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When you go to Brisbane, it is like finding yourself in an adventure wonderland. There's
so much to do and see, where your every desire is granted - from quiet strolls along the
river to the adrenaline rush of skydiving. Brisbane may be Australia’s third-largest city,
but for the longest time Brisbane was seen as something of a poor cousin to Sydney and
Melbourne, a sleepy country town hiding behind a big city façade.

In recent years, however, Brisbane has stirred from its slumber and is casually emerging
as one of the most desirable places to live in Australia with an estimated 1000 people
packing their bags and moving up here every week. No doubt the lazy subtropical
climate, gently curving Brisbane River and rich cultural flavors of its many
neighborhoods also have something to do with its appeal. But mostly people love
Brisbane because it’s a ritzy city with a down-to-earth attitude and home to some of the
friendliest locals in Australia.

A good way to get used to Brisbane is to explore the city by foot , by river cruise or by a
speedy ferry. Take in the sights and discover why the river is so central to Brisbane life.
For a wider view, take a champagne breakfast balloon flight over the city, or join a day
bus or 4WD tours. More unusual tours include historic walking tours, specialist art tours
with fine food and wine, adventure trike tours, ghost tours and eco-tours. Animal lovers
can see Australian wildlife up close at Lone Pine or Alma Park Zoo. For the outdoors type,
head out to sea on a fishing charter, or set sail on a sailing tour or cruise of Moreton Bay.
And exploring nearby North Stradbroke and Moreton Island's beaches by 4WD is a must.

The city is situated on the Brisbane River on a low-lying flood plain. Brisbane is named
after the river on which it sits which, in turn was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane , the
Governor of new South Wales from 1821 to 1825. Brisbane is a city where the air is filled
with optimism and a sense of adventure is heavy on the ground. You will be amazed by
the attractions, the exciting places to visit and you will also be pleasantly surprised by
the open and friendly attitude of every local you meet. Accommodation around
Brisbane is as varied as this diverse region. Hundreds of options mean you can find a
place to rest, tailor-made to your holiday expectations.

Brisbane hotels range from a warm country pubs to luxurious high rises where every
convenience is available within your reach. Camping and caravan parks offer the
opportunity for you to stay in great locations. There are Brisbane hotels located in the
middle of the city convenient for shops, offices and transport. Farmstay experiences are
as down-to-earth as their friendly hosts and enable you to fully immerse yourself in
Queensland's heritage. Fresh experiences, fresh adventures and a fresh approach to life:
this is what Brisbane is all about.
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