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Jobcentre Plus for people of working age


									       Jobcentre Plus for people of working age

                               Customer Charter


1. This Charter tells you about the level of service you can expect from our
   Jobcentre Plus offices. It also tells you what to do if things go wrong and
   what we expect from you.

2. Before writing this Charter we asked our customers and staff what they
   wanted to see in it. You said you wanted:

      to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, including by phone

      easy access to information for everyone

      friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff

      a pleasant office environment.

3. We have taken notice of what you want when setting up Jobcentre Plus.
   We want to give the best service we can to everyone who needs our help.

4. We welcome your views on how we can improve further. If you would like
   to contact us you can do so through your local Jobcentre Plus office.

5. You can also write to me at XXXX.

                                                                      Leigh Lewis

6. Contacting us
For your nearest Jobcentre Plus office look for the Jobcentre Plus display
advert in the business numbers section of the phone book.

   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                                        1
Our service

7. Jobcentre Plus is a service to:

       help people get work or to improve their chances of getting work

       pay people the right benefit quickly and accurately when they are not

8. We aim to actively help people to be more independent, through work for
   those who can, and support for those who cannot. We will be realistic
   about people’s job options, but will encourage anyone to work if they can.

9. We have targets to meet for our service to customers:

       DN – Douglas Edwards to provide details

Our responsibilities to you

10. We will:

       be helpful, friendly and treat you with respect

       treat you as an individual by offering you the service you need

       behave professionally

       keep what you say to us confidential

       take responsibility when dealing with you

       provide a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment in our offices.

2   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong
Your responsibilities to us

11. We expect you to:

      treat us with respect. We will not tolerate harassment, threats or

      be on time for appointments

      answer as soon as possible if we ask you for more information

      give us complete and accurate information

      tell us about changes in circumstances for you and anyone you are
       claiming for

      behave in a considerate and polite way to other customers.

Responsibilities we share

12. We can all help by respecting each other and being patient, so that
    everyone gets the help they need. If you behave in an inconsiderate way
    or have in the past, we may not offer you some of our services. For
    example, you may not be able to have interviews in private rooms and we
    may not visit you.

Giving you information

13. Our offices will:
      give information and advice on:
            -           work
            -           benefits
            -           other opportunities, such as training

      provide a full range of leaflets and other information about services you
       can get

   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                                      3
       tell you about job vacancies, including jobs from some employment
        agencies in other parts of Europe

       give information about benefits and other financial help you can get

     provide phone lines to help you contact other organisations, such as
      the Pensions Service and Child Support Agency
    DQ – is this correct?

       arrange for help to fill in Jobcentre Plus forms.

Information on the internet

14. You can also get information about Jobcentre Plus from our website. The
    address is address.

15. You can also get details of job vacancies at

Your benefit payment

16. If you are unable to work we:

       aim to pay you the right amount of benefit on time

       let you know what benefit you will get and when, or what happens next.

17. If you want to appeal against a decision on your claim, contact the office
    dealing with your claim.

18. Targets for dealing with benefits claims quickly and accurately are:

       DN – Douglas Edwards to supply details.

4   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong
Answering phone calls

19. Jobcentre Plus Telephone Contact Centres are open from 8.30am to 6pm
   Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at local rate.

20. Call Centres and helplines are open at various times. See the list on page
    x of this Charter.
     DQ – What terminology should be used? Need to make sure the
    customer knows the difference between Call Centre and Contact Centre

21. When you phone us or use a textphone, we will answer your call within:

      10 seconds if you ring a Jobcentre Plus Call Centre

      20 seconds if you ring a Jobcentre Plus office or Contact Centre.

22. Jobcentre Plus staff will always answer the phone with a standard greeting
    and their name. If you need to contact them again, they will give you their
    direct dial number. If you are dealing with a Call Centre they will tell you
    what number to ring.

If you do not speak English
23. You can use your own interpreter or if you wish we can arrange an
    interpreting service over the phone straight away.

If you have a speech or hearing problem

24. You can use textphone to contact us.

   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                                     5
Visiting our offices

25. When you visit our offices:

       our staff will always wear a name badge and greet you in a friendly and
        business like way

       if you need an interview with a Personal Adviser we will arrange it
        within 4 working days of the date you contacted us

       if you have an appointment we aim to see you on time

       if you do not have an appointment we will see you within ten minutes

       if you need another appointment we aim for it to be on the same day or
        as soon as possible

       If you ask for your interview to be private, we will use a private
        interview room if we can.

When you write to us

26. When you contact us by letter, fax or email, we will:

       reply fully within 10 working days of the date we receive it *

       let you know we have received it within 2 working days if you have
        made a comment, suggestion or complaint.

27. If we cannot deal with your letter fully within 10 working days of receiving
    it, we will tell you:

       the reason and if there is anything you need to do

       how long it will be before we give you a full answer.

6   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong
When we write to you

28. All letters from our offices will:

        be typed and in clear, plain language

        be in the best format for you if you tell us what this is. For example
         braille, audio cassette or large print

        tell you clearly if there is anything you need to do

        give you contact details, including:
               -          name
               -          switchboard and direct line phone numbers
               -          email and website addresses
               -          textphone and fax numbers

         We will give you the number of a Call Centre, if there is one that can

29. We can write to you in a different language, if you ask. DN – this needs to
    be confirmed

*We will reply to MPs’ letters within 15 working days.

We provide an accessible service for your needs

Treating you fairly
30. We will serve all our customers fairly and to the same high standards,
    regardless of colour, race, gender, nationality, disability, religion, age,
    political beliefs or sexual orientation. DN – ES and BA Diversity Teams
    have been contacted for a steer on this.

Visiting you at home
31. If we visit you at home we will always show you our identification card and
    give our name.

If you have a disability
32. If you have a disability which makes it more difficult for you to use our
    service, we will discuss the best way to help you.

    W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                                        7
If you have a hearing problem
33. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, we can arrange a British Sign Language
    (BSL) interpreter or other suitable communicator to help you. We aim to
    arrange this within one working day. The interview will be as soon as

If you do not speak English
34. You can use your own interpreter or if you would prefer, we can arrange
    an interpreter. We aim to arrange this within one working day. The
    interview will be as soon as possible.

Using our leaflets
35. If you ask, you can get leaflets in:
       a range of languages

       alternative formats, including braille, audio cassette and large print.

If you have a complaint

36. If something goes wrong we need to know so that we can put it right.
    There is a national complaints procedure which is easy to use.

37. If you complain, we:

       aim to reply to your complaint within 7 working days

       let you know within 2 working days that we have received your
        complaint and are dealing with it

       use the complaint to improve our service.

38. If we cannot deal fully with your complaint within 7 working days of
    receiving it, we will tell you why. We will tell you if there is anything you
    need to do and when you can expect a full reply.

39. You can get more information from leaflet XXXX Title. You can get the
    leaflet from any Jobcentre Plus office.

8   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong
We will regularly ask what people think of our service

40. We talk and listen to our customers all the time and act on what you tell

41. We will:

      ask our customers and organisations that represent them how they
       think we are doing

      ask what is important and use the information when we plan
       improvements to our service.

DN – The frequency of surveys has to be formally decided by Performance
Management Strand Board/CE.

Our targets and performance

42. You can find out if we are meeting our targets each year in our Annual
    Report. Each office will display information about its own performance.

More about the Charter
43. This Charter was published in October 2001 and will be reviewed in 2003.
    It is also available in large print, braille, on audio cassette and in following
    other languages:

      Arabic
      Bengali
      Chinese
      Gujarati
      Punjabi
      Somali
      Urdu
      Vietnamese.

43. You can get these from any Jobcentre Plus office.

   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                                          9
44. Useful        contacts
Help line Title                     Service Provided            Telephone number
Employment Service                  For jobseekers who are      Phone 0845 6060 234
Direct                              looking for job             Textphone 0845 6055 255
Opening hours:                      vacancies
9am to 6pm Monday to
9am to 1pm Saturday
Benefit Enquiry Line                For people with             Phone     0800 88 22 00
Opening hours:                      disabilities, their         Textphone 0800 24 33 55
8.30am to 6.30pm                    representatives and
Monday to Friday                    their carers.
9am to 1pm Saturday
Disability Living                   For advice and updates      Phone     0845 7 123456
Allowance and                       on Disability Living        Textphone 0845 7 22 44 33
Attendance Allowance                Allowance and
Opening hours:                      Attendance Allowance
7.30am to 6.30pm                    claims and payments
Monday to Friday
Pensions Overseas                   Changes and                 Phone     0191 203 0203
Directorate Pensions                circumstances and           Textphone 0191 201 0194
Direct                              enquiries from
Opening hours:                      customers who are paid
7.00am to 7.00pm                    by Automatic Credit
Monday to Friday                    Transfer (ACT)
Child Benefit Enquiry               Payment of Child            Phone     08701 55 55 40
Line                                Benefit and Guardian’s      Textphone 0191 22 518 33
Opening hours:                      Allowance
8am to 5.30pm
Monday to Friday
Child Support Agency                Confidential helpline for   Phone     0345 133 133
National Enquiry line               general enquiries,          Textphone 0345 138 924
Opening hours:                      leaflets and claim forms
8am to 8pm                          and advice line for
Monday to Friday                    employers
8.30am to 5pm
War Pensions Helpline               Confidential helpline for   Free phone 08001692277
Opening hours:                      general enquiries           Text phone 0800 1693458
Monday to Thursday                  concerning War
8.15am to 5.15pm                    Disablement and War
Friday 8.15am to                    Widows pensions and
4.30pm                              all aspects of War
Tax credit office helpline          Confidential helpline for   Tel 08456 095000

10   W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong
Opening hours:                   advice and updates on
Monday to Thursday               working families tax
7.30am to 8pm                    credit claims
Friday 7.30am to 7pm
Saturday and Sundays
10am to 4pm

  W:…\Charter\WorkingAge\charterversiong                 11

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