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					     How Do I Get Started?                         For More Information . . .

¨     Log on to the EDMR website at             Interested? Log on to the EDMR website at:
      http s:// to
      download a Florida EDMR Facility     
      Participation Package (22 pages),         In addition to the Florida EDMR Facility Par-
      which describes the program and           ticipation Package described above, the web-
      provides application forms.               site also provides samples of the transfer pro-
¨     Complete and submit the Permittee         tocol, addresses Frequently-Asked Questions
      Registration Form (FEDMR-1) to the        (FAQs), and tells you how to get Technical
      Department at the following ad-           Support.
                                                You may also want to check out the website
                                                for the e2 Reports software at:
          EDMR Coordinator, MS 3550
    Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
             2600 Blair Stone Road              to learn more and register for your free trial
¨     Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2600           of the X.12 conversion utility.
      The FDEP will notify you via email        Register for EDMR now and simplify your
      once your initial EDMR user account              wastewater reporting forever!
      has been established, and provide an
      Electronic Signature Application
      Agreement (FEDMR-2) for persons
      who will be authorized to certify an         We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the
                                                    Electronic Data Submission working group, which
      electronic submittal. When your ac-             developed and prototyped the EDMR system:
      count is set up, you’ll be able to ac-                             NASA
      cess the electronic reporting re-                 U.S. Air Force Cape Canaveral Air Station              Florida’s
      quirements for your wastewater fa-                             City of Orlando
      cilities and prepare submittals as a                   Florida Power & Light Company                  groundbreaking
      trial EDMR facility.                                     Florida Power Corporation
                                                                                                           electronic system
                                                              FDEP Central District office
      During the trial period, your facility
                                                                                                          for reporting your
      must successfully submit three sets
      of both paper and electronic copies         Florida Department of Environmental Protection        wastewater facility data
                                                  2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3550
      to verify that the electronic and pa-
                                                  Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2600
      per reports are consistent.
     What is EDMR?                                  Why Should I                              System Requirements
                                                     Use EDMR?
                                                                                              To access EDMR, you will need a personal
The Electronic Discharge Monitoring                What’s in It for Me?                       computer, and one of the common Internet
Report (EDMR) is an innovative report-
                                                                                              browsers, such as Internet Explorer (version
ing system that allows wastewater fa-                                                         5.0 or greater) or Netscape Communicator
cilities to submit discharge monitoring        ¨   Saves compliance costs because of its
                                                                                              (version 4.2 or greater). You’ll also need an
reports (DMRs) to the Florida Depart-              streamlined reporting method and
                                                                                              existing Internet connection or Internet
                                                   readily available computer tools;
ment of Environmental Protection over                                                         Service Provider (ISP).
the Internet. EDMR provides an alter-          ¨   Improves the accuracy of compliance
                                                                                              Additionally, you’ll need the ability to
native to submitting paper DMRs, and is            data by eliminating errors introduced
                                                                                              generate electronic DMR files following the
among the first online electronic envi-            through manual data entry;
                                                                                              Department’s standard X.12 file transfer
ronmental reporting systems in the na-         ¨   Incorporates legal and security en-        protocol. Guidelines for formatting an X.12
tion. While use of this system is com-             cryption measures to ensure the iden-      file are available on the FDEP EDMR website:
pletely voluntary, we believe you’ll find it       tity of the sender and the integrity of
                                                   the information;                     
to be a valuable tool in generating more
accurate, complete, and timely compli-         ¨   Allows facility personnel to easily ob-    To make your transition to EDMR simple and
ance monitoring reports.                           tain up-to-date reporting requirements     smooth, we’ ve made arrangements for the
                                                   and keep track of the processing           free trial use of a separate web-enabled
Since EDMR incorporates electronic sig-
                                                   status on their DMRs;                      conversion utility, e2 Reports, that allows you
nature and certification processes, it is                                                     to easily generate X.12 data files. The trial
a completely paperless reporting system.       ¨   Serves as a secure electronic file cabi-
                                                                                              period allows you immediate use of EDMR
                                                   net where facility personnel can view
The system gives wastewater facilities                                                        without having to create your own system to
                                                   or print previously submitted elec-
the ability to retrieve up-to-date re-                                                        generate electronic reporting files. During
                                                   tronic discharge monitoring reports;
porting requirements from the Depart-                                                         this period, you may wish to evaluate other
ment, submit original or revised DMRs,         ¨   Improves the overall effectiveness of
                                                                                              options for directly converting your data to
                                                   Florida’s wastewater discharge pro-
and print or review previously submitted                                                      the X.12 file format. These include adding
                                                   gram while minimizing bureaucracy for
reports. Even if you’re not ready to join                                                     the conversion ability to an existing system,
                                                   the regulated community.
the electronic reporting world, EDMR                                                          using your own data conversion templates,
can be used to print a blank DMR form,                                                        purchasing other vendor-provided software
any time day or night, for mailing to the                                                     products, or making arrangements to continue
Department.                                                                                   using the e2 Reports conversion utility beyond
                                                                                              the free trial period.