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              November 2005

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  The Fact Sheet                                   3
  U2 Products                                      4
  U2 Services                                      5
  Positioning & Roadmap                            6
  Customer List (local & international)            11
  Migration Information                            12
  Contact Details & Forum Info                     13

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IBM acquired the U2 product suite from Informix in 2001. Following this, Explix Technologies (trading as Workgroup)
was appointed by IBM as the local U2 product suite distributor in November 2003. The U2 team within Workgroup are
focused on and responsible for the marketing, sales, administration and support of the U2 product suite within Southern
and Central Africa.

Due to its nature, U2 has never been and will never be a mainstream database. The IBM U2 databases are embedded
within applications as developed by our partners. Such applications usually meet specific business requirements or
alternatively provide customers with a particular solution within a niche or vertical market. The U2 databases have been
in existence since the early 1980’s and are therefore very mature and reliable products in terms of technology.
However, it is interesting to note that this technology is newer than some of IBM’s other mainstream databases. Being
niche focused, does not make the IBM U2 databases any less suitable than the mainstream databases of this world. In
fact they are far more scalable and flexible, offer very stable technology, boast ease of use and speedy deployment,
allow for data transfer to disparate applications, provide a rapid return on investment and present a low cost of

As can be seen from the statistics, IBM has invested in products with strong OEM partnerships, millions of end-users
and high revenue generation worldwide.

the fact sheet
   Workgroup has been voted as the top IBM software distributor in South Africa for the past 8 years and has received
    the award again this year (2005).
   IBM U2 has in the region of 600 partners, 60,000 customers and 4 million users internationally.
   U2 is represented locally by 40 partners, 2,000 customers and 30,000 users.
   It is estimated that IBM U2 remains the leading MultiValue vendor and covers approximately 75-80% market share,
    and is still the 3        largest vendor of the embedded market. It is estimated that the local market share is slightly
   ISVs/VARs have successfully converted approximately 300 MultiValue sites to UniVerse.

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U2 products
IBM UniData® and UniVerse® (U2) are extended relational databases that offer high performance, scalable information
management environments for embedding in vertical applications. U2 tools are designed to fully leverage the power of
this extended relational model.
See     http://wwwbm.com/developerworks/db2/products/u2/            or

Janet Oswald, IBM U2 Marketing Manager and Jackie Burhans, IBM U2 Portfolio Manager provide us with an inside
look into the U2 databases, thereby allowing us to understand the extended relational data model, its architecture,
benefits and the associated tools products. See IBM U2: The Big Picture at IBM’s website by linking through to…

An extended relational database designed for embedding in vertical applications.      UniData simplifies information
management and query logic, providing more power for online high-transaction applications.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/unidata/

An extended relational database designed for embedding in vertical applications. This nested relational data model
means intuitive data modelling and few resulting tables.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/universe/

A scalable, object-based infrastructure for the U2 databases that includes an object-abstraction tool, allowing for
development within a variety of technologies such as Java and ASP/JSP.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/redback/

SB+ & SBClient
The rapid application development (RAD) tool for IBM U2 databases, providing a structured process-based environment
in which to create and maintain enterprise applications.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/sb/

Advanced terminal emulation application enhancement tool for IBM U2 databases and other MultiValue databases.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/wintegrate/

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U2 Tools
Designed to fully leverage the power of the extended relational model supported by the IBM U2 databases, UniData and
UniVerse. U2 Tools provide high-performance connectivity, interoperability, development and integration. In addition,
our tools can be deployed in legacy MultiValued environments.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/u2/tools/

U2 services
Collectively, the IBM U2 team at Workgroup has 53 years experience in the MV market.

Consulting and Support
Our U2 Technical Support Team offer a range of support and consulting services to end-users and value-added
resellers, including online, email & telephonic support ranging from installation to client tools.   On-site consulting
services are available on request and include installations, maintenance, middleware setups, software upgrades and
updates, analysis of procedures and environment integrity checks. The technical support team manages our porting
centre and assists with the migration or conversion from other multi-valued databases to UniVerse.

Product Training
The U2 team offers training locally and internationally on the U2 product range. Courses available include UniVerse
and UniData Fundamentals, Basic, Administration and ODBC; Java Development using UniObjects; SB+ Essentials,
Advanced and GUI development and Advanced courses and RedBack Essentials.
For more detailed product information, see: http://www.utwo.co.za/training.htm

Communications, Info Updates and Local Events
In order for our ISVs/VARs and all end-users to remain informed of U2 developments, we compile and distribute a
number of communication articles. Workgroup also hosts two main events every year where international IBM
representatives bring you the latest U2 news from a business (U2Where2) and technical (U2How2) perspective.
Technical update sessions and hands-on workshops are also scheduled for every quarter, which are open to any ISV or
end-user. Other communications include the local www.utwo.co.za website, technical email tips, pro-active buddy calls,
incident reports, general email updates, local U2 newsletters, technical and business meetings and product and
services brochures.

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positioning and roadmap
IBM acquired the U2 database product suite from Informix in 2001. Since then, IBM has embraced the product suite
and has clearly defined its position in their database portfolio. U2 is one of ± 15 IBM databases, of which all sit within
the DB2 Software Pillar, and has been identified as IBM’s strategic database for MultiValue embedded solutions. IBM
continues to enhance and support the U2 product suite in order that customers may further enhance their applications in
line with new technology trends and to leverage other IBM software products and technology.

                    IBM Software Group | DB2 information management software

        IBM Software Portfolio

          Development            Platform for                            Collaboration         Intelligent
          Platform for            Integrated           Information                            Management
                                                      Management           & Human
           Business              e-business                               Interaction          Software

            Modeling &               Online                                                    Systems
           Development            Transaction                             Groupware           Management
                                    Systems             Database
                                                   DB2, U2, IDS, etc

                Linux       Windows             AIX     Solaris      HP-UX        OS/400         z/OS

                   Scalable                       Platform independent                 Reliable
                   Modular & Flexible             Standards-based                      Globalized


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       Infrastructure OLTP Products

Total Solution Value:
                                                                           DB2 zOS
• Application                                                                                Target: applications
                                                                                             built for zOS
• DBMS                  V
• Server                A                                        DB2 & IDS        Target: the most
• Storage                                                        Enterprise
• Services              L                                                         challenging database
                                                                                  problems, on any size
• SW & HW Mtc           U                                                         system

• IT Staff
                        E                         DB2 & IDS
                                                                    Target: 2-4 way mid level
                                                                    systems, requiring
                                                                    advanced high availability

                                      DB2 & IDS       Target: Entry level 2 ways systems,
                                      Express         requiring base database capability

                             Product Flexibility: Increasing Capability,
                                Performance, Scalability, & Control

                            OEM/Embedded Products

                                                                               Target: Industrial Strength
                                                                               Transactional, Java Application
                                                                               + Middleware Solutions
                                                                                                                              Integrated Runtime

                                                                                                                               Target: industrial strength
                                                                                                                 IDS 9         transactional, embedded
                                    MultiValue {                                                                               applications

                                                                                                      U2            Target: MultiValue embedded
                                                                                                                    vertical applications for SMB

                                                   Lite {                                   Cloudscape
                                                                                                              Target: Lite Embedded Data Driven
                                                                                                              Applications for Eclipse / Java

                                                  Micro {                     DB2 Everyplace          Target: Micro databases,
                                                                                                      mobile devices

                                                                    Product Flexibility: Increasing Footprint, Increasing
                                                                      Capability, Performance, Scalability, & Control

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IBM U2 Goal: Growing Market Share
IBM is constantly looking to grow the U2 market share internationally.                          By making their current partners more
competitive and delivering new technology, IBM is able to sell U2 solutions into the clearly defined small to medium
business sector.   Always on the lookout for new U2 partners and solutions, through new applications as well as
migrated applications, and in focusing on providing first class support and product functionality to the existing customer
base, IBM looks to continue their growth of the U2 business internationally.

                                   IBM Software Group | DB2 information management software

                      The Middleware SMB Opportunity
                                                                              $45.4B Opportunity
                       • More than 54% of all IT
                         spending (hardware,
                         software and services) is
                         now from companies with           Large                           $8.7B
                         less than 1000 employees       1,000 - 4,999                     5% CAGR

                       • The SMB market has three
                         distinct sub-segments                                              $15B
                         (Small, Medium and Large)       100 - 999                       7.5% CAGR

                       • The Medium sub-segment                                    500K enterprises
                         is growing faster (11%)
                         than the Large (5%)              Small
                                                          1-99                            $21.7B
                                                 Number of employees            Millions of enterprises
                                                                                 IT spend over next 3-5 years


The small to medium sized business arena has been identified as showing the largest IT growth over the next four
years. IBM’s U2 product suite allows IBM to play in this space through our business partners without competing against
other IBM databases. The small to medium enterprises are searching for solutions and not databases, which our
partners can offer this market through their vertically focused solutions. IBM encourages partners and customers to
stay with the technology they initially chose and to look to enhancing the solution with the database and tool
functionality that is being made available. The technology was originally chosen because it was fast, reliable, and
flexible, deployment was easy, it was rich in capabilities and had strong backend support… and today none of that has
changed. IBM continues to remain committed to the product and further developments or enhancements that will meet
the needs of our partners and will be in line with technology trends.

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                                IBM Software Group | DB2 information management software

          IBM U2 Roadmap Overview
                                IBM U2 databases and tools continue to receive feature and quality updates
          UniVerse:                                                                                 2004
          Performance,                 10.1                             10.2           11            .next
          Security, Standards

          Interoperability,                         6.1           7.1                       .next
          Security, Usability

          Performance,                              4.2           4.3          .next

          Interoperability,             5.3                       5.4                       .next

          Deployment                          5.2         6.0     6.1          .next

                                     2003           2004        2005       2006             2007       2008


IBM U2 Product Plans
The IBM product roadmaps are continuously updated and detailed functionality information can be obtained regarding
the new software enhancements and developments going forward. Although the roadmaps show development until year
X on an on-going basis, this is absolutely NOT the point of termination / retirement of the product!

New product development to look forward to in the next 12 to 24 months includes…
    -   EDA (External Database Access): extending the capability of U2 and providing transparent access from U2
        applications across other external data sources.
    -   Connection Pooling: providing user database access for web services.
    -   Web Builder (*name and functionality is subject to change*): drag-and-drop graphical tool to web-enable
        applications and existing SB environments.

                                                                  Page 9
                           IBM Software Group | DB2 information management software

               IBM U2 and IBM Middleware Integration

                                                     Lotus Notes          Integration
                          Management                 Lotus Workplace*  WebSphere MQ
                              DB2 UDB                                  WebSphere Application Server
                              DB2 Everyplace*                          WebSphere Studio
                              DB2 AlphaBlox*

                Eclipse Framework                                                    System Management
                                                                              Tivoli Storage Manager*
                                                       UniData                Tivoli Monitoring*
                            Extending the              UniVerse
                               Value…                                                        * Under Research

One of IBM’s key focus areas is to leverage existing development projects across other software products and
incorporate such functionality into the U2 product suite as and when appropriate. This thereby allows for integration
with existing software from within the IBM stable. IBM’s corporate policy of open standard and multiplatform support
provides our customers with the option of keeping existing applications and making use of the breadth of technology
available to them.

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customer list
IBM delivers solutions to the retail, financial services, government, health care, manufacturing, media and publishing,
and telecommunications markets.

Local Customers
Some of the larger customers running applications that are powered by IBM U2 include…

BCSNet                  425 users               Bearings International            300 users
Capital Alliance Life   480 users               Cliff Dekker Fuller Moore         255 users
Hulett Aluminium        380 users               Hofmeyer                          210 users
Netcare                 3,847 users (UV & SB) Investec                            560 users (UD & wIntegrate)
Protea Furnishers       1190 users              OUTsurance                        2,581 users (UV, SB+ & RedBack)
XPS                     596 users               Ekurhuleni                        300 users
Antalis                 300 users               Supply Chain Services             115 users

Other well known sites…
ABB Powertech                   Anders Incorporated               Barnard Jacob Mellet           World Net Logistics
Bisset Attorneys                Buchanan Boyes                    Botswana Housing Corp          Caltex Oil
County Fair                     Dunlop                            De Klerk Vermaak & Partners    Elliot International
Escom Library                   Estate Agency Affairs Board       First National Battery         Waco / Formscaff
Genrec Engineering              Hellermann Tyton                  Hyflo                          JD Group
Jhb Public Library              Midas                             Murray & Roberts               Mutual & Federal
Norton Lambrianos Attorneys     Putco                             SA Express                     Stanley & de Kok
Super Group                     The Fabric Library                Unilever                       SA Post Office
Gundle Plastall                 PNet                              Deutz Diesel Power             Merck Group
Man Truck & Bus                 Adams & Adams                     Leaseplan / ABSA               Afcol
Andrew Mentis                   AST Group                         Tata Motors                    KSB Pumas
Babcock                         Biccaro Bollo Mariano             Cashbuild                      Comparex
Comztek                         Conti Print                       CSIR                           ELB Equip (Bateman)
Glasfit                         Heritage Insurance Brokers        Hire-All                       I-CSS
Impala Platinum                 ITEC                              L’Oreal                        Lambsons Hire
Master Drilling                 MPF Mng Services / Tarsus         Mintek                         Property24
Acme                            Something Fishy

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International Customers
Merrill Lynch                    NY Public Library                 Whirlpool
British Airways                  William Hill Betting              France Telecom
Nieman Marcus                    Lens Express                      IBM
CSC Healthcare                   Gio Library Systems               Australian Taxation Office
American Express                 Bank of America                   Bidvest
Dell                             MTV                               Kenwood

U2 Applications
Short term insurance             Legal & workflow                  Creditors                Integration
Long term insurance              ERP                               Payroll                  Leasing
Medical insurance                Installment sale                  Logistics                Healthcare
Loans                            Equipment Rental / Hire           Optometric               Automotive parts

migration information
If you're looking to make a move, make IBM U2 your last move. Only IBM U2 can offer the security of the IBM name --
the financial backing and wealth of resources of a large company on solid financial ground, and the breadth of tools and
products to meet all of your business needs. There's never been a better time to move your mission-critical applications
to IBM U2! If you already have an application running on another extended relational database, we have special
migration pricing available.

No fundamental alterations to the database will be experienced when moving your application from any MultiValue
(Mentor, Pick, D3, R83, Revelation), environment to U2. The major differences will be in the underlying operating
system. The application will run in almost the same way as it had run on the old system. The spooler / printer
management may run slightly differently depending on the choice of the operating system. Although standard porting
procedures are in place, we prefer to handle each conversion on a project-type basis.            With each site / client’s
application and data being different, it is of the utmost importance that the porting of the data and application is handled
on an individual basis.

Approximately 50 sites in the automotive spares industry, 300 Pick sites in the legal industry and
approximately 20 PIOpen sites in the ERP industry have been successfully converted to UniVerse through
single ISV partners.

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contact details & forum info

U2 Switchboard          info@utwo.co.za                          +27 (0)11 654 6008

Administration          uvankap@utwo.co.za                       Uvanka Pote
                        admin@utwo.co.za                         +27 (0)11 654 6178

Support & Training      support@utwo.co.za                       Keith Collen or Kurt Neumann
                        training@utwo.co.za                      +27 (0)11 654 6175
                                                                 +27 (0)11 654 6179

Management              jaquip@utwo.co.za                        Jacqui Powell
                                                                 +27 (0)11 654 6174
                                                                 +27 (0)82 552 1894

Physical Address:       The Summit
                        269 16 Road Ext 30 Randjespark Midrand
Postal Address:         PO Box 3754, Halfway House, 1685

Websites:               www.itweb.co.za/office/u2                press office website
                        www.utwo.co.za                           local website
                        www.ibm.com/software/u2                  IBM website

Forums & Email Lists:   http://www.u2ug.org/                     international U2 user group

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