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									Forthcoming Book:

Science and Religon around the World: Historical Perspectives

Within ISSR is an active group of historians of science who study the
relations between science & religion as they have been constructed in
different times and places. Two members of the group, John Hedley Brooke and
Ronald Numbers are taking the responsibility for producing a multi-authored
book designed to introduce, in a lively and accessible manner, the different
ways in which scientific culture has been perceived and understood in some
of the main religious traditions. The composition of the book and the
contributing authors are as follows:

Science and Religon around the World: Historical Perspectives

Edited by John Hedley Brooke and Ronald L. Numbers

1.   Introduction: Contextualizing science and religion (Brooke & Numbers)
2.   Early Judaism: Noah Efron (Bar Ilan University)
3.   Modern Judaism: Geoffrey N. Cantor (University of Leeds)
4.   Early Christianity: Peter Harrison (Bond University) & David C. Lindberg
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
5.   Modern Christianity: John Hedley Brooke (University of Oxford)
6.   Early Islam: Dimitri Gutas (Yale University)
7.   Modern Islam: Ekmeleddin ?hsano?lu (Organization of the Islamic
8.   Early East Asia: Mark Csikszentmihalyi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
9.   Modern East Asia/Buddhism: Richard Jaffe (Duke University)
10. India/Hinduism: B. V. Subbarayappa (Indian Institute of World Culture)
11. Sub-Saharan Africa: Steven Feierman (University of Pennsylvania) &
John Janzen (University of Kansas)
12. Science and Unbelief: Bernard Lightman (York University)
13. The meaning of it all: David Livingstone (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Goals: This project aims to extend the historiography of science and
religion from its traditional focus on Christianity to include the major
religions of the world.

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