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The urban development funds in t

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The Urban Development Funds in the
              State of Brandenburg
                   Pertti Hermannek, Brussels, 23. October 2009
Your Speaker

Pertti Hermannek
Department Corporate Steering
Phone: +49 331 660-1605

  Internal Consultant
  Business Development and European Affairs
  Project Manager
  „Further Development of the Urban Development Funds“

                                                         Pertti Hermannek

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The State of Brandenburg

 Brandenburg forms together with Berlin the
 German Capital Region

 Six millions inhabitants

 Located between the Western European
 business locations and the emerging markets
 in Eastern Europe

 Berlin-Brandenburg has the highest
 concentration of R&D institutes
 in Germany

 Biggest city in Brandenburg is Potsdam with
 app. 150.000 people

 Majority of cities in Brandenburg are smaller
 than 50.000 inhabitants

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ILB – Objectives and Tasks

The promotional bank of the state of Brandenburg

Implementation of the grant programs of the state in the
fields of

  Loans at favourable interest rates
  Venture and equity capital

   ILB hat ein zukunftsfähiges Geschäfts

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Promotional offers for Brandenburg

Grant programs from    Agency for the ministries of the state of Brandenburg
budgetary funds        Budgets come from public sources:
                         State of Brandenburg
                         Federal Republic of Germany
                         European Union

Promotional programs   Loan programs with favourable interest rates
from own ressources    Refinancing with funds from
                         Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
                         Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank (LR)
                         European Investmentbank (EIB)
                         Council of Europe Bank (CEB)
                         Capital Market

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ILB is Service Provider for Ministries and Customers

                         Ministries of the state as funds provider

                                                 Agency for grant programs
                                                 Advice for elaboration and further
                                                 development of guidelines for grants,
                                                 Documentation and reporting


                                                   Advice, assessment of the applications,
                                                   approval and payment of the grants
                                                   Administration of grant,
                                                   check of reports on expenditure

                Investores as target groupes of the promotional measures
                Municipalities/State Enterprises Farmers Private People

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Objectives of the ERDF - Urban Development Funds in Brandenburg

Brandenburg seized the suggestion of the JESSICA-Initiative
and developed a concept for an urban development funds

Three objectives:

  Establishing a revolving funds for urban development
  over the end of the running structural funds period

  stronger consideration of the profitability of projects

  Mobilisation of public and private capital for
  urban development

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ERDF - Urban Development Funds in Brandenburg

Within the directive „Sustainable Urban
Development“ 15 cities in Brandenburg can be
Condition for acceptance in the ERDF-program:                    Neuruppin
Elaboration of an integrated urban development                                     Eberswalde
concept                                                                   Oranienburg
                                                 Brandenburg a.d. Havel           Fürstenwalde Frankfurt
These 15 cities in Brandenburg can also make                       Potsdam
use of the urban development funds.                                       Königs-Wusterhausen




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ERDF - Urban Development Funds: An Overview

Who can get financing?   15 municipalities from the state of Brandenburg (see map)

What will be financed?     Elimination of deficits in urban planning
                           Improvement of inner city traffic
                           Adaption of social infrastructure
                           Adaption of infrastructure for education
                           City management and -marketing

How will be financed?      100% of the investment
                           Interest rate 1 - 1,5% p.a.
                           Instalment credit with a maturity of 10 years
                           No repayment for the first two years possible

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Basic Model of the ERDF - Urban Development Funds in Brandenburg

   EU-Commission                                                      EIB

          ERDF funding                                                  Global Loans

      State of                        MIR        Program contract     ILB
    Brandenburg                                  for implementation

                              15 Mio. EUR ERDF funds                        5 Mio. EUR

                Urban Development Funds Brandenburg
                  Loans                                Loans

                          Urban Development Projects

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Possible Projects for the Urban Devlopment Funds
Strengthening local economy
 Centers for local handcraft and creative industries

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Possible Projects for the Urban Devlopment Funds
Development of inner city areas
 Speicherstadt Potsdam: inner city
 brownfield on the waterfront, area
 for housing, commercial uses and
 science and research
 Science Park Golm: development of
 new business areas in a science park
 (pre- and bridgeover financing)


                                        Business Area

                     Station Golm

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Possible Projects for the Urban Devlopment Funds
Strengthening inner cities
 Development of train stations for retail trade,
 gastronomy and train affine services
 (bike rental stations, tourist information etc.)

 Development of space for retail trade locations in historic centers

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Possible Projects for the Urban Devlopment Funds
Devopment of public areas as an initial
investment to mobilize private partners

Gardencity Drewitz in Potsdam
 Upgrading of green space, social infrastructure
 Energetic rehabilitation
 New building of flats
 Objective: sustain socially accepted rents

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ILB and Ministry for Infrastructure participate in a project co-financed by the Federal Ministry for
Housing and Urban Development

 further development of the Urban Development Funds
 Integration of private investors under consideration of the specific situation of the small and
 medium sized cities in Brandenburg

Subject matter for analysis will be:
 Objectives of a future funds
 Market analysis
 decision criteria
 financial and legal conditions
 implementation of a funds

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