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					           LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS
                                            TOWN OF LAKE LURE
                                           INCORPORATED IN 1927

                                               Mayor: Jim Proctor
                       Commissioners: Russ Pitts, Jeanine Noble, Linda Turner, Wayne Hyatt
                                   Town Manager: H.M. “Chuck” Place, III

                                                 January 2008
                       Published by Town of Lake Lure, P.O. Box 255, Lake Lure, NC 28746
                                   Newsletter Editor & Coordinator: Linda Ward

           Telephone: (828) 625-9983                         Fax: (828) 625-8371
           Website:                   Email:

                                                                    TOWN COUNCIL ACTIVITIES
             MAYOR’S COMMENTS                                    by Town Clerk Mary Flack, MMC, CTC
                by Jim Proctor
                                                             REGULAR MEETING: The regular town council
                                                             meeting was held on Tuesday, December 11, 2007,
                                                             7:00 p.m., in the meeting room of the Lake Lure
                                                             Municipal Center.
 Best wishes for a great new year in 2008 from
        the entire town council and me!                        Under the “consent agenda,” Town Council
                                                             * minutes of the November 13, 2007 (regular
                                                             meeting and closed session), November 12, 2007
        TOWN MANAGER’S REPORT                                (closed session), and November 13, 2007 (closed
        by H.M. “Chuck” Place III, AICP                      session);
                                                             * a budget amendment regarding the control panel
        This month is a bittersweet one for me. On           at the hydro-electric plant as presented by the
the 31st, I will retire after 9 years as town manager,       finance director;
10 years as an employee of the Town of Lake Lure             * a budget amendment regarding invoices from the
and 43 years as a public servant in local                    employment security commission as presented by
government. My career has been deeply fulfilling             the finance director;
and rewarding and I have been honored to spend my            * a budget amendment regarding the special order
last decade in this glorious place. I plan to relax, do      by consent from the North Carolina Department of
some traveling with my dear wife of 39 years, and            Environment and Natural Resources Division of
try to make a dent in her “honey-do” list, but this          Water Quality as presented by the finance director;
town and all of you will remain in my heart. Lynn            * a budget amendment regarding the town center
and I wish to all of you the blessings and happiness         walkway - greenway project as presented by the
that have come to us. May your new year be                   finance director; and
healthy, happy and prosperous.                               * the town council meeting schedule for year 2008
                                                             as presented.
                                                             Town Council also:
January 2008                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                Page 2

* approved a budget amendment to purchase              * heard reports from council liaisons on the
fertilizer at the golf course;                         activities of various boards and committees.
* approved a budget amendment and an agreement
with from Devine Tarbell Associates regarding a
proposal relating to an earthquake inspection of the                      Public Notice
town’s dam; authorized the town manager to sign
this agreement;                                        The regular Lake Lure Marine Commission meeting
* authorized the town manager to have McGill           scheduled for January 8, 2008 has been changed to
Associates to review and inspect Carsons Way           January 18, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. in the Lake Lure
Road for compliance with the town’s standards;         Municipal Hall.
* suspended Ordinance No. 04-12-14 providing for
the delayed harvest of fish this season;
* directed the town manager to revise the Lake                COMMUNITY POLICING NEWS
Advisory Committee by-laws to include a section                   by Chief Eric Hester
appointing the lake operations administrator as an
ex-officio member of this committee;                           The Lake Lure Police Department held its
* adopted the Town of Lake Lure Parks, Recreation,     2nd Annual Evening of Honor Benefit Dinner and
Trails and Open Space Plan as amended;                 Awards Ceremony. This ceremony was once again
*approved amending the agreement between the           presented by Larkins on the Lake. The evening
Town of Lake Lure and The Chalet Club, Inc.            began at Larkins with hors d’oeuvres and then
regarding the lease of water reservoirs;               shortly afterwards we had the welcoming
* reappointed Wiley Bourne, Gary Hasenfus, and         announcements. This was followed by the
Bo Williams to serve on the Lake Advisory              invocation and a wonderful dinner. After dinner,
Committee with terms expiring on December 31,          there was an awards banquet held in honor of the
2009; appointed Roberta Proctor to serve on this       Lake Lure Police Department. There were
committee with a term expiring on December 31,         approximately 68 people from the town who had
2009;                                                  reserved seats and participated in this special event.
* reappointed Harvey Jacques to serve as regular       The entire evening was very special to all the
member on the Board of Adjustment/Lake                 officers and their families. The officers and their
Structures Appeals Board with a term expiring on       families mingled with all that were present getting
December 31, 2010; reappointed Fred Noble to           to know a lot of people in our community on a first
serve as alternate member on this board with a term    name basis. This 2nd Annual Event was sponsored
expiring on December 31, 2010;                         by Mark and Larkin Hammond along with General
* reappointed Bill Bush and Bud Schichtel to serve     Manager Kyle Pertuis. I would like to thank Kyle
on the Zoning and Planning Board with terms            for all of his hard work by contacting sponsors for
expiring on December 31, 2010;                         the award ceremony, the dinner, and also for the
* reappointed Richard Lamb and Carl Nelson to          contribution that was presented to the Lake Lure
serve on the Golf Course Committee with terms          Police Department at the end of the awards banquet
expiring on December on December 31, 2009;             in honor of Larkins on the Lake. The entire staff
appointed Stuart J. Byers to serve on this committee   once again put on a wonderful evening with great
with a term expiring on December 31, 2009;             service, food and desserts.
* reappointed Stuart Richardson to serve on the                The Awards Ceremony started with Kyle
Lake Lure ABC Board with a term expiring on            Pertuis giving the Rookie of the Year award to
December 31, 2010; and                                 Patrol Officer Chris Shepherd. Next was the
* appointed William McNary to serve as regular         Distinguished Service Award that went to Sgt.
member and Todd Dunnuck to serve as alternate          Dallas Draper, and the Community Service
member on the Parks and Recreation Board with          Award which was given to Patrol Officer Dean
terms expiring on December 31, 2010.                   Givens. In addition to last award, a 5 day 4 night
In other activities:                                   vacation was presented by Wyndham Resorts at
January 2008                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 3

Fairfield Mountains to Officer Givens. This was         VANDALISM REPORTS --------------------- 0
followed by awards for Citations of Bravery which       WARNINGS ISSUED -------------------------- 34
were presented to Sgt. Sean Humphries, Cpl.
Windy Hobson, and Patrol Officer Dean Givens.
The final award presented was the Larkins Officer                  COMMUNITY FIRE NEWS
of the Year, which was presented to Lt. Thomas                        by Ron Morgan
Lytle. This was his second year receiving this
award.                                                  BURNING BAN
        I would like to give a special thanks to Mark          The state wide burning ban is still in effect
and Larkin Hammond, Robin and Lewis Bentley             due to the severe drought conditions. This means
and all their staff for making this Evening of Honor    no outdoor burning until the ban is lifted. Cooking
so very special. I also would like to thank all the     on enclosed grills is allowed but charcoal ashes
sponsors and all the people in our community that       should be soaked with water before disposing and
were able to participate in our 2nd Annual Evening      should be dumped on bare dirt with no leaves or
of Honor.                                               brush around. Ashes, whether charcoal or from a
        In other policing news, we were sad to lose     wood stove, should be completely cold through out
Cpl. Windy Hobson who went to work with                 before disposing. We have had numerous fires
Morganton Public Safety. Derek Papesh who lives         because of discarded ashes that were rekindled by
locally in Lake Lure will fill her position. Officer    the wind.
Derek Papesh is a veteran police officer with 8
years experience and was employed as a Lieutenant       STREET ADDRESSES
at the Asheville Airport prior to accepting the LLPD            Many people still do not have their street
position. We are glad to have him aboard our staff      address numbers posted at their home or boat house.
with the Police Department.                             Please check your home to insure your address
        I would like to congratulate Sgt. Dallas        numbers are posted where they can be easily seen.
Draper for once again winning the Lake Lure             If your house is close to the road, less than 100 feet
Police Department’s Mayor Jack Powell                   and can be easily seen, posting address numbers
Memorial Top Gun Award.                                 near the front door is adequate. If your home
        The staff of the Lake Lure Police               cannot be easily seen or sets off the road the
Department wishes everyone a Happy New Year.            numbers should be posted adjacent to your
                                                        driveway or the mail box or a post, etc. Remember,
                                                        white reflective numbers, at least three inches high,
  POLICE REPORT FOR NOVEMBER, 2007                      on a dark background will work the best.

ALARM CALLS RECEIVED ---------------- 22                EMERGENCY ACCESS TO HOMES
ACCIDENTS ------------------------------------ 5               More and more people have fire/burglar
ARRESTS ---------------------------------------- 5      alarms in their homes and with most of our homes
BANK ALARMS ------------------------------- 0           being secondary homes contacting the owner is
BREAKING AND ENTERINGS ------------- 0                  becoming a concern. We regularly respond to fire
BUSINESS CHECKS -------------------------- 5,992        alarms in which the alarm company does not have
CITATIONS ISSUED -------------------------- 6           contact information such as a cell phone for the
COMMUNITY CONTACTS ------------------ 588               owner who likely lives in another state. This
EXTRA PATROLS ----------------------------- 280         requires us to spend a lot of extra time on the scene
LAKE – CITATIONS -------------------------- 0           and potentially causes unnecessary damage in
LAKE – COVE CHECKS --------------------- 172            gaining access.
LAKE – PATROL------------------------------- 8                 If you have a fire or burglar alarm please
LARCENY REPORTS ------------------------- 0             contact your alarm company and make sure they
REQUESTED RESIDENTIAL CHECKS --- 71                     have your home number, your address and cell
ROAD CHECKS -------------------------------- 1,031      phone numbers so you can be contacted at any time.
January 2008                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 4

Also, consider having someone you trust, local to       Golf Camp” for our aspiring junior golfers. As our
Lake Lure keep a key that can come to the scene         season gets started with more exciting things
and let the fire department or police department in     happening be sure to read next months newsletter
to check for the problem in the event of alarm          for more updates, or come by and see them for
activation. As always if you have any questions or      yourself.
concerns please contact me at 828-625-9333 or
email me at                       “Golf is the only game where the better you are, the
                                                        less you play.”

               by Linda Ward                                     NEWS AROUND LAKE LURE

        The Town Council suspended the policy                  The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa is
regarding the catch and release for the 2007/2008       hosting the largest New Year’s Eve party in the
winter season at the council meeting December 11.       history of the Inn! Call 828-625-2525 to make
        The town will not be stocking the lake this     reservations, call early before it’s too late.
year and feel no need to implement the policy that is
usually in effect from December 1st through March              Lake Lure Newcomers invite those who
1st.                                                    are new residents in Lake Lure (24 months or less)
                                                        to join them in various activities which include:
                                                        potluck, gourmet, out’n about, theater, bridge/poker,
             GOLF COURSE NEWS                           book club, and hiking. Anyone interested in
                by Matt Griffin                         becoming a member, call Chuck and Char
                                                        Leneschmidt 828-625-5201.
        We here at Lake Lure Municipal Golf
Course hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday               Lake Lure Lakefront Owners Association
Season and that Santa Claus brought you everything      (LLLOA). If you renewed your membership in the
that you asked for…                                     winter of 2007, please note the renewal deadline for
        For those of you who got new golf clubs for     2008 is January 31. If you did not recently fill out a
Christmas and are anxious to try them out, you are      provided renewal application in the fall Muse
invited to join us and play in our “Captain’s           Letter, then another one will be inside this month’s
Choice” tournaments on Sunday afternoons at             winter Muse Letter or call the LLLOA President to
2:00pm (during the Winter) or with “The Men’s           obtain the application. If you are a Lake Lure
Club” on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:00am.        lakefront owner and not a LLLOA member and
Call the Pro Shop for more information.                 want to receive information about lake issues and
New Job Duties and New Faces at the Pro-shop:           news, then the LLLOA invites you to become a
     Matt Griffin is now our new Golf Course           member.        Associate memberships are also
        Superintendent.                                 encouraged for those who are interested in our
     Claudia Ogle is the Pro-shop Manager.             Lake. Each year members receive a membership
     Chris Reid is the new fulltime Pro-shop           directory, informative Muse Letters, and a first class
        clerk                                           mailed subscription to the Town of Lake Lure
     Savannah Anthony is the part time/fill in         monthly newsletter, Lake Lure News & Views.
        pro-shop clerk.                                 Members meet at the Town Community Center
    We would like to take this chance to welcome        socially at least annually to meet neighbors and
our two new Golf Course Advisory Board members,         discuss issues. Annual dues are currently $25.00.
Rich Lamb and Stuart Byers. The first meeting in        You may pick up an application for membership at
2008 for the committee is January 27th.                 the Municipal Center or via the website at
    Lots of new projects are in the works for this under Lake Management
summer. For example we are planning “A Junior
January 2008                    LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS   Page 5

or call Harvey Harris, Pres. at 828-625-8872 for an
application or any questions.

       For the convenience of the public, the
VFW Post 10473 has placed a receptacle for old
and worn out American flags in the covered
walkway at the town hall near the entrance to the
police department’s door. If you would like a
replacement flag, for a small fee, or are eligible and
wish to join the VFW contact VFW Vice
Commander Charles Hicks at 828-625-9278.

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For questions or comments about the hours or
operations of the Lake Lure Tours, call 828-625-
1373. If you would like to purchase gas at the marina
pump during the winter season, please call ahead to
make an appointment.

The deadline for newsletter articles to be received
at Town Hall for the February issue is January
23, 2006.