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Banner Finance


									Banner Finance
   Using FGITBSR to display Current Fund
    Balance for accounts that carry funds
    forward at fiscal year end
   Displays fund balance before
    encumbrances (Banner commitments)
   Commitments displayed on FGIBDST
   Current Fund Balance on FGITBSR less
    Commitments on FGIBDST equals
    current available or spendable balance
Banner Finance
   Cxxxx Account Codes on FGITBSR
    summarize activity on FGIBDST
    – C0005 Budgeted Revenue Control
    – C0025 Revenue Control (YTD actual)
    – C0045 Budgeted Expenditure Control
    – C0065 Expenditure Control (YTD actual)
    – C0085 Budgeted Transfer Control
    – C0105 Transfer Control
    – C0165 Encumbrance Control
Banner Finance

   Display Revenue checkbox on FGIBDST
   Banner default is to display revenue
   For Banner Indexes that do not have
    revenues (such as University budgeted
    accounts 2xxxxx)... click on rollback icon,
    uncheck Display Revenue box and click
    on next block icon.
   Will then display total budget available
Banner Finance
   FGIBDST vs. Web for Finance
   FGIBDST is always current or as of the
    moment you query the form
   Budget queries using Web for Finance
    are as of the end of the period queried
   Web for Finance allows comparison to
    prior fiscal year and period
   Both provide ability to extract data to
    Excel spreadsheet
Banner Finance
   Using FGITRND
   Very powerful form
   Navigation is tricky but powerful
   Easiest to start from FGIBDST
   FGITRND works from position of cursor
    on FGIBDST amounts:
    – Budget amounts
    – YTD Activity amounts
    – Commitment amounts
Banner Finance

   Query by account code or entire index
   Query by Fld codes:
    – ABD (budget adjustments)
    – OBD (original budget entries)
    – YTD (actual activity)
    – ENC (encumbrance activity)
Banner Finance
   Query transactions by period:
    – remember… period 01 is July, 02 is
      August, etc.
   What do dates mean?
    – transaction date determines posting
      period, however FGITRND displays the
      activity date (or date transaction was
    – some month end entries will have an
      activity date of the subsequent month
Banner Finance
   How to query info about an invoice?
    – start from FGIBDST or from FGITRND
    – select invoice transaction (document #
      Ixxxxxxx) and click on Query Document
    – click on Invoice Header
       • note Payment Due date
    – click on Commodity Info for LPO #
    – click on View Document Status
       • note Open/Paid indicator
Banner Finance
   Using FOIDOCH (document history form)
   Use with Invoice or PO number to view
    status of orders, receiving, payments...
   Use Options menu to view information
   To view check number and date:
    – click in check number field then on Check
      information under Options menu
    – enter FA for bank code, then perform next
      block function
Banner Finance

   Using FGIBAVL to display budget
    available by pooled account codes
    – 61700 Wage budget for 61710 (overtime),
      61760 (wages), 61780 (student wages)
    – 71000 General Office Operations
    – 72600 Travel Budget
    – 73200 Equipment Budget
Banner Finance

   Using FRIGITD to view status of project
    accounts (grants and plant funds)
   Displays cumulative budget and activity
    from inception of grant or project
   Enter Grant Code to view these funds
    on Web for Finance
   FGIBDST will display only fiscal year to
    date activity for these funds
Banner Finance
   Navigation from FRIGITD to FRIGTRD is
    similar to navigating from FGIBDST to
   Transaction detail returned is “inception to
    date” rather than only “fiscal to date”.
   You can also use FRIGTRD to query
    transactions using the “From date” and
    “To date” fields.
Banner Finance

   Reports
   FWRBDSC - summary budget status
    report. Also displays fund balance -
    current and beginning of fiscal year
   Only displays fiscal year activity, not
    project to date
Banner Finance

   Reports (continued)
   FWRGITD - summary budget status
    report for grants and plant funds
   displays project to date budgets and
   Does not display revenues or fund
Banner Finance

   Reports (continued)
   FWRODTA - list of transactions for the
    period reported
   includes subtotals by account code that
    agree to FWRBDSC report
   FZRODTA - list of transactions for
    grants and plant funds without subtotals
    by account code

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