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									Mutual UFO Network

        Mission, Goals & Strategy

        …getting to ACTION
Strategic Planning
           …is about peeling back the onion

   WHY We Exist? – Mission   Statement

   WHAT We Do? – Goals

   HOW We Do It? – Strategies

   WHO? WHEN? – Action   Plans
MUFON Mission Statement

    The Scientific Study of UFOs for the
            Benefit of Humanity
Definition of Science

   sci·ence

   The observation, identification, description, experimental
    investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
     –   Such activities restricted to a class of natural phenomena.
     –   Such activities applied to an object of inquiry or study.
   Methodological activity, discipline, or study: I've got packing a
    suitcase down to a science.
   An activity that appears to require study and method: the
    science of purchasing.
   Knowledge, especially that gained through experience.
MUFON’s Goals

   #1 – Investigate UFO Sightings and collect the data in the
    MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide

   #2 – Promote Research on UFOs to discover the true nature of
    the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and
    improving life on our planet.

   #3 – Educate the Public on the UFO phenomenon and its
    potential impact on society

   #4 – Ensure the Economic Viability of MUFON such that
    the organization achieves its mission and goals (Internal Use Only)
MUFON’s Goals

   #1 – Investigate UFO Sightings

   #2 – Promote Research on UFOs

   #3 – Educate the Public

   #4 – Ensure the Economic Viability of MUFON
MUFON’s Goals & Strategies

   Goal #1 – Investigate UFO Sightings

    –   1a. Have an easy to use investigative process -
        Jan Harzan

    –   1b. Build and Staff the Investigator Organization –
        John Schuessler

    –   1c. Have an Easy Reporting Interface to the Sightings
        Database - James Carrion/Jan Harzan
MUFON’s Goals & Strategies

   Goal #2 – Promote Research on UFOs

    –   2a. Create project research teams on energy, travel,
        communications, abductions, and history – Bob Wood

    –   2b. Promote a logical approach toward clear goals for the teams -
        Bob Wood

            The Research Teams and Questions to be Answered are:
               –   Where from, why here, who are they? History Team
               –   How do they get here from there? Travel
               –   Where do they get their energy? Energy
               –   Why are they abducting people? Abduction Team
               –   How do they communicate? Communication Team

    –   2c. Influence key corporations and universities to study the
        scientific aspects of the UFO Phenomenon (Energy, Propulsion,
        Culture, etc.) Jan Harzan
MUFON’s Goals & Strategies

    Goal #3 – Educate the Public

     –   3a. Create a PR plan and execute - Judy Orsatti

     –   3b. Create the MUFON message (sound bites) -
         Judy Orsatti/Jan Harzan

     –   3c. Get our message out on Radio & TV - Judy Orsatti

     –   3d. Create UFO materials to educate schools, service
         clubs, and the general public – Dave Marler
MUFON’s Goals & Strategies

    Goal #4 – Ensure the Economic Viability of MUFON

     –   4a. Increase Membership – Lin Simpson

     –   4b. Develop Fundraising to an Art at MUFON – Cliff Clifford

     –   4c. Change the MUFON Business Model – Tom Whitmore

     –   4d. Run a Profitable MUFON Symposium – Lin Simpson

     –   4e. Develop ways to sell our UFO expertise, knowledge and
         merchandise – Cliff Clifford
Results Achieved

   NEW MUFON Website
   NEW MUFON Case Management System
   Pandora Project underway
   NEW Symposium Proceedings CD Created 1969-2004
   NEW MUFON Journal CD Created 1969-2004
   Financially Successful Symposium in 2004
   MUFON Message Created “What MUFON Knows to be TRUE”
   “MUFON Files Declassified” TV show under development
   Proactive Press Coverage happening NOW
   NEW MUFON Membership System Proposed
What MUFON knows to be true
…after 36 years of research

1.   UFOs ARE REAL – “We are NOT alone”
2.   Our Universe is TEEMING with LIFE – “The scientific
     data shows that our planet is being visited by other intelligences
     on a regular basis”
3.   UFOs (Unconventional Flying Objects) deserve
     scientific study – “UFOs display technology that if
     understood, and used wisely, could benefit our planet and greatly
     advance all mankind.”
                                           John Schuessler
                                                MUFON International Director

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