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           What is PHP?
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is an open –
 source, reflective programming language.
 Originally designed as a high level
 scripting language for producing dynamic
 web pages.

 Used mainly in server side application
           History of PHP
• First version of PHP – designed by
  Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 as a set of Web
  Publishing macros.
• Next release of PHP 3 launched in June
• In May 2000 – PHP 4 powered by Zend
  Engine 1.0 was released.
• In July 2004 – PHP 5 was released
  powered by Zend Engine II.
             Why PHP?

PHP runs on different platforms like Linux,
Windows, Unix.

PHP is compatible with almost all servers
used today like apache.

PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently
on the server side.
• PHP Primary acts as a filter which takes a
  file containing text and special PHP
  instructions and converts it to another form
  for display.
Echo ‘Hello, World!’;

Out put: Hello, World!
           Data Types
 PHP generally runs on a web server, taking PHP
  Code as its input and creating web pages as
 It can be used with a large number of relational
  database management systems.
 Runs on all of the most popular web servers and
  is available for many different operating
 It provides a command line interface as well as
  bindings to GUI libraries.
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