programs                sustainable development or other economic, social
that create awareness and influence opinion               or environmental issues. They include international
or behavioral change, and those focused on                aid, public awareness, corporate social responsibility,
management communication, ethics, morale,                 economic revitalization, cultural preservation,
internal culture or change management.                    education, literacy, health, poverty reduction,
                                                          employment, and indigenous and heritage
Category 10: HUMAN RESOURCES AND BENEFITS                 protection programs.
Programs targeted at employee or member                   Category 15: MULTILINGUAL COMMUNICATION
audiences that deal with health and welfare,              Programs targeted at bilingual and/or multilingual
savings and pension, stocks and compensation, or          audiences, including non-native language speakers.
recruitment and retention.
                                                          Category 16: ELECTRONIC AND DIGITAL
PROCESSES                                                 These programs are computer-based
This category is for programs that develop new            communication projects produced for internal or
strategic approaches to communication within an           external audiences that primarily use electronic
organization. They may include brand and culture          production and/or delivery tools. These tools include
audits, strategic messaging, employee and market          electronic newsletters, electronic annual reports,
research, competitive benchmarking and audience           web sites and intranet sites. This category includes
analysis. This category also includes training            predominantly one-way electronic communication:
programs that enhance communication within an             published content that audiences access online.
organization or among key audiences.                      Please consider carefully whether your program fits
                                                          this category or Category 17, Social Media.
This category includes strategies for new brands          Category 17: SOCIAL MEDIA
and for repositioning existing brands. Winners in         These programs encompass a quickly evolving
this category demonstrate the research used to            range of new tools and practices that allow
shape brand changes. Programs include brand               individuals and groups to collaborate and share
architectures, changes to corporate identities and        knowledge and experiences online. These tools
design solutions that address the challenges of           and practices intend to engage a public (whether
brand communication.                                      internal or external) in conversation, as opposed to
                                                          broadcasting information in one direction. The tools
Category 13: SPECIAL EVENTS: INTERNAL OR                  and techniques currently available include (but are
EXTERNAL                                                  not limited to):
This category includes any event that marks a                    * Conversation-enabled publishing platforms
significant occasion that supports the goals of an               (blogs, podcasts, etc.)
organization. For example, an anniversary, official              * Social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
opening, product launch, road show, conference,                  * Democratized content networks (Digg,

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                        5
       wikis, message boards, etc.)                         * Magapapers/tabloids.
       * Presence networks/microblogging (Twitter,          * Newsletters.
       Jaiku, Pownce, etc.)                                 * Annual reports.
       * Content sharing sites (YouTube, Flickr, etc.)      * Special publications.
       * Virtual networking platforms (Second Life,, etc.)                                   Category 21: WRITING
                                                          This category encompasses original material written
DIVISION 2: COMMUNICATION SKILLS                          for a particular communication project. This includes:
The Communication Skills division includes                  * Personality profiles.
communication products (publications, advertising,          * Recurring features or columns.
web sites, newsletters, etc.) that showcase technical       * Editorials.
skills such as editing, writing and design. In addition     * Advertorials.
to overall excellence, entrants must demonstrate            * Interpretive/expository articles.
creativity, measurable results and strategic                * News articles.
alignment with their organization’s business goals.         * Speeches.
Note: An individual communication product may               * Scripts.
also be entered as part of an overall program in the        * News releases.
Communication Management division.                          * Sales promotion and marketing.
                                                            * Technical writing.
Category 18: ELECTRONIC AND DIGITAL                         * Writing for online distribution.
This category includes computer-based                     DIVISION 3: COMMUNICATION CREATIVE
communication projects produced for internal or           The Communication Creative division includes
external audiences that primarily use electronic          projects that showcase creative talent and design
production and/or delivery tools. This category           that also perform communicative functions.
includes predominantly one-way electronic                 Redesign projects are also included in this division.
communication: published content that audiences           Note: An individual product may also be entered as
access online. This would include:                        part of an overall program in the Communication
  * Electronic newsletters.                               Management division.
  * Electronic annual reports.
  * Web sites.                                            Category 22: PUBLICATION DESIGN
  * Intranet sites.                                       This category is for design of internal or external
                                                          publications in all formats, including electronic.
Category 19: AUDIOVISUAL                                  These publications include:
Programs in this category use sound, video, film,           * Magazines (one color or more).
slides, CDs or a combination of these elements. This        * Newspapers.
includes projects such as:                                  * Magapapers/tabloids.
   * Video programs/overall productions.                    * Newsletters.
   * Audio-only programs.                                   * Annual reports.
   * Slide-and-sound programs.                              * Brochures and leaflets.
   * Films.                                                 * E-newsletters.

Category 20: PUBLICATIONS                                 Category 23: OTHER GRAPHIC DESIGN
This category includes internal or external               Projects involve designing an organizational brand
publications in all formats except electronic.            identity or other graphic project where design is
Examples include:                                         the primary communication function. This includes
  * Magazines (one color or more).                        cartoons, drawings, paintings, collages, montages,
  * Newspapers.                                           posters, displays, bulletin boards, mobiles,

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                          6
invitations, special signs, etc. that appear in:
  * Book and magazine covers.
  * Posters.

  * Organizational identity materials (logos, etc.).

  * Product labels and packaging.
  * Direct marketing (direct mailings, branded gifts,
  * 3D materials (T-shirts, etc.).                        Any communicator in the Greater New
  * Illustrations.                                        Orleans area can enter, as long as he or
                                                          she was directly involved in creating
Category 24: INTERACTIVE MEDIA DESIGN                     the entry. Entries must be for work
Design of electronic and interactive media elements       produced for primary use between
refers to interactive products that are used with a       February 2, 2009 - February 1, 2010.
computer. This includes:                                  Entries must be received by no later
  * Web site design.                                      than 8 p.m. on March 18, 2010.
  * Intranet site design.
  * CD-ROMs or DVDs.                                      Questions?
  * E-cards, banner ads, buttons, pop-ups, etc.           Contact Bronze Quill Awards Chair
                                                          Meghan Legaux at mlegaux@gmail.
Category 25: OUTDOOR/3-D                                  com or 504.495.1894.
These products are intended for the general public
                                                          Before you mail your entry:
and must be located outdoors. Examples include:
                                                          See page 1 for complete entry details.
  * Billboards.
                                                          Double check, have you:
  * Murals and public sculpture.
                                                            • Included the Official Entry Form
  * Outdoor and transport posters (for use at bus
                                                                  (located on page 9)?
    shelters, airport terminals, “wrapped” buildings
                                                            • Completed your Work Plan?
    and cars, etc.).                                        • Submitted your Work Sample
  * Decorations, neon signs, awnings, street                      (more info on page 8)?
    furniture, etc.                                         • Identified the division, category
                                                                  number and name, entry title
Category 26: PHOTOGRAPHY                                          and entrant organization on
Original photographs created or commissioned for                  your work plan?
a particular communication project. This includes           • Followed all guidelines and
single photos or photo essays.                                    requirements?
                                                            • Met the entry deadline?
Entries in this category demonstrate creative and         Be sure to include the appropriate
innovative use of traditional advertising media. This     payment. Mail your entries with
includes film/TV, radio or print.                         payment or proof of payment to:
                                                                 IABC New Orleans
STUDENT DIVISION                                                 c/o Meghan Legaux
All categories are open to students. Clearly indicate            5832 S. Galvez St.
on the entry form the category and name of your                  New Orleans, LA 70125
school. Student entries will be judged in a pool
consisting solely of student generated materials.         If you plan to hand deliver entries,
                                                          please do so between 6-8 p.m.

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                               7
     PREPARE                                                           The work sample is the supporting material that
                                                                       illustrates your communication program. It can

      your WORK SAMPLE
                                                                       include videotapes, publications, design work,
                                                                       writing samples, photography, etc. Your work sample
                                                                       should represent the scope of your work.

The work sample can be either electronic or a               However, the rest of your supporting material must
hard copy – and is the physical example of your             meet size requirements.
communication project. Please send the highest-
quality samples you can afford. Important: If the work      Use tabs to separate and label the different sections
was completed on behalf of a client, include a written      of your entry (i.e. entry form, work plan, work
letter of permission from the client on their letterhead    sample). Avoid paper clips, rubber bands and plastic
acknowledging your role and their consent for you to        sleeves – three-hole-punch materials instead.
submit this entry. A printed copy of an e-mail granting     Consider using plastic sleeves only for materials such
permission, signed by your client, is also acceptable.      as photos. Use re-sealable plastic pouches for DVDs,
                                                            CDs, videos, etc. Label all the elements of your entry
Be selective with your work sample                          in case they become separated. Label the binder or
For larger communication programs, pick those               folder with the name of your entry.
examples (clips, photos, etc.) that best represent
your entry, rather than sending every item. For             Technical specifications:
example, don’t send a T-shirt—send a picture of                • Electronic and interactive work samples should
a crowd of people wearing it. As a final check,             be viewable on Windows or Macintosh equipment
ask yourself: If you were a member of the target            and/or software.
audience, would the work sample capture your                   • For web sites, provide the URL or IP address of
attention? Is it relevant, meaningful and memorable?        the site in your entry.
Does your work sample portray the solution as                  • For intranets or “limited, secured access” sites,
described in the work plan?                                 provide instructions on how to register for the site,
                                                            along with an account name or password.

Entry Size                                                  Electronic entries will be disqualified if they contain
All entries should be contained inside a binder that        viruses, if they disable or require disabling of any
has a maximum 2-inch spine. Pages inside the binder         part of the computer system used in the judging, or
should be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches.                  if judges cannot view or install work samples using
                                                            the instructions provided.
Organize and condense your work to provide a
representative overview of your project. Do not go          Questions?
over the size limit. While a binder is preferred, entries   If you have specific questions about preparing your
enclosed in a folder or envelope will be accepted but       work sample, or if you are unsure your work sample
should not exceed one inch in thickness. If the entry       meets the specified guildelines, contact Bronze Quill
is submitted in a folder or envelope and is more than       Awards Chair Meghan Legaux at mlegaux@gmail.
one inch thick, you will be disqualified. Exception:        com or 504.452.7710.
when a single piece of your work sample that is
critical to your entry—such as a videotape, book
or 3-D item—exceeds the dimensions. In this case,
you may package the piece with your work sample.

  IABC New Orleans • Bronze Quill 2010                                                                                       8

Please complete this form for each entry. Each entry must include a copy of the entry form, your work plan and
the work sample. Please type or print legibly.

Division: _________________________________________________________________________________

Category: ________________________________________________________________________________

Entry Title : _______________________________________________________________________________

Organization (or School): ____________________________________________________________________

Client (if applicable): ________________________________________________________________________

Entrant’s name or names (to appear on the award): ______________________________________________


Contact name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Street address: ____________________________________________________________________________

City/State/ZIP: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________                   Fax: _______________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to IABC Bronze Quill or charge to your credit card online via PayPal ( Include
check or PayPal receipt in Work Sample binder. Entries received without payment will be discarded.

 Entry and fee received by            Entry and fee received by                Mail or deliver entries with
 March 11:                            March 18:                                your online payment receipt or
 $25 Students                         $30 Students                             check (if applicable) to:
 $45 Members                          $60 Members                              BRONZE QUILL AWARDS
 $50 Recently-lapsed members          $65 Recently-lapsed members              IABC New Orleans
 $60 Non-members                      $75 Non-members                          c/o Meghan Legaux
                                                                               5832 S. Galvez St.
 If you plan to hand deliver entries, please do so between 6-8 p.m.            New Orleans, LA 70125
        Thank you for submitting your IABC New Orleans Bronze Quill entry.      WHAT HAPPENS
                                                                                        NEXT ?
        Your entry will be evaluated by judges from IABC chapters across the
        nation, giving you an opportunity to get professional feedback and
        sharpen your strategic and creative communication skills.

Entries are composed of two parts: the work plan and the work sample. Entries are judged on technical
excellence, creativity and innovation, effectiveness in identifying and responding to an organization’s or
community’s needs, the delivery of measurable outcomes, and the overall success of the project.

Judges score the above criteria on a scale from 1–7 and use a weighted calculation for the criteria depending
on the division. After first-round judging, all entries scoring 5.25 and higher advance to second-tier judging.
At the second tier, entries are judged again, entirely separately, by different sets of judges. Any entry scoring
5.25–5.74 receives a Bronze Quill Award of Merit. Entries scoring 5.75 and above receive a Bronze Quill Award
of Excellence.

Honoring our Colleagues
Entering Bronze Quill helps you broaden your expertise and take your work to the next level. Winning a
Bronze Quill increases your confidence and helps prove to company leaders and clients that your work is
exceptional. Help boost your profile and perception -- and tell the world that your work is adding value to
your business or clients. In tough economic times like these, a Bronze Quill can help prove your ROI.

Winning a Bronze Quill can inspire your team and bring them together to produce show-stopping projects
and campaigns. Even if you aren’t a winner, seeing the valuable feedback from partner chapters across the
U.S. will help with future communication projects and campaigns. The judging forms and feedback will be
                                                       returned to all Bronze Quill entrants. Work samples
                                                       will be displayed at the awards ceremony.
  About IABC                                                             Enjoy your accomplishment and bask in the glow of
  The International Association of Business                              peer recognition. Plan to attend the 2010 Bronze Quill
  Communicators (IABC) links communicators in                            Awards Ceremony in May to honor the winners.
  a global network that inspires, establishes and
  supports the highest professional standards
  of quality and innovation in organizational
  communication.                                                               STAY CONNECTED:
                                                                               Watch your Inbox for more details or visit
  IABC is one of the world’s largest associations                    
  for professional communicators, with more
  than 13,000 members in more than 40                                          Join the conversation on Twitter:
  countries.                                                                   #NOLAQuill
  If you are interested in membership, contact                                 Or send your questions and comments via
  Courtney Sutherby at 504.909.2775.                                           Facebook: IABC New Orleans group

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