Do I need to notify the Home Office of changes to my studies

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					Do I need to notify the Home Office of changes to my studies?

The Immigration Rules do allow you to switch to a different course and/or University after you
arrive in the UK, as long as you continue to meet the student rules:

      You must study on a full-time degree course or a weekday daytime course of 15 hours or
       more per week; and
      You must have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition fees and living costs in the UK without
       needing to work.

As from 30th March 2009 and as part of the Tier 4 Points Based System Immigration Rules the
responsibility is on students to inform the Home Office if they wish to switch to a different

You must get written permission from the Home Office if you have time left in your permission to
stay, and want to do the same or different course of study with a new approved education
provider. You have to send an email to which includes:

      The new course and your start and finish dates; and
      Your new approved education provider’s name , address and contact details

The Home Office will then provide you with a letter of permission saying you are allowed to use
your existing permission to stay to study with the new approved education provider if:

      The education provider is approved by the Home Office on their tier 4 register of sponsors –
      The Home Office confirm the education provider wants to act as your new education
       provider; and
      The course meets the requirements for the adult student category

If you are told the Home Office about changing your education provider, you can start your new
course before you get permission from the Home Office, but you do so at your own risk as the
Home Office could refuse your permission.

From 2009, student visas or entry clearances will be issued for study at a specific College or
University via a Visa Letter. As the University is your sponsor for the duration of your study in the
UK for the course that you have accepted to study they have responsibilities to report you to the
Home Office. For example, if you wanted to do a different course of study at the same University,
the University will inform the Home Office of this change of study.

Universities are also encouraged to notify the Home Office in some circumstances, but only if
someone accepts a place on a course but never arrives, or if someone leaves a course for no
apparent reason.

Please refer to the Home Office policy guidance: or read UKCISA
Guidance Note on Extending your Student Visa:

28th April 2009