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					Donor Advised Funds
  at the   Funding Exchange

  A Creative and Dynamic
  Philanthropic Experience
   you need a FEX donor
     advised fund if…
you have received a large inheritance or
other financial windfall, and need a year-
end tax deduction, but want to give over
you have considered creating a family
you like to choose which grants to make
you wonder if your financial contributions
are making a real difference

               "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
our donor advised funds offer:
flexibility for your charitable contributions
tax deduction advantages
professional and personalized grantmaking
efficient administrative support
connection to social justice movement

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
         why choose us?
you can create a fund with a minimum
contribution of $10,000
you receive an immediate charitable
you have access to skilled FEX staff to help
determine which progressive, grassroots
organizations best fit your funding priorities
you receive in-depth analysis of issues and
strategies to facilitate grantmaking

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
           why choose us…
(if you are considering a private foundation)
 save $$$ on staff and overhead
 rely on our experienced administrative
 staff to manage all due diligence on your
 we can work with all your needs and
 develop a donor advised fund accordingly

                 "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
          why choose us?
we promote social change philanthropy by
providing resources to communities across the
nation to help build progressive power, strengthen
democracy and achieve justice and equality.
we collaborate with activists and community
leaders to fund cutting-edge social, economic and
environmental justice organizations.
we strategically support groups through a network
of 16 local and regional foundations and through
our national office

                  "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
we support great groups…
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is a community-based organization
with members comprised largely of Latino, Haitian, and Mayan Indian
immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout Florida. The organization
recently won an historic victory for workers’ rights and ended their four-year
boycott of Taco Bell after the corporation acceded to their demands. CIW
struck a major blow against forced labor in the farm fields of Florida.

The Montana Human Rights Network received a grant to help create safe
environments for LGBT youth in Montana. They are working in high schools
to raise awareness of LGBT youth issues, and will conduct trainings using a
youth-directed documentary video on the experiences of LGBT youth in

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is a statewide environmental health and
justice organization that works to free neighborhoods from industrial
pollution. The “bucket” is the tool community members use to take air
samples which prove that chemicals emitted by local oil refineries cause
disease and developmental disorders, and are in violation of state and federal
health standards.

                            "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
         how to set-up a DAF:
1. make a contribution of cash, securities,
     property or other assets.
2.   complete a DAF agreement form.
3.   choose either a Standard or Investment
4.   receive tax deduction in current year
5.   start grantmaking at your convenience

                  "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
 donor advised fund options
 minimum initial contribution of
 one-time fee of 7% on each
 contribution to your fund

              "Change, Not Charity" (TM)

 minimum initial contribution of $200,000
 participates in a pooled investment
 account (All earnings, net of investment
 and management fees, are credited to your
 initial fee of 1.5% on the first $500,000,
 1% on the second $500,000 and .5% on
 any amount over $1 million.
 an ongoing annual fee equal to 1% of the
 assets of the fund, or $1,000 minimum fee

               "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
   socially responsible investing
            we engage in stock holder activism and
            support community development loans

      we AVOID                                      we FAVOR
    companies that…                                companies that…
manufacture tobacco or                    finance housing and small
weapons                                   businesses
pollute the environment                   contribute to the quality of
discriminate on basis of                  human and animal life
gender, race, sexual                      promote the economic
preference                                advancement of women,
violate or deny basic                     ethnic minorities and
human rights of workers;                  individuals with disabilities
are known to use forced
labor, child labor,

                      "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
       advantages of FEX

expert advice
our knowledge of and relationships with
 thousands of organizations dedicated to
 social change nationally and internationally.

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
setting up a fund is quick and easy, whether
 you need to dispose of appreciated stock,
 dissolve a family foundation or simply want
 a creative way to give…
minimal administrative fees
no limit to the number of grants you may
additional contributions to your fund may be
 made at any time advantageous to you,
 helping you to manage tax liability
               "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
tax-deduction when you need it
full tax benefits at the time you make a
 donation to your fund, but you can give
 grants at your convenience over time…
tax savings for you
avoid capital gains taxes on highly
 appreciated assets therefore you can give
 more to organizations you care about…

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
administrative support
FEX staff handles all administrative details
 and tax reporting.
You receive cumulative quarterly reports
 that reflect the activity in your account and
 a year-end report.
FEX staff always available to assist you with
 your account and grantmaking needs.

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
 always an option when you give

community involvement
 donor advisors are encouraged to attend FEX
  sponsored education events, including public
  affairs and political briefings and donor
  education seminars

                "Change, Not Charity" (TM)
  Funding Exchange
    National Office

   666 Broadway, Suite 500
     New York, NY 10012

impact, convenience, meaning

         "Change, Not Charity" (TM)