Being fully prepared for your shoot is a key element to its success! The objective of your photo shoot is to get excellent, quality photographs that highlight your best attributes and exemplify your own special ‘look’. After all, your 'look' is what the agents want to see! With this in mind, your goal should be to create a beautiful, clean representation of your natural beauty and attractiveness. But it takes more than a photographer and make-up artist to pull this together! You will need to begin preparing several days in advance. Don't worry, it's not too time consuming, but it does take some thought, planning and a bit of preparation...and we're here to walk you through it!

1. GET HEALTHY: During the week prior to your shoot please be conscious of everything you are doing to your body. Your sleeping, eating and exercise habits have EVERYTHING to do with what you look like! So, AT LEAST 3 days before your shoot date be sure to keep the following things in mind: - Get a full 8 hours of sleep at night - but don't over-do it! Sleeping in late can cause water retention and puffiness. - Eat VERY clean, healthy foods (lean meats, vegetables, fruits) and avoid salty foods, heavy dairy products (whole milk), caffeine and alcohol. Get some aerobic exercise to get your circulation rolling and your skin tone healthy.

2. SKINCARE: You will need to arrive at your shoot with CLEAN, moisturized skin. ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE-UP should be on your face. This is VERY important. NO MAKEUP !!!! If you arrive with make-up on you will have to wash it off completely which in turn makes your skin red and puffy and this will absolutely be noticeable in your photos. Waiting for the redness to subside will mean missing your scheduled shoot time. So, once again, ARRIVE WITH NO MAKE-UP ON AND A CLEAN, MOISTURIZED FACE!!!! To prepare your face for the big day be sure to take excellent care of your skin between now and your shoot date. (Although, as a model you should ALWAYS do this!) This means washing your face in the morning AND in the evening before bed. Take special care to try and clear up any blemishes and keep your skin lightly moisturized with a FACIAL moisturizer....not body cream! If you plan to get a facial you should do this about 1 to 2 days before your shoot date. It is not a good idea to do it the day of the shoot in case of skin irritation or redness. Tanning is not necessarily a good idea. A dark tan simply does not photograph well and sunburn would be a disaster. A light tan is ok, especially for guys…but NOT at all necessary! If you know right now that you have a very dark tan then please STAY OUT OF THE SUN between now and your shoot date.

3. HAIR-REMOVAL: Waxing of any sort (lip, body, and eyebrow) should be done 2 to 3 days BEFORE the shoot. This way there is time for any redness or bruising to clear up. Ladies, if you have noticeable, dark hair on your upper lip - have it waxed. Don't assume it won't show up in the photos...because it will.

Also, girls, you should shave your legs and arms the night before. If you are planning on wearing a bathing suit for one of your looks be sure to take special care to shave or wax the bikini line. Again - remember to wax 2 to 3 days before or shave the night before! Men, you should be clean shaven as well. If possible, it is a good idea for you to shave several hours prior to your shoot to avoid any visible nicks. You will NOT be able to shave at the shoot so remember to SHAVE BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL! 4. MANICURES & PEDICURES: Both men and women should have well manicured nails. We suggest making sure both your hands AND feet are photo ready. You should wear CLEAR polish only. If, for some reason, this is not possible please choose a light, neutral color so your nail color will not be distracting in the photo. This may seem like an unimportant aspect to your photo shoot grooming…but it’s not! A gorgeous shot with gnarled up nails will make the shot unusable. 5. HAIR: Our make-up artists are there for MAKE-UP ONLY and will NOT have time to style your hair. Your hair needs to be CLEAN and photo ready when you arrive at your shoot. It should already be DRY and curled or straightened in the style you feel most comfortable in. Do NOT try something brand new for the shoot. You need to feel very comfortable with yourself in order to get the best photos choose a nice, natural hair style that you have worn before...preferably something that does not cover up your face. Please, no prom hair or ornate up-do's!!! The agents want to see a NICE, CLEAN, NATURAL representation of you so let's give them what they need to see! 6. WARDROBE: The objective with your wardrobe is to wear well-fitting, FLATTERING clothing that shows off your figure or physique. Girls, if you know you have long, well-toned legs - show them off! Don't hide them in a pair of jeans. Instead, bring an outfit that includes a shorter, form fitting skirt/dress or a longer skirt with a slit up the side. Guys, don't bring size 38 waist jeans if you know you truly wear a 32! This is not the time or place to wear baggy clothes. Agents know you can wear big, baggy pants...but what they want to see is how you look when you wear WELLFITTING jeans/pants! You should bring no more than 5 or 6 wardrobe options. Wardrobe stylists will be on hand to select your final choices. Your wardrobe must be clean, pressed and ready-to-wear. This means you will need to plan your choices several days in advance so they can be fully prepped by the night prior to your shoot. We suggest neutral or bright, solid colors. Busy prints and lots of stripes are distracting and don't always photograph well. Black, white, denim and khaki are ok, but you should also BRING COLORS. Take the time to look through some current magazines and catalogs appropriate for your age range. You should be able to get some excellent ideas here - especially from ads such as GAP, Benetton, Guess, BCBG, etc. Also, In Style magazine can be very helpful. Do NOT bring lingerie or formal wear such as prom, wedding dresses or tuxes. This is not an editorial or glamour shoot! Choose things you may find in a fashion catalog like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Delia's, or in any of the ads mentioned above. Do not wear a swimsuit if you are not toned and in shape...and be honest with yourself. If you know you need to lose another 5 lbs before you look fantastic being photographed in a swimsuit... then don't do it! Guys, if you have a great physique be sure to bring some shorts and tank tops. Please Note: You must be at least 16 years of age to be photographed in a swimsuit. If you are under the age of 16, we WILL NOT photograph you in a swimsuit.

NOTE** BE CAREFUL WHEN PACKING YOUR WARDROBE. Hang your clothes and, if possible, cover them with a garment bag or plastic (pulling a garbage bag over your hangers works wonders). NOTE: We will NOT have extra hangars so you must bring your own hangars. Shoes, accessories, etc., should be packed in a duffel bag or suitcase. It may also be helpful to write an ‘inventory’ list of the items you bring to the shoot. This will make it easier to pack up and be sure you haven’t left anything behind. The Model Expo is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

7. ACCESSORIES: Accessories are not necessary for the purposes of this shoot. This photo shoot is designed to focus on YOU and you only. You must remember, the objective here is to get the agents to notice YOU and NOT your jewelry or accessories. NO LARGE EARRINGS will be allowed. 8. UNDERGARMENTS: Be sure that you have appropriate undergarments for your outfit! For example, check to see if you need a halter or strapless bra. Or, if you plan on wearing white pants....don't wear red polka-dotted underwear! Models almost always wear seamless, fleshtoned bra and panties (thongs are preferable because they won't leave panty lines). Guys, boxer briefs are always your best bet. 9. SHOES: Bring the right shoes for the outfits you select. Shoes may or may not show in your photographs but you must be prepared in case they do! However, several days prior to your shoot take a look at those shoes! Do they need to be cleaned or polished? If so, take care of it before you arrive. 10. FRAME OF MIND: This may be the most important part of a successful shoot! Please bring a GOOD ATTITUDE with you to the shoot! If you are stressed out or having a bad day, take a few minutes to sit somewhere quiet and LET IT GO. Then take a deep breath and find your best open and creative attitude. Once you have that you are ready to walk in the door and get started. Another important point is to remember that the photographers and make-up artists are PROFESSIONALS! They do this for a living, they work directly with the agents AND the they know best what will work and not work. Please trust the professionals who are here to help you. When you become a working model and you are on a job you can NEVER argue with a stylist or photography about their creative choices. Granted, if there is something you are terribly uncomfortable with you should politely voice your concern....but with a GOOD ATTITUDE! :) 11. PRACTICE: Don't be afraid to practice in front of a mirror! What better way to see what you look like in various angles. We don't suggest practicing any stiff, charm-school poses...but DO practice being comfortable, relaxed and graceful with your body movements and facial expressions. The photographer will give you some direction but the best way to prepare is front of a mirror!

1. YOU MUST ARRIVE WEARING NO MAKE- UP!!! NONE AT ALL!! This is EXTREMELY important. If you have to wash your face to remove any make-up it could delay your start time due to red skin – and you could miss your shoot! 2. MUST BE PROMPT. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time so as to be settled and ready to roll on time. There will be a brief orientation prior to beginning your shoot so, again, you MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your call-time. Plan for traffic delays and be sure to get your directions ready the night before. If you are late you will miss your photo shoot.

3. PLAN TO BE AT THE PHOTO SHOOT FOR AT LEAST 3 TO 4 HOURS – possibly longer. Please plan your schedule accordingly. 3. PAY YOUR PHOTO BALANCE IN FULL PRIOR TO YOUR SHOOT TAKING PLACE. If you are mailing your final payment instead of paying it online be sure to mail it at least 7 to 10 days prior to the shoot to account for slow postal service! 4. DO NOT BRING GUESTS. It's best if you are dropped off and picked up. If someone is accompanying you please have them wait in the lobby, etc., and remind them to bring a good book! Parents should keep in mind that it may make your child (and other models) uncomfortable to be in front of the camera with you watching. Parents and guest are asked to wait outside the studio in the waiting area we provide for you. We are happy to give parents of younger teenagers a tour of the studio area. 5. DO NOT BRING FOOD. Eat lightly before your shoot but do not bring food or snacks. A bottle of water...with a ok. 6. TAKE YOUR PHOTO CD HOME WITH YOU! You will be given your photo CD at the end of your shoot. You will be receiving ALL of the photos from your shoot so film will NOT BE EDITED. This means your photos will include poor shots (called out-takes) normally edited out by professional photographers. Don't worry...ALL photo shoots have many, many out-takes! So DON'T be surprised when you see a few shots with you blinking or looking a little silly. Our goal is to get one or two great shots per look…and remember, it only takes one good shot to show the agents!


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