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Reception/Y1 class - autumn term - Friday mornings

Time Table

8.30 -9.00 - Carpet time: register, sing with Y2/3 class, tell the children the mornings activities.
9.00 - 10.00 - Topic lesson:
10.00 -10.15 - Break
10.15 -10.30 - Choose time
10.30 - 11.20 - Continue topic lesson
11.20 - 11.30 - Story
11.30 -12.00 - ‘Good work’ prayers

Biblical aims:
During this term the children will learn:

- that God created the Dry Land on day three of creation
- that God provided the soil in which the crops could grow in order to give us food to eat
- to understand that God is our provider and He sustains all things
- the story of Joseph as recorded in Genesis chs.37-50
- Romans 8 v 28 and how this relates to the life of Joseph
- that Christians are not immune from the trials and difficulties of this life
- that Joseph was raised up by God to do a very special job
- that God was fulfilling His promise which he gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through Joseph
- Joseph remained faithful to God even when many things went wrong for him. He realized that God was in control (Gen.45 v
- Joseph didn’t hold any bitterness or hatred towards his brothers who had been so unkind and cruel to him. In fact he forgave
them because he could see the much bigger picture; that God was in control of all the happenings in his life (Gen 50 v 19-21)
 - that anger , envy and bitterness can lead to hatred which can result in doing very wrong things , like the ten brothers hatred of
their brother Joseph led them to want him dead and to sell him into slavery
 - that it is important to control our emotions and feeling and ask God to help us when we have wrong feelings towards someone
or when we are finding it hard to forgive
Craft/art/D.T aims:
 - know what the primary colours are and do some colour mixing to find out what other colours can be made from the three
primary colours
- design a pattern on Joseph’s coat and paint it, carefully and accurately (staying within the lines), using primary colours (Y1)
 - using primary colours paint, in the pattern on Joseph’s coat (rec)
 - to hold and use a paint brush correctly
 - make their own clay thumb pot
 - experiment with mud/soil colours to create a picture

Baking aims: (provide cross curricular links in maths, English and science)
- teach basic food hygiene
- learn different baking method
- learn vocabulary associated with baking
- follow verbal instructions carefully and precisely
- learn that accurate measuring is essential
- become familiar with baking terms
- know how to weigh and measure and what units we use for this
- understand where are food comes from
- see the importance of Dry Land (soil) for the production of the food we enjoy
- learn how different materials (ingredients) change during the baking process

English aims:
-   Share and teach the children about the life of Joseph using books, pictures and word cards
-   make a large, class, story book on Joseph (Y1)

End of term Task
 - make a ‘zigzag’ book on the life of Joseph. This involves ordering and sequencing of pictures, cutting and sticking .The Y1
children will write underneath the picture to tell the story in their own words.

       Weekly lesson plan - autumn term 2009

DATE    LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AND ACTIVITIES                                        RESOURCES

1       Bible topic: read from a children’s version of the bible the account of      Whiteboard
        creation in Gen.ch 1. Emphasize that on day 3 God created the dry land.      7 creation pictures (x10)
         Order the days of creation pictures and colour in.                          Bibles

2       Bible topic: Introduce Joseph; establish what the children already know      Bible
        about him. Read Gen 37 v1-11 and show coloured pictures to help them to      Whiteboard
        understand the story.                                                        Laminated coloured pictures
        Complete primary colour mixing work sheet.                                   and key word cards
        Design and paint, using primary colours, the A3 Joseph coat.                 Worksheet ‘Colour mixing’
        Watch the Joseph video for 15 minutes then discuss to check the              enlarged to A3 (x11)
        children’s understanding of the story so far.                                Paints (red yellow blue)
                                                                                     Fine paintbrushes
                                                                                     A3 Joseph’s coat sheet (x11)
                                                                                     Joseph video
3       Baking: rock buns - rubbing in method. Model the rubbing in method           Non-fiction book on rocks
        pointing out the use of finger tips to rub the fat into the flour, explain   Baking equipment and
        why.                                                                         ingredients
        Topic: Share a non-fiction book about rocks before baking. Think about
        rock shapes and textures.
4   Bible topic: Introduce memory verse - Rom. 8 v28. Start to get the             Bible
    children to memorize it. Recap on the life of Joseph so far and continue,      Whiteboard
    read Gen. 37 v 12-36. Use pictures to help in telling the story. Talk about    Joseph story pictures
    the different emotions that each of the characters are feeling. Emphasize      Non-fiction book on clay
    Joseph’s emotions, how would they feel to be in his shoes? Think about         Clay
    descriptive words to describe the pit he was thrown into, write them on
    Show the children a lump of clay and explain that it comes from under the
    ground. Let the children play with a small lump of clay and discuss together
    what it is like (feel, smell, colour and texture).
    Look up scripture verses (Isaiah 64 v8, Psalm 40 v 2 & Romans 9 v 21) with
    reverence to the potter and clay and explain them.
    Make clay thumb pots
    Watch 15 minutes of Joseph video

5   Joseph continued. The brother’s behaviour was sinful and led to them lying     Bible
    to their father. Jacob is heart broken.                                        Whiteboard
    Spend some time thinking and talking about the brother’s and Jacob’s           Non-fiction books on silver
    reactions and emotions. The result of envy/ jealousy and hatred was
    heartache, grief and despair.                                                  Clay thumb pots & paint
    Joseph was sold into slavery for 20 shekels of silver. Do the children know
    where silver comes from? Explain that is a God given natural resource from     memory verses; Rom 8 v 28
    out of the earth. What kind of things do we use silver for?                    & Isaiah 64 v8
    Recap on clay from last week and compare and contrast it with silver.
    Paint the clay thumb pots from last week.
    Recap memory verse Rom 8 v 28 and introduce another Isaiah 64 v8
    Weather permitting look closely at soil in the garden talk about its texture
    and colour. Bring some soil into the classroom. What colours can they see?
    Investigate soil colours and use them to paint a pattern.
6    Bible topic: Recap on what we already know about the life of Joseph.          Bible
     Summarize Gen.39 &40 telling the story of Joseph’s first few years in         Whiteboard
     Egypt.                                                                        Joseph story pictures
     Check if children have remembered the memory verse - Rom. 8 v 28 think        Non fiction books on Egypt
     about this in the light of Joseph’s life so far.                              Joseph video
     Think about life in Egypt and how different it would have been for Joseph     ‘Shrinkie’ material
     than when he lived in Canaan. I.e., a different country = different culture,  Egyptian design
     costume, food, religion, language, landscape.                                 Key rings
     Share a book about life in Egypt in bible times and now.
     Make memory verse pyramid and put the first two memory verses on them.
     Make a key ring ‘shrinkie’ with an Egyptian design. See if the children can
     explain why the material shrinks after being in the oven.
      Watch 15 minutes of the Joseph video and discuss.
    HALF TERM        HALF TERM         HALF TERM         HALF TERM         HALF TERM     HALF TERM
7    Bible topic: See how much the children remember of the life of Joseph         Bible
     from last half terms lessons. Who can remember the memory verses?             Whiteboard
     Continue the story of Joseph, read Gen. 41 - Joseph’s rise to power.          Picture cues
     What is a famine? What causes famine?                                         Laminated key words
     Have key words available and pictures to assist them.                         Joseph video
     Watch 15 minutes of the Joseph video.                                         The baker and cupbearer
     Make the baker and cupbearer story cubes.                                     story cubes
     Teach and learn a new memory verse from James 1v 12 and stick onto their      Memory verses
     Start work on the illustrations for the big class book on Joseph. Get the
     children to draw pictures of the different major events in Joseph’s life.
8    Baking: - bread slugs and snails – kneading. Ask the children if they know    Baking equipment and
     where flour comes from. Establish that most flour is made from wheat          ingredients
     which is a crop grown by farmers in fields.
     Watch 15 minutes of the Joseph video.
9    Bible topic: Recap children’s grasp of the story of Joseph so far, then         Bible
     summarize the rest of Joseph’s life - Gen. Ch. 42-50. Joseph’s brothers go      Whiteboard
     to Egypt. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers on their 2nd trip for food.    Joseph video
     Joseph sends for his father, Jacob and the family of Israel settles in the      Zigzag books
     land of Goshen.                                                                 Paper &pencils
     Continue working on the big class book of Joseph.                               Writing journals
     Finish watching the Joseph video.                                               Letter land material
10   Bible topic: Why did Joseph put his silver cup into Benjamin’s sack?            Small cups spray painted
     Joseph was testing his brothers to see if they were now honest. He found        silver
     the brothers to be honest men and so he revealed himself to them and
     wonderfully forgave them. Talk to the children about the gospel and Jesus
     being willing to forgive our sin if we ask Him and are truly sorry for them.
     Each child will design and paint a tiny silver cup. They will use cotton wool
     buds instead of paint brushes
11   Remind the children of the true meaning of Christmas. Share a Christmas         Baking equipment and
     story book with the children.                                                   ingredients

     As a group make shining star biscuits.
12   Assessment Task:                                                                Assessment task
      Make ‘zigzag’ books on Joseph. The children will need to order 8               ‘Zigzag’ books
     pictures, colour them in and stick them in their books. The Y1 children will    Joseph story pictures
     write a short sentence or paragraph to go with each illustration
      Memory verse

‘And we know that all things work together
for good to those who love God, to those
who are the called according to His purpose.’

           Romans 8 v 28

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