Timeline for Completing NAAEE 5-Year Strategic Plan by tyndale


									               Timeline for Completing NAAEE 5-Year Strategic Plan

March 2003           Assemble Strategic Planning Committee

April 2003           Hold first SP Committee meeting
                     (Introductions, plan objectives, plan steps, direction to board)

                     NAAEE Board Retreat with SP work session
                     (Plan objectives and steps, SWOT, vision, expectations,

June 2003            Hold second SP Committee meeting
                     (Review board input, mechanism for completing plan)

July-September       Develop listing of internal/external stakeholders and survey
                     plan and question sets

                     Send questionnaire to Committee and Commission Chairs
                     Plan Strategic Plan sessions at NAAEE Conference

October 2003         NAAEE Conference sessions on Strategic Planning:
                     Board, Past Presidents, Committee and Commissions, SP
                     Committee Meeting and All-Member Town Hall Meeting on
                     Strategic Planning

                     SP Committee conference call to debrief conference and take
                     next steps with SP plan and data gathering plan/questions

November 2003        Subcommittee work on questions and survey approach.
                     Draft short description of SP process and NAAEE.

                     Subcommittee work begun on mission/vision statements and
                     redraft. Committee also responsible for drafting core values.

                     Subcommittee begun to identify plan framework and begin to
                     incorporate goals and strategies (from input at NAAEE

December 2003        Subcommittee work on questions and survey approach.

                     Complete question development.

                     Pilot surveys.
January 2004    Continue to pilot surveys.

                Revise surveys. Create survey scripts.

                Subcommittee to draft plan meets and identifies framework for

February 2004   SP Committee provides input to first draft.

                Complete NAAEE description, letter of intro.

                Create intranet web page for SP Committee member use.

March 2004      Committee members conduct phone interviews to gather
                internal and external stakeholder input on the plan (by first
                week of April 2004). Also online surveys completed by some

                Mission/Vision/Core Values Subcommittee revamped.

                Plan Drafting SubCommittee with ED works to incorporate all
                goals/strategies from 2003 conference input and NAAEE
                description into plan format.

April 2004      All interviews/surveys completed (April 5th at latest)

                Plan draft including mission/vision completed by
                Subcommittee with assistance from Bill Dent, ED (April 5,

                Input from internal/external stakeholders compiled and
                provided in written report form (by Tracie Beasley). (April 19,

                Strategic Plan Committee meeting to discuss input received
                and plan to date. (week of April 26th)

                Plan writing committee with Bill Dent, Executive Director
                incorporate input from stakeholders and SP Committee into
                2nd Draft of strategic plan. (April 30th)
May 2004         Board of Directors holds a retreat and spends a day discussing
                 and revising the plan (May 13-16).

                 ED (Bill), SP Chair (Abby), and Plan Drafting SubCommittee
                 chair (Sandi) make plan revisions based on results of board
                 retreat. (May 28th)

June 2004        SP Committee meeting to discuss board discussion/revisions
                 and next steps (early June).

                 Plan revised by Subcommittee and ED based on SP Committee
                 input. 3rd draft of plan completed (by 2nd week).

                 Simple online form for stakeholder/member comment on plan
                 draft created by Paul Nowak Jr, EELink Manager.

                 Plan posted on NAAEE website by Paul w/Bill’s direction.
                 Key stakeholders (including Board members) and all members
                 notified and asked to provide feedback. (2-week review period)

July 2004        Stakeholder/member input compiled and reported by Paul
                 Nowak Jr. and/or Bill Dent (July 5th)

                 4th draft of plan completed by SubCommittee.

                 Final SP Committee conference call to discuss member-
                 stakeholder input and implications for plan draft.

                 5th/final draft of plan completed by ED and SP Chair and
                 submitted to board and SP Committee.

July 2004        Board reviews and approves the plan!!! (by July 30th)
                 All Committee and Commission Chairs notified and provided
                 w/plan copy and workplan forms.

August 2004      Staff, Committees and Commissions develop 2005 workplans
                 based on the strategic plan

September 2004   Workplans submitted to Executive Director and Board
                 Budgets submitted to Executive Director and Finance

October 2004     Budget for 2005 developed by Finance Committee and ED and
                 submitted to Board
November 2004   Board approves 2005 budget at 33rd Annual Conference
                Conference features an unveiling/celebration of the plan and
                opportunities for members to get involved in plan

Spring 2005     Board Retreat to Review progress on the strategic plan and
                makes needed adjustments

                Adjustments and recommendations reported to Committees,
                Commissions and staff for 2006 workplan development


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