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									                    INTERNATIONAL DRAGON CLASS
                         MEDWAY FLEET 2009
                                MEDWAY FLEET CAPTAINS
1951-57      Mr. Tom Weeks                                 1984-85       Mr. David Dann
1958-59      Cmdr. Guy Clarabut D.S.O., D.S.C.,            1986-87       Mr. Colin Storton
1960-61      Mr. Ron Hollands                              1988-89       Mr. Jaspar Wright
1962-63      Mr. Ken Williams                              1990-91       Mr. Michael Lutener
1964-65      Mr. Max Hamilton                              1992-93       Mr. Chris Ward
1966-67      Mr. Ray Sarant                                1994-95       Mr. Philip Clarabut
1968         Mr. Dick Maltby                               1996          Mr. David Dale
1968-69      Mr. Ray Sarant                                1997-98       Dr. Robin Ridsdill-Smith
1970-71      Mr. Ken Richardson                            1999-00       Mr. Bruce Boyd
1972-73      Mr. John Mack                                 2001- 02      Mr. John Elphick
1974-75      Mr. John Field                                2003-04       Mr. Robert Sheppard
1976-77      Mr. Keith Best                                2005-06       Mr. Hilary Gallo
1978-79      Mr. Gerry Bolton                              2007-08       Dr Stewart Coltart
1980-81      Mr. Roger Dawe                                2009-         Mr Don McMillan
1982-83      Mr. Stuart Wright

                                RULES OF THE MEDWAY FLEET

1) Membership
   Full membership of the Class is compulsory to all Medway Yacht Club Dragon owners.
   Associated membership of the Class is, at the invitation of the Class, open to any club member who
   is interested in the activities of the Dragon Class.

2) Subscriptions
    The annual subscription for full members and associate members shall be set at the AGM of the
    Class and shall be due on 1st January annually and payable to the Vice-Captain before 31st March
    If a full member‟s BDA or Class subscription remains unpaid by 31st March, the defaulter may be
    removed from membership of the Class losing all entitlement provided by same.
    Subscriptions will be used at the discretion of the Fleet Officers to defray expenses incurred in the
    administration of the Fleet‟s affairs, the provision and maintenance of Dragon-handling gear,
    sundry expenses of a like nature, the entertainment of visiting Dragon teams from time to time, and
    any other expenses which may be agreed by the members at a duly convened meeting.

3) Management
   The Affairs of the Class are the responsibility of the Captain and Vice-Captain, who may co-opt
   members at their discretion.
   Officers shall be elected for a two-year term at the AGM and are not eligible for immediate re-
   election to the post vacated.

    The Class Captain shall be the Fleet‟s representative to the British Dragon Association.
    The Captain may be represented by the Vice-Captain or a past officer of the Class if he is unable to
    attend meetings of the British Dragon Association.

4) Meetings
    An AGM shall be held at the Medway Yacht Club premises on a suitable day in January of each
    Items to be included in the agenda must be notified in writing and received by the Class Officers 14
    days before the day of the AGM. Any items arising under the agenda item of „Any Other
    Business‟ cannot be subjected to a vote at the meeting.
    In addition, general meetings of the members shall be called by the Captain or Vice- Captain as
    deemed necessary, or at the request of four full members, these meetings normally following on
    from Saturday racing fixtures.
    A quorum shall consist of nine full members and the Captain or Vice-Captain.
    Minutes will be taken at each meeting and circulated to all members of the Class.
    The Minutes Book shall be available to all members for inspection on request.

5) Voting
   At meetings all full members shall be eligible to vote on matters arising.
   Associate members may attend meetings and express their views but have no vote.
   A simple majority of full members present shall suffice for all matters other than the alteration of

6) Rules
   The Rules of the Class may be altered only at an AGM or Special General Meeting convened for
   that purpose on a two-thirds majority of all full members present.

7) The Chair
   The chair shall be taken at meetings by either the Captain or Vice-Captain.

8) Accounts
   A statement of income and expenditure for past year to 31st December shall be submitted to the
   AGM by the Vice-Captain.

9a) Scoring System

   (i)     The low point systems of RRS A4.1 (2005-8) Appendix 4 will apply
   (ii)    As the MYC Weekend Series is held over a period of time longer than a regatta, RRS A9
           will apply
   (iii)   The number of Dragons entered for the series is the total number of Dragons who have
           ranked as starters on any of the completed races in the series during the season.
   (iv)    A race will be deemed to have been completed providing one Dragon sails the course and
           finishes correctly and within any time limit applicable, even if she subsequently she retires
           or is disqualified. Otherwise, the race will be abandoned.

   9(b) Guidance on Redress

   (i)     In circumstances where a Protest Committee or Race Committee decides that a Dragon
           should be given redress of “average points”, these will be calculated as follows. See (ii) &
   (ii)    The Dragon will be scored points equal to the average of her points in the best five of her six
           immediately previous races. Fraction s of a point will be rounded down. This changes RRS
   (iii)   In the event of this Rule applying in one of her first seven completed races of the series, she
           will be scored points equal to the average of the best five races of her seven races.
    10) Class Trophies
   „Silver Irish Bowl‟ presented by the Medway Yacht Club for the best aggregate of points during the
   „Deuxieme Prix‟ presented by Ron Hollands Esq. in 1957 for the second best aggregate of points.
   „B.A.R. Cup‟ presented by Mrs. J.W. Robertson in 1957 for the third best aggregate of points.
   „Proton Cup‟ presented by Charles C. Price Esq. of Pennsylvania, USA in 1958, now to be
   competed for in the first four Saturday races sailed of the season and decided on the results of those
   races with no discards.
   “The Dragon Flagon given in memory of David Dann(presented 2006)”:a silver flagon to be
   awarded for the best aggregate of points in up to six Saturday club races sailed on the Saturdays
   commencing on the weekend of the Spring Bank Holiday and ending prior to the Medway Regatta
   decided on the basis of two discards if six races can be sailed and one discard if less than six races
   are sailed in this period.
   “John Field Late Summer Series Trophy (presented 2006)): awarded for the best aggregate of
   points in Saturday club races sailed after the Medway Regatta until the end of August, the precise
   details to be confirmed by the Class Captain each year but generally decided on the basis of two
   discards if six or more races are sailed and one discard otherwise.
    „211 Cup‟ presented by David Clarabut Esq. D.S.C., in 1956 for the best aggregate of points in
   races sailed after Burnham Week, to be decided on two-thirds of all Saturday Races, adjusted to the
   nearest three. A minimum of four races are to be sailed.
    „Hai Lung Trophy‟ a silver Cocktail Set presented by Max Hamilton Esq. in 1952 for the Dragon
   making the greatest number of starts in points races during the season. A winner of any other major
   trophy shall not be eligible.
   „Myrtle Cottell Trophy‟* presented by Mrs. A.M. Cottell in 1973 for a race sailed by helmsmen
   who normally crew in the Medway Dragon Class. A winner of the Trophy shall not be eligible the
   following season only.
   „Rogue Cup‟ presented by David Dale Esq. in 1997 to be awarded to the owner of the Dragon with
   the greatest number of first places in Saturday points races during the season. In the event of two or
   more boats having the same number of wins, it would be awarded to each boat and shared at the
   discretion of the Class Captain.
   „Kenny Ball Trophy‟ a micrometer made by the late Kenny Ball Esq. and donated by his family in
   1997 in his memory, to be presented to the winning crew of a race sailed on the Saturday nearest to
   the late Kenny Ball‟s birthday (7th July) each year.
   „Commodore‟s Cup‟ * presented by the Medway Yacht Club in 1999 and to be raced for in a single
   race or a mini series of races during the weekend of Commodore‟s Day at the discretion of the
   Class Captain.
   „North Sea Yacht Club Salver‟ presented by the North Sea Yacht Club, Ostend for annual
   competition at the discretion of the Class.
   „Medway Dragon Trophy‟ * presented by Kenneth McAlpine Esq. in 1958 and raced for during
   Medway Regatta, to be decided on the results of all races sailed during the Medway Regatta, no
   discards unless prescribed by the Class.
   „Kittiwake Cup‟ * presented by Mrs. Christine Gill in 1952 in memory of the late Ernest Gill Esq.
   and now sailed for in the Medway Regatta, to be decided on the results of the Saturday and Sunday
   races with no discards.
   „Proton Cup II‟ * acquired by the Medway Dragon Fleet as a replacement for the Proton Cup that
   was mislaid between 1977 and 1981. Reinstated in 2000 so as to be raced for by visiting Dragons
   to the Medway Regatta. To be decided on the results of all races sailed during the Medway
   Regatta, no discards unless prescribed by the Class.

   All the above Trophies are owned by the Medway Dragon Fleet apart from those marked with *
   which are owned by the Medway Yacht Club.

11) Local Rules
   Permission has been granted by the British Dragon Association for the following
   local rules to apply to Dragon racing in the Medway fleet.
    1) Crew to be carried shall be unlimited.
    2) A sounding pole or an echo sounder may be used in lieu of a leadline.
   3) No recall numbers will be exhibited when starting, a second sound signal will be given and the
      onus is placed on defaulting boats to return and start correctly.
   4) VHF radios are allowed to be used during Medway Yacht Club Saturday racing for receiving
      only. Transmission is only allowed in an emergency and must be declared to the Officer of the
      Day afterwards.

12) Class Property
   The Class owns certain property for the convenience of its members and to the
   upkeep and replacement of which they contribute by means of their annual
   At 1st January 2007 this comprised:
                                         2 Launching Trolleys
                                           2 Pairs Mast Legs
                                           1 Talurit Machine
                                          1 Telescopic Riveter
  Any faults found with this gear should be reported immediately to the Captain or
  Use may also be made of the Mast Tabernacle and Electric Hauling-Out Winch which
  are owned by the Medway Yacht Club. Use of the latter by agreement with Club
  The Talurit machine and Telescopic Riveter are stored in the Dragon Locker. The Captain, vice
captain and Mrs Juliet Ward, holds keys to the locker.

                    (Updated 28th January 2007 following various resolutions at
                                  Class AGM 27th January 2007)

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